Death March

How am I supposed to self-insert into a non-virgin MC.

Who refuses to fuck his cute 11 year old slave and instead fucks literal whores.

It would be quite different if Arisa succeeded the first time. I can understand him waiting initially, but in the WN he should have done more to many of them by now.

used goods mc

Is MC just lying to himself saying he's not into 17 year olds? I've never met a straight man like that

Satou is homo and deeply in denial. It explains everything really.


I don't see how he ignores Liza when she should be 20 as of the most recent WN chapter. Mia is 132, and Arisa is more than 30.

It's just a cop out (more like "whore out" amirite?) so that he doesn't fuck his harem.
It doesn't have to make sense.

literally dropped

It's just less understandable than some other MC, since he doesn't mind paying for it, likes to stare at the bodies of some, and they aren't even slaves eventually.

He just forgets his current body´s age, which leads him to cause various misundertandings, while still thinking like a 29yr he acts like other people see him as so and end up wooing various girls near his body´s age and more, but thinking his 29yr age he just doesnt take them serious

>MC fugs
>doesn't show the scenes
>doesn't even show the slight lewd images
>"wow mr. Main-character, you sure do know how to put a penis in me"
>and everything went on as if nothing happened

So, what's the point in showing that he fucked someone without lewds or story developing?

The reactions of those around him it seems, and gaining skills that he never activates. If he ever does anything to his future wives, I hope we get more than that though.

I don't know, for my money, I think he wanted to self insert so no one thinks he's a virgin or something.



See you next week.

Is the MC trying to get inside her panties or not?
If not, why does he keep on dating her?

Maybe at the time. By the time she rejoins, he wants Aze for some reason so that may be why he stops. She should be old enough for him, just maybe too flat compared to his ideal size.


Too large.

No such thing.

Yes there is.

You just say that because you will be perpetually flat.

That's a good thing.

I don't see it. I only see a washboard there.

is there an isekai where the mc fuggs his harem? im getting tired of this shit

Yeah asking too

way 2 tired of this betashit

at least this mc fucked a whore
i guess this is the only twist they can bring to the isekai formula without triggering the otakus

It at least shows he may be willing to do the same with the harem, if he can accept that he has one. Some other MCs would never show any interest in anyone at all.

yeah, but in the world of 1 cour isekai anime, that means jack shit

>we only needed a 30 yrs old guy on the body of a 17

we at least its reallistic on that

She is our only hope in this show

She's gone now, you have to let go.

why is she gone ?

Rewatch the last episode, she's being sent out to patrol the surrounding area because of the ants.

ah right

rip her


I was reading the manga, not the WN/LN and so it was weird when she was dropped quickly. I thought she would be a permanent standard boring first girl.

Which subs are these? I just picked up the HS release but the skill acquisition windows don't seem to be translated.


Reread some of the manga to try and get an idea on how the remaining episodes turn out, really hope they don't keep cutting out details.

Zen's warning to Arisa when Mia gets kidnapped, his full backstory just before he dies, Satou showing off lv 10 skills but still failing, rainbow Hikaru, and a few pages from John Smith's notebook.

post pochis please

have you considered having sex?
it's super-effective.

even Liza doesn't look too pleased in that image

All I got


Really sad that lizard-girl doesn't get more love.

Unless I'm thinking of a different overpowerd isekai series.

It's HS.

Can you really blame him? He see them as daughters. Nobody blamed papa skull for not fucking albedo, then why Satou?

To be fair, it probably would make some people feel guilty to fuck those girls. Though he doesn't consider them to be slaves, they are still his servants and not in a position to say no.

Albedo is insane, though.

Ainz doesn't have a dick.

ed release soon. about fucking time.

World item dick.

This. For the most part he'd feel like total scum.
Arisa, Mia, Pochi and Tama he just sees as little kids - the oldest of them is the elf equivalent of a 13 year old girl. Nana he's a bit iffy due to her being just a few months old, but he's more cockblocked by the other girls than anything. Lulu he sees as a bit young but wants a little later.
It's Liza there's just no excuse for.

Again, the issue with Lyza is, unless he intends to marry her, he'd feel incredibly bad about himself afterward if he'd fucked her.

Maybe he's not into lizard?

Liza is so cute i want to touch her scales

i think Tanaka was supposed to fuck whores but then he got grossed out by them or something. But Tanaka is supposed to be a spiteful take on isekai self-insert otaku anyway, even with superpowers he's still a beta and a loser

>Popular with the prostitutes because he pays well and can cure their STDs
>Has sexual Skills but deliberately doesn't use them, instead relying on his natural technique to get the women to pass out in pleasure
I know he's a wish-fulfillment self-insert for ugly, fat virgins, but this is just sad. Good thing this garbage is bombing in sales.

If I were MC I would focus solely on powerleveling Liza, Tama, and Pochi. The dungeon episodes were the most fun so far.

>Lizard, Cat, and Dog are melee fighters
>Purple is a skilled mind-raping assailant, also ruined by changing to blonde
>The other girl is good for...
What is the cute one good at? The one that came as a package deal and cried when she was told she wouldn't need to have sex to survive? Is she just there to fill the party?

She just wants to stay by his side; she'd probably be quite happy training their children.
I mean does her tribe even do marriage proper?

Lulu's the chef whenever Satou doesn't cook.

She's good at being used goods.

She learns to cook and takes over for most of said duty, and eventually gets powerlevelled and learns to snipe since Satou didn't want her being helpless - though most of the work's by the weapon Satou enchants for her.