Oberstein did nothing wrong

Oberstein did nothing wrong.

>announcing sage
>asking for mods to delete the thread







Oberstein a shit


You a shit

>Bittenfeld dislikes stageplays and ballet


he truly is best boy

>bitten "trap penetration master" field
>bitten "never back down only push forward" field
>bitten "no traps can beat me" field


Just finished Episode 3, enjoying it so far

LOGH has great reaction images

There is absolutely value in social etiquette and respect within the rank and file of military organization.

The greatest of leaders command both respect and competence, and these qualities of leadership are recursive in their necessity with the delegation of power and responsibility down the chain of command.

There was zero need for Oberstein to make a villain of himself.

One of the few animes I don't feel embarrassed watching in front of others.

There is only one correct choice here.

I'm triggered they forgot to tag Lao on this picture