Why couldn't they use Hashirama's cells as an asspull for Guys a new leg like they did with Narutos arm?

Why couldn't they use Hashirama's cells as an asspull for Guys a new leg like they did with Narutos arm?


Thats not an amswer

>Thats not an amswer
there is no good answer

Because he's not a main character.

Bigger question is why the retarded author made him live?

So he could suffer

Might Guy should have been Hokage not Kakashi. Kakashi is better suited for Abu shit anyway. Could you guys imagine a series with Guy leading the village, using all of his badass lines about the springtime of youth?

Naruto AND Sasuke, people who literally inherited the powers of a God and the two most powerful ninja clans could barely muster up a half victory against Madara. Whereas Guy, born without any special power to his name at all put Madara in a situation where even he had to admit is was a complete coin toss if he had died. Kakashi admitted Guy was a stronger ninja at that moment too. What a badass. Wow.

>guy leads the village after defeating madara
>everyone adopts his philosophy of hard work
>the hidden leaf becomes an unstoppable force and becomes the taijutsu capital of the world
>wars no longer happen because every leaf jonin can at least open the 4th gate so everyone is too scared to start anything
>true era of peace arises

>Hyuuga with 8 gates power
Hooh boy.

I haven't even watched all of Naruto but I keep going back and watching Rock Lee vs Gaara and Madara vs Might Guy ;_; makes me tear up man, good motivation for doing your best.

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They tried. But you see, it just grew him an extra arm on his leg.

Maybe he wanted to retire?

Gai's the real hero. His dad too. Even Lee's a fucking taijutus genius according to Gai and Kakashi. Gai's Dad and Gai both worked their asses off to achieve kage-tier and Madara-tier taijutsu respectively. Even Madara declared Gai the best taijutsu user in history.

Because Kishimoto can't write for shit.

Gai's dad was a genin

Reminder that Nardo could give Kakashi another eye with his Indra powers but apparently giving another leg is not possible

sasuke had indra powers, naruto had asura powers. and he used it to save guy's life, and lost the power when kaguya was sealed.

I'll never forgive him for "saving" might guy
Might Guy Best Guy

Why didn't he sacrifice himself for Neji?

Naruto really was a bad person in an objective moral view.

they don't even bother with Taijutsu any more. the Hyuga's could just look at you and shut down all major chakra points followed by stabbing you with a kunai.

some things are probably a little too strong.

Guy should had died anyway. Basically we saw his maximum level and it ended at that.

Lee had a hard life.

he'd turn into a tree

I still don't think Kakashi should've been Hokage, and not just because other people were more worthy, but because the end of the war was the end of his attachment to the past. His famous magic eye is gone, his last teammate is finally dead, he obtained Susannoo for a split second, his apprentaces have surpassed him, and his penance has ended.

I feel like he should've left the Land of Fire after the war to go on an introspective journey or something, cause he's the weakest Hokage, couldn't protect the village when it was under threat, and really only became it because everyone else eligible were either retired or too young.

Because that would NOT create a new plothole.

According to one of the spin-off books, Kakashi realized he wasn't fit to be Hokage and abandoned the position after a few months, then left to go on an introspective journey. He comes back at the end of the book and agrees to take the position back, but even he admits he's just keeping the seat warm for Naruto.

What book is that? Sounds interesting.

Because they spent the WHOLE FUCKING MANGA telling us that opening all the gates kills you.

Guy being alive at all is already an asspull.

Because not everyone is compatible with those cells.

why couldn't they just let him fucking die? He literally doesn't do anything after his fight with Madara.

Could Lee survive opening the 8 gates?

Why wasn't LEE dead/paralyzed post Gaara 1v1? I thought it was tragic until he shows up to fight ki meme-marrow drunk.

Becaus he didn't have enough "Main Character" points.

Soy sauce did and he still doesnt have a hand

Why would he be dead

To show Naruto had god powers

>weakest hokage

Nah. He could have taken tsunade or the third even without his Sharigan. Now if you count the short time he had both Sharigan he was easily the 3rd strongest hokage. That being said him leaving the village and finding his own way does sound interesting

Because what was supposed to be the final arc ended up only being the half way point and shit was dragging on for years with the united war shit with new characters and new powerlevels and new retcons and new asspull lore changes. It was turning into a mess and suddenly they had to rush the ending and hamfist everything in as neatly as they could. After that kishi couldn't really be bothered and nope'd the f out.

That's quite some headcanon you got there, user. Any sources to back that up?