Are Maken-ki girls fat?

Are Maken-ki girls fat?

>those boobs

Maken Ki could have more worth while without the shitty MC.

Or girls with a less shitty personality.

Healthy. Also I almost guarantee some fag mod is going to move this to /e/.

>flab is healthy

Yes but I like them.

Hypno dude should've made them make out.

Yuragi will be animated by Xebec
Cant wait for the massive increase in health

>first season does shit job of adapting original art style
>second season changes it completely
>anime for the eroge he illustrated directed by japanese michael bay and also completely ruined original art style
this guy can't get a break. it must be his punishment for drawing ntr.

There's indeed a bit of unwanted fat, and I'm not even talking about the tits, but thet belly.

>I equate character designers to studios

Why don't ecchi anime have camel toe anymore?

Watch Isuca, they even put a pissing scene on the BDs.

>wide hips are flab

Can't you see the fat folds here?

Can't you see she is lifting her legs and crunching her stomach? Hate to break it to you, but even skinny women will have folds in their skin if you lift their legs up. Go watch some porn and see for yourself.

That's my fetish. I hate skeletons.

No, they don't. Only fat women have when it's 2D. But of course you know that, landwhale.

In the second anime sure. Though the are more chubby than fat. The manga is the best version though.

>only 2D matters!
Then why are you using 3D standards to complain about 2D girls being fat?


I'm not, I'm saying they are fat on 2D standards.

That doesn't compare to this.

Others would say they're not fat, just plump. And since a 2D girl doesn't have any of the disadvantages of a 3D girl, they are just as good as the skinny girls you prefer.

Those thighs are perfect. Too bad XEBEC shows are never good in characters and story.

God damn that thiccness is delicious

This is why most ecchi is shit.

isuca was arms. too bad it was terrible and the studio is dead now.


Looks more obese than anything else


Speaking of the manga, it looks to be ending soon. Hiromitsu is good at drawing delicious girls, he isn't very good at writing. He should stick to NTR doujins since battle mangas don't seem to be his strong suite.

Maybe if you're a low T manlet.

>tfw the main female in hiromitsu's latest NTR doujin is literally haruko with lighter hair
He did the same thing with Espada too. Her design is literally the older sister from Sister Breeder. The fucking madman.

His NTR doujins are hilarious.

NTR is trash

He probably has sketches of all the Maken Ki girls getting fucked by fat old men but can't release them due to a contract with the publisher of Maken Ki. All he has to do is change their name and slightly change their appearance and he's good to go.

It is. But his NTR is honestly more of a comedy at this point. Hiromitsu really loves his fat old men.

literal cuck fetish
>being such a cuck that women don't even love you in your fantasies

God I hate second seasons artstyle.
I hate all of Xebec's designs with all my passion.
1st season however is godlike.

>I hate all of Xebec's designs with all my passion.
Pleb that doesn't know old Xebec. Nadesico art is god tier though it's not ecchi.

not if they ahegao

>God I hate second seasons artstyle
I do not agree with that. That art style is god tier. S2 was just trash and was basically just fanservice. Like that one aki short where it showed her nipples that were like 3 inches long.

*S2 story was just trash

>wah I don't like healthy girls!
Then don't watch it. You've already got more anime out there to watch than you have time on this Earth.

>fat is healthy
Fuck you for promoting this lifestyle.

I bet you also think that the chink from the new Star wars film isn't a pig.

People have lower standards than ever right now.

Isn't this ending soon?

Aki has been raped by tentacles for over a year now. It should.


>Everyone calling Akio's character designs terrible because they're not the original artist's designs

Somehow, I believe people would have liked Maken-Ki 2 better if it was just a completely new series.

>bringing 3D into the argument
Liking plump joocy 2D has absolutely nothing to do with enabling 3D whales.

>ruins best girl Aki
>drops the harem
>goes full battle manga

Literally pulled the same thing as Rosario Vampire.

Yeah. They're all fighting the final boss now and the MC even got one of those final fight power ups that are common in battle harems. See . Though I wouldn't really call this series a harem anymore since the only girl still actively going for MC is the childhood friend. I guess the pink haired "girl" too, but (s)he is more comic relief.

Technically she was ruined when he made the NTR hentai of her. All of it.

I miss Maken-ki, I don't think I spent a minute watching this without my hand on my dick.


Shame they never showed minori naked.

>no nipple in Maken-ki 2
What a waste

>Aki raped
And then there were no more best girls. All of them are shit now.

I thought it was going to end this chapter since volume 20 is next month but if it isn't that means there will be a volume 21 now most likely, so 4 more chapters (+ a special). I assume it's going to end next August now.

>What a waste
??? There was nothing but nipples unless you watched the censored version like a faggot.

He just had to squeeze it in there.

we need to make a kickstarter to force xebec to draw more tittymonsters

I miss the days of Kanokon. Yuuna is gonna be good lite fun, but nowhere near as extreme.

I want a new fucking season. Is AIC dead?

I think they died with DAL S1. They haven't done anything really.

Would you want it to follow the plot or be more lewd shenanigans? Espada in the Xebec style would make my dick explode.

We need thicc girls not fat ones

It is, but only if you're self inserting as the MC.

Your chart says you're a man of refined preferences.

Almost every girl in Maken-ki is a revamped design from his H-heroines.

>Secondary sex characteristics
>In females, breasts are a manifestation of higher levels of estrogen; estrogen also widens the pelvis and increases the amount of body fat in hips, thighs, buttocks, and breasts.
>99.8% of Sup Forums literally wants the opposite
what did they mean by this?

I fucking hate the fact that ahegao is so closely connected to NTR. I also fucking hate the fact that Hiromitsu almost exclusively draws NTR, even though his ahegao is literal perfection.

gimme tomboys faggot

>Watch Isuca
That is the rudest thing I've ever heard somebody say on this sight.