Asuka, 002, or

Asuka, 002, or

Which of these sexy body-suited girl would you pick?

Asuka has no body to speak of compared to and 02.

false, Asuka has a phenomenal body

By looks, Asuka.

Shitty personality though, so I don't know.

All of them are hot in my opinion.


02 because I want to die

I think we all agree on that. What if you had to pick just one though?

The scene which 02 was targeted by all the guards was hot as fuck

unf damn right

I agree, D.Va has the best body followed by Zero Two.



Can't do it :'( I'd be lying if I picked any of them over the other but 002 is most recent interest duh but still love em all!!!

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>the one non anime character is based off Asuka
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The Asuka, Rei, Anemone, Esdeath, Haruko, Nono clone is the hottest

I can't wait until this show flops so hard that all the underage crossboarders fuck back off to Sup Forums.

>Glorious Nippon oni
Obvious choice

I hate to tell you this but Evangelion is pretty successful

You know not everyone who watches this show is 18 right? I'm 30 and several of my friends (married & in relationships too mind you) are all watching it as well.

But definitely try and act "mature" because you don't like "". That'll definitely make you more appealing to people you just met.

Lol that dva butt

This picture proves that 02 and has a sexier and more proportional body. Asuka and even Rei's physique looks like a caricature. Look at and compare the waist, oppai, thighs and arse look like.

Asuka's appearance varies by episode, because of the budget constraints. In the big budget Rebuild of Evangelion, she was the smallest in the trilogy of films (Mari and Misato being the largest, Pokanami being the most modest).


I pick a different mech pilot in a skintight bodysuit.

cancerwatch is extremely successful, where have you been?

The boob shape is too ugly

It's like a better version of Ichigo.