Hataraku onii-san

This is a loli cat. Is anyone watching this other than me?

This week's deep revelation.

Why is it even a Koala?

This concludes this week's thread, as I'm the only one who is still watching this.

I watch it every week before going out to get dinner but there's not much to say with episodic shorts. Sometimes it's better to wait til the end for people to discuss the series as a whole.

Apparently I forgot to screencap this kagewani last week. S3 when?

The problem is that most episodic shorts get completely ignored on Sup Forums, with rare exceptions like teekyu and galko-chan. I'm one of those weirdos that picks up all the shorts each season that get subbed.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm watching it and having a fun time!

The problem with shorts is that they provide too little content for a board as fast as Sup Forums.
I've been enjoying Retsuko too.

I like Retsuko too.


I'm not sure if the octopus refused extra shifts because children chased him, or because he was naked the whole time they were chasing him.

The sister trying to approach him from behind before he was put on the other side of the barriers.

Looks like fun, I'll keep an eye on it.

Watch it for the Wooser-ass Sugita koala and his great wisdoms.

Does this contain incest?

this had already had 2 seasons already? Time flies.

>Thinking of halibut

Kagewani did. It was another short starring Sugita, animated similarly to the Yami Shibai series. I don't have any screencaps of the kagewani itself saved but the beak and appendages are the same as in the Hataraku ep.

They never did make any 'wani merch.

Ready for the netflix series?

VA sounded like va Kugimiya and va Minase Inori mixed together

True MC

Pretty sure it's had more threads than Micchiri Neko or Kaiju Girls. Even not counting this one.

The octopus and turtle seem to be running the aquarium. Is it just a jail?

That looks cute, I will check it out.