Why is she so popular now?

Why is she so popular now?

Secondaries realized that all the wormslut posting was just memes


Her movie came out and suddenly secondaries see her in a different light.


Yet true best girl receives no love.

Why, yes.

kill self

I went to see the movie a second time just to see her scenes again, in particular to btfo CA Hassan. The animation was good.

Did they include the threesome scene? I need to know.

>1 out of 3 (THREE) movies

You tell me

Secondary pls

Sakura was always my favourite (after Illya and Taiga), so I really couldn't say, other than maybe that people have finally opened their eyes.

>Japanese Popularity Poll that placed in outside the Movie theater which showing Heaven Feel Movies & Heaven Feel Ripoff Movies.

But that's wrong, ESL.

Secondaries will never know the true bitch that everyone hated from the VN because their removing those scenes

>always one of the top 10 most popular TM characters
>everyone hated

If you post something every day until people like it, they will eventually like it.

The threesome is in Hollow Ataraxia. So the question should be: will HA be animated?

Anyone with a slight modicum of taste preferred Sakura over Saber and Rin.
Illya was where it was truly at though.

She's always had a decent number of fans and been popular despite not featuring in much pre-2017.
Now that her movie is out, she's reached a broader range of people. It's only natural that she'd get more fans now.

How is it a meme? That's literally what she is, straight from the source material

The fuel of hate only became a meme after Carnival Phantasm though.

Because she was only ever mostly hated by secondaries, especially in the West. She constantly got good spots in popularity polls, and the nips have been waiting years for her route to be adapted.

She still has next to no merchandise. You can't say she's actually popular until she gets one of those shitty nendoroids.

She had that crappy snow under oath role as the victim and the heaven's feel movie
Will go back below rin and seiva soon enough

Nice goalpost moving there. Companies being incompetent and failing to capitalize on a character has nothing to do with actual popularity among fans.

Wasn't Sakura always pretty popular in the character polls specially for a character that basically's had zero screen time or relevance throughout most of the franchise?

Yes, it's only secondaries who think otherwise.

Is strange/fake gonna be adapted into Anime soon or should I just read the novel/manga? The male Saber looks great, the masters too. Better than the shit masters we got in apocrypha.

>You can't say she's actually popular until she gets one of those shitty nendoroids.
Going by that logic, Rider is more popular since she got one and we all know that isn't true.

They never discovered Ilya,

Because for some reason, people emulate this guy

She's finally getting more exposure.

> "we did it reddit! We got her to win the newtype poll (I voted for Kira Yamato for the LOLs XD) Better make an image about it!"

>Making the first move

Pick one

>no Medusa route even when she's a thousandfold better than wormslut

But Rin is the one who won that Reddit poll. Says a lot about Rinfags.

It's too bad they cut out her walking Shirou back home after losing Saber. Probably will get more attention in the next two though anyway. Looking forward to Shirou turning into a plant and being snuggled between Medusa's Medusas for the finale.

He didn't though, or did you ignore the second panel?

slut shaming is dead
its the current year

She get 1 minute of screentime of the movie
She still a terrible master but have sex with MC

What kind of ESL bait is this?

Is that why sakura fish isn't posting anymore?


>Crossboarder confirmed.

I want to walk Medusa home

Interesting, I wasn't aware. Because I don't go to reddit. I wonder how you know about this.

Because some Rinfag bragged about it here.