Why is Rose white in FMA: brotherhood?

I miss dark chocolate Rose.

That wouldn't be the first dumb decision Brotherhood made

I prefer white. Dark skin with pink hair looks gross.

Because she was never dark skinned to begin with in the manga.

so do i but i wish they hadn’t given her pink bangs, so gross

Why do people care about this non-character so much? I've never understood.

That is racist


The 1st girl Ed meets in the world of FMA.

Because Ishvalans aren't supposed to be Arabs they are supposed to be Ainu

they represent the ainu but they live in a fucking desert so of course they're going to be brown.

>medium brown is now dark chocolate

I know right.


The worse part about Brotherhood was the random gags they kept throwing into serious scenes, ruining the tension. They'd be in a fight or have someone about to die, only to randomly switch into their deformed chibi style and make the "AHHH!!! OH NO!!! :O" faces.

Even Ed prefers dark chocolate.

That was how it was in 03 and the manga too.

The OP was so goddamn fucking good. I would have loved a relaxing WW2 movie without powers.

>The worse part about Brotherhood
That part was in every version

Because Arakawa is a racist.


why are only her bangs pink? i thought she was wearing some type of hood thing when i first saw fma as a kid, but nope that's her fucking hair. it looks retarded.

In the original Full Metal Alchemist was there tense moments then they made the dumbass chibi faces?

Very few.

She was always lighter skinned in the source material, which Brotherhood adapts. 03 turned her into a nigger for some reason. Not the first dumb decision 03 made.

but it's true

It was there in 03, but they toned it down. And in the manga it was less jarring because it usually happened in small panels off to the side or in the corner, not disrupting the flow of the scene.

>caring about the shitty manga

And racist. We need more dark chocolate in anime.

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no we don't

>They didn't read the manga.

Yes we do.

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Because in the 2003 anime she was a major returning character. You meet her in the first episode and she gets progressively broken down as the world of the series breaks down around her.

Post a panel of Scar with that level of detail/zoom.

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It's pretty obvious who has dark skin and who doesn't in the manga. Rose doesn't. You'd have to be an utter retard to think otherwise.

Wasn't saying otherwise, but did want to be sure. Haven't read the manga in years.

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I watched the 2003 anime only. Does Rose still get creampied by a random soldier and gives birth to a rapebaby in Brotherhood?

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I prefer the 2003 anime for being more concise and focused on the elements of the plot that mattered. The side-plots taken from the manga and added in brotherhood diluted the series.
Maybe brotherhood is more worthwhile if you never saw the original but I think it's shit if you already liked the original.

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Another reason the 2003 anime is superior

>The worst part about brotherhood is that it kept true to the author's original intention in the manga

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>>The worst part about brotherhood is that it kept true to the author's original intention in the manga
Because Arakawa is completely perfect and infallible with her intentions right?

Are you trying to say that as long as it's in the original that it's sacred and untouchable?

Ishvalens are a desert dwelling people.

He was the hero Humanity deserved

The thing to remember is because anime is produced and released before mangaka are finished with their story, they can be influenced by how the anime did. It can even be used to test out possible ideas for the manga for a reaction.

03 actually made her tone down the darker aspects of the story simply because some people didn't like it but as a result certain good ideas 03 had were lost.

Same, 03 had a complete idea going for it regarding human transmutation that all fit together nicely with the villain.

Brotherhood is just becomes an unrelatable fragment of god demands souls to complete himself as god so he makes a nation to use as a sacrifice for it.
It's too out there and doesn't fit with the alchemist theme, unlike Dante.