This is the one and only Jeanne d'Arc, La Pucelle d'Orléans, say something nice about her

This is the one and only Jeanne d'Arc, La Pucelle d'Orléans, say something nice about her.

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She is a fine connoisseur of rigid and turgid male draconic genitalia.

what is with that weird monk hairstyle?, what is supposed to represent?, who came with that idea??

Nope, since she was a virgin at 19 years of age when she was martyred at the hands of the perfidious English.

Wow, old anime looks like shit

It's to represent rejection of earthly desires.

No one can take dragon dick like Jannu!

It's "Jeanne" not "Jannu"

Jannu Horta detected.

if you look stupid as fuck, even if you do fail to hold back your bodily desires, nobody will fuck you because you look so fucking stupid

Monks became monks to help resist earthly desires. It also helps that monasteries/convents are segregated by sex.


Best girl in the show, though Bluebeard comes close.

Her and Fran-chan were the only good things in F/A

Greatest cheerleader of all time.

t. buttmad anglo

Jeanne isn't from a show. She's from France.

These digits confirm nips should stop ruining our best girls.

I want Jeanne to wear bikini

do you pronounce this as "or-lee-unh"

This is the Greatest Woman ever:The Virgin Mary. Say something nice about her!
What class and Noble Phantasm would she have? traduction&rlz=1C1GGRV_enFR752FR752&oq=google tr&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j69i60l2j0j69i60.3839j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Fuck off, Cath*lic idolator.


ITT: Heretics calling each other heretics

>praying to a piece of clay

Perfidious Albion please leave.

She had nice tits, good legs, was tanned, and short haired.

Pr*testants get out of my thread

With Charles II as my witness, I will expunge the nips who take our best girls

>I pray to the Virgin Mary!
>B-But I'm a Christian!
t. C*tholics

Prayer to saints was added to Catholicism solely to ease the transition from paganism, because they were used to praying to a specific god for different tasks or issues. Catholics are literally pagans.

Which class would he have,Saber??rider??or ruler??

Big chinned Saber lol

For me, it's the Virgin Mary.


Fuck off you atheist shit

I know not of what you speak of, she is a saint and a warrior of Christ, fighting to rid France of a*glo scum.

Fuck off weeb. Stop appropriating my /his/ waifu.

Charles II is pure. Never would he be corrupted by japnigger cartoons.

How the fuck did you know I was a shit-stirring atheist? Goddamn Catholic voodoo.

She cucked Joseph and with her own father nevertheless...

Im askin for the class of the big chinned Knight wielding gr8 sword.

Who cannot wear bikini or other sleeveless swimsuits and wear dowdy long sleeved tightshirt instead.niggers can wear bikini,but Japs cant.

I love Jeanne until I heard she was against the Hussites.

He has no class because I'm just a salty cross-posting /his/ poster who hates what the Fate series does with historical figures and my autism finally came to a head. I want the Fate series to be erased from existence and for nothing like it to ever see the light of day. Western history is not for japs to appropriate as they please and depict it in disgusting irreverent ways.

I still love this. Someone went an extra length to make sure the iconograph is correct theologically.

The hussites were proto-pr*testants and got what they deserved.

There is a reason Austria and Spain went to the crappers.

They do the same thing to their history, you know. Fate's Nobunaga is a qt gril.

His class is inbred.

And they are the most retarded race of the world who cannot wear bikini at all worse than Pajeets and Muslims.

please alter her and take her to the beach then present her again

It took guts to survive several crusades with just Bohemia alone against the entire HRE.

What are some good books on Jeanne D'Arc? I'm unironically interested in her whole history.

I wanna fumie all of your christians.this is anime board,stop evangelizing us here.

Kind of related, but were there clear evidence that Gilles murdered children?

He was the best spellsword.Japs cannot use magic,either arcane,clerical or nature magic.

>watching shounen
I'd rather pray to dirt like ancient priests

Read her trial transcripts.

Medieval trolling. She mastered it.

And Japs cannot wear bikini,use magic(either clerical,arcane or Nature spell) and summon drones.