ITT: Moments in anime which made you physically react

by physically react I mean from excitement/pure hype/anxiety.
During the final battle in TTGL I actually bled after biting my fingernails so bad while shaking.

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The mere fact of knowing that season 3 is absolutely going to top this makes me cum

You came to the wrong park motherfucker.

I decided to exercise while watching this episode from LOGH and almost fell off the treadmill the momment that happened.

I was depressed and in disbelief for two weeks when I saw that episode. Hit me harder than deaths of some of my relatives.


>mfw welcome to youkoso


Are you a grill?


Nearly every arc in the 2nd season of Higurashi. I wanted them to win so bad.

Read the VN

Horrible fucking taste.

JoJo and Wan Piss are the only bad anime on his list though.

>kill la kill
>not bad

fuck off

Most recent one.

with all respect, but that´s fucking sick. you are overrating anime if you think that way.

people react differently. who would've thought?

A massive grin on my face formed seeing a Bruce Lee homage.

The exact moment the show went to shit.

It’s pretty cliche but I still get goosebumps when Instrumentality starts in EOE

This episode in Death Note literally had me at the edge of my seat

Kara no Kyoukai, In movie 5, when Touko nonchalantly revisits the apartment complex, and the other dude was having a aneurysm trying to reason/understand the magic she just did.

Also Fate/Zero, The way Kayneth and Lancer finished

Literally any Imaishi Anime.

Brainlet detected.

I mean maybe it was really shitty scummy relatives.

I know

Spoil me, is it going to be another all might fight?


I physically react whenver some 12 yo kid crossboarder posts stupid Gaya shit on Sup Forums. Grabbing a gun and restraining urges to shot through monitor.

what is that "all data deletion" from?




Most anons are here are too young to know yuyu


From running away to never giving up until the end.

JoJo is great.

I suppose this is how you identify teens on this board.