ITT: Things that turn you off in anime/manga

ITT: Things that turn you off in anime/manga.

Lips. Everytime someone details a character's lips it makes them look disgusting and whorish.

When animes have background characters (usually students) moving using 3D animation. Looks so awkward and out of place. You see this in citrus and a few others.

>dyed hair
>nails painted
>literally gyaru

So much fucking this, not for the ame reason though.

ugh. same. Kinda what turned me off about citrus. Luckily she drops most of that shit early on.

i like those lips

what's your reason?

When a joke or reaction is used twice in the same scene

no you don't.

OP is a fag


>lips painted
Forgot this.

Lips can be done well, but yes, they often look like they plastered them in lipstick and it's really jarring.

That's just a style change for emphasis. She looks like this normally.

In Minami-ke they used detailed faces for comedy you dumb piece of shit newfag.

bitch got a mouth like steven tyler

unrealistically floppy titties
goth lolita style
quirky speech patterns

i'm just here for the "ara ara"s and the panty shots basically

Yes they did. However those were specific instances and their whole face had that changed art style . Other times they were very much cringey. Perfect example, when Haruka applies chap stick on chiake. Looked so fucking nasty.

quirky speech patterns? Such as?

Dekomori emphasizing her desu
Shinobu's ka ka laugh
saying nyan or whatever at the ends of sentences
childish shit like that

yea i agree with. Used to not mind it but after a few years you just cant stomach the shit.

I like it when they make lips look three dimensional but leave them the same color as the character's skin.

Stop posting any time and kill yourselves.

how's attack on titan and SAO treating you??

literally the only time lips are ever acceptable.

>Liking all the listed above
>SAO and SnK
I'm not following your logic here.

>spineless MC that gets bullied and beat up by tsunshit main heroine
>main heroine liked someone else before liking the MC
>all female cast
>male MC voiced by female seiyuu

>lips are disgus-

that anime was the worst fucking offender of it.

Because you are criticizing us for not liking neo weeb minecraft convention tier anime tropes. I took a wild guess that you must like anime like SAO and AOT.

Intentional ugliness, fucked up proportions, disgusting things used for comedy, etc. I don't know, basically just anything that goes counter to the traditional idealized aesthetic of anime. There's a lot of it in western cartoons

can you be more specific?

>wahhh mommy I can't to self insert as a cool dood in this animay

me too
OP is probably gay.

boobs that are drawn through shirts like this


this was a little distracting, but not a big deal

dude, yes! I fucking hate that shit. You know where else you see that? Melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya. Watch the OP song

DSLs work in real life. Not in the anime world.

kill yourself
you too


Damn. Is it summer already???

Little girls

I wish I were a brat still in school, user.

I don't mind it so much as the comically loose clothing.


Fangs are the worst.

fuck you, Minami-ke is good

I've never understood the hate for fangs. I think they're cute.

op here. Nobody loves minami ke more than me. I just have a specific problem with a few scenes with lips (outside of their intentional bible black faces)

shit taste

>the eternal duckface

its an outdated anime facial expression. It worked when there were more gimmicky things.


>asshole gets away with his or her shit


any examples?


>being this gay
They're hot.

the way she bullied that deaf girl pissed me off too