Slow Start

I want people way older than me to help me.

She's still youthful


There is something off about Eiko, she's not like the other girls.

god i love thigh highs

can someone explain to me why the hell this was banned in china but citrus wasn't?
citrus is literally gay shit this is just probably gay shit

But this is ADVANCED gayshit.




Hiroe might be your self-insert but my self-insert Hana-chan is better and cuter.

hana is stupid autist

You're stupid autist.


hiroe x hana is fucking patrician tier

They don't want their citizens to think that falling behind in school is cute

You mean hiroe x me


Okay user, and first of all, this show isn't banned. It went off stock on one of the streaming sites because it was made by the same company as ditf. It was never banned in Bilibili.
Btw, now both shows are back online again.


>those tiny skin windows

Shion-san is my mommywife.


You learn something new every day.

What if she wears edible panties for Hana?

That's an appetizer

Tamate is the absolute cutest girl this season by far.

The fuck is up with Eiko-chan?

>has a cute loli
>starts hitting on all of her classmates
>err okay
>starts hitting on the teacher
Okay the fuck is wrong with this bitch?


She's in love.

>implying such things are wrong

Do all little girls have healing touch?

You don't cheat on people, I don't even know why she's doing this? She's literally trying to get into the pants of every female on this planet.

More like she isn't trying at all, she got with all her classmates effortlessly, by golden week she had dates with everyone, and already got Kamu since elementary school.

The teacher is the only she needs to actually put effort.

But why is she doing this?

>local rapist not so tough after being raped by teacher

>going to your teacher's house dressed in mostly see through clothes
The fuck is she expecting to happen? Also what kind of tutoring session involved being tied up?

Can't rape the willing.

Freshmen year.

Pic related is Senior year.

She wants a challenge? She's literally the one punch man of the yuri genre.

So did the teacher piss herself?

>starts hitting on the teacher
I'm pretty sure it's the opposite.

this is what an average Japanese NEET looks like


It's what an average Japanese lesbian looks like.



WHat episode did this happen in?

It's a preview for the next one.



what anime is this called

slow start


Kiniro Mosaic

Genki's a good archetype, mate. It's challenging work, guarantee you'll not go hungry.
'cause at the end of the day, as long as there's two girls left on the planet, someone is gonna make someone wet.
I'll be honest with ya: my grandmums really care for it.
"Feelings"? Look mate, you know who has a lot of feelings?
Cunts that bludgeon their girlfriends to death with sis-sauce. Professionals have standards.
Be energetic.
Be invasive.
Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

>Classes are just archetypes

what's their relationship?

I am clingy monotone loli.. and THIS is my wife. She weighs forty eight kilograms and has a birthday on the twentyth day of June.. my wife is one hundred sixty three centimeters.. and very adulty.
Zzzz zzz zz
Oh my Gah, who touched Eiko? Alright.. WHO TOUCHED MY WIFE
Some people think they can tease me.. maybe.. maybe.. I have yet to be teased in the presence of Eiko.

I appreciate your hard work

Is Sup Forums more on team Eiko x Kamu or team Eiko x Sensei?

This one

She's not willing now, she hasn't been mindbroken yet.



Sensei. I feel kind of bad for Kamu, but Eiko x Sensei is just too attractive.


Tama-chan x Hana is a good pairing

Sensei all the way.

Don't you guys think it's wrong for a student to date her teacher?

Wish my face was under those feet desu

I don't understand

It would be wrong for her to not gay date her teacher.

Sensei of course. Fake loli moeblob deserves to lose.


how many layers of Yuri are we on?

Can't say no to the age-gap and to the minor friction that comes with it.

The day of reckoning!

While I'm happy that they're animating this chapter, I don't think it'll either have the impact it should when they didn't adapt all the previous interactions between Eiko and Sensei, or they'll just skip this part of it and treat their relationship more innocently than the manga.

How much did they skip? Maybe it'll be in the episode.

man I wish I could read kanji

Maybe we'll see everything, just combined or reorganized, since they don't seem to care about order.

Actually on second thought, there weren't that many times before this chapter that they talked or at least not that were shown, so it is kinda out of the blue for Eiko to have that reaction. That chapter is in the middle of Vol 2 out of the 3 they're adapting and it probably would have fit better at the end, so maybe they'll leave that part of and adapt it in a later interaction.

But then there's the whole chapter after Sensei got her hair cut that the anime can't adapt because they gave her short hair from the beginning. Here's a pre-release version. Eiko was on the attack from the start.

Long hair sensei for comparison

3 hours

I love them.



Harem end


Sensei breastfeeding Eiko while kamu watches.

Fuck watching, have her join in too. There's a reason why women have two tits.
Or even better, Sensei breastfeeding Eiko while Eiko breastfeeds Kamuri.

Eiko's breasts are reserved for Mikki.

Miki dess


>Sensei breastfeeding Eiko while Eiko breastfeeds Kamuri

Looks like Sensei bought Eiko from Kamu for some food or at least Kamu is letting her share Eiko.

Such a cheap love can't bear fruits.

I love every time Eiko blushes at sensei.

>no butt