Wtf megumin looked like this?

Wtf megumin looked like this?

unfortunately, no

You have been deceived

unfortunately, yes

anyone remember that dude who used to constantly shop the current season's girls into brown girls?

man that's like fossilized history now I guess, that was 2006 or somethin

I would recognize that tummy/hip style anywhere. Norakuro Nero is the artist of this image.

I think your brown Megumin is lacking some details.

The fuck is that?!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>brown girls

That is Megumin's Ugandan cousin, Melamin

Best girl

> that belly button

why'd you photoshop her into a nigger?





It's Niggurmin

>the filled condom earrings

Alright, that's a new one for me.

I'm curious if it's even possible to go even sluttier

Make it tan instead of a niggress and we have a deal.

Blacked thread?

>whiter than you, Achmed

>Kuro will never do this to you

>filled condom earrings
be still my beating dick


I would fuck the melanin out of her.

No, that's black.
The BLACKED threads are a few boards down.