ITT: characters who were hyped up by the author but turn out to be a HUGE disappointment

Big meme was being hyped up for like 15 years and turned out to be the biggest disappointment in manga history

>unscathed after LITERALLY everyone including herself ganged up on her
>half of the entire arc was running away from her because she's just that impossibly strong
Did you expect her to nuke the island or something?

>>half of the entire arc was running away from her because she's just that impossibly strong
SH run from everything

I expected her to look threatening and not like a joke.

Not from an arc villain until now.

Your "HURRRR DURRRRR RUN PIECE WAAAH WAAAHHHH I HATE RUNNING I WANT MUH FIGHTY FIGHTY FIGHTS" is getting stale now. You're getting Luffy vs Katakuri, aren't you happy?

Really weird that these complaints all came after timeskip when SH running away from Buster Call, Luffy running away from Magellan, and SH running away from Raigou never brought any complaints. It's as if these faggots who complain about running are new fans who just caught up.

She isnt threatening because shes dumb and slow. You literally just have to walk away from her and she cant do shit.

She cant even touch the jobber squad.

Sheesh come down, dick sucker


>walk away from her
She can fucking fly and basically drop nukes on people.

It’s one piece, even the most threatening guys in the world are goofy. Have you seen fourth gear?

Why didn't she just kill the starw hats?

The problem is that she looks like shit and her character is also shit

Because otherwise she has no cakes retard ?

shit taste

I know you have shit taste, you don't have to tell me about it

You hackposters never learn...

Because you need to read slower speedreader

>Shit talking Big Mom even though nothing in the entire arc came close to doing any lasting damage to her, actually living up to her reputation of being built like a steel blimp
>Whitebeard gets absolutely wrecked on Marineford, especially by Akainu who killed his faggy would-be son and gravely injured him at least two times, the same guy he couldn't finish off
There's a Yonkou who's a disappointment and it's not Big Mom.

>still watching/reading juan pies


this fuckface, but it was anti-climactic on purpose

Bonus points because it's the MC.

To be fair, it was well-established he was old and dying and shouldn't be fighting.

Because the strawhats aren't that weak? And she almost did kill them all?

Meme is a disappointed for different reasons.

Who the FUCK hyped up big mom??
Definitely not Oda

Juha literally raped everyone. Were it not for a misunderstood glimpse of the future, he would have won.

Even if I were to admit she is the strongest, it still feels like a retarded character because she was just an aspie with retard strength despite zero evidence that she ever trained or anything, does she really seem like the kind of person who would earn such a strong armament haki? Otherwise getting pushed back by chopper is embarrasing for a yonko

>>half of the entire arc was running away from her because she's just that impossibly strong

If big mom didn't have an army of powerful warriors, they probably wouldn't run

I didn't know Devil Fruit users could easily pursue people on ships

The Strawhats would have been dead by now if Brulee wasn't a jobber and they had to fight Big Mom on land

>Pushed back

Funny word for defended against, barely.

But Ichigo spent most of the arc after his powerup jobbing and doing nothing. He wasn't even allowed to KO the Femritters.

They should just trap Big Mom in the mirror world. Doing so would require killing Brulee, though, and Straw Hats don't have the balls to do it.

Big Mom is one of the best villains in the series though.

>Blackbeard looks threatening
>Blackbeard's crew looks threatening

Take a good hard look at them. THOSE are your endgame final villains, you fucking faggot. Perhaps it's time you stop reading one piece if the only thing that awaits you is that.

If Yonko were strong enough that decades after their prime, when they were dying of AIDS they could defeat the Fleet Admiral amidst an entire war aimed at killing them...THAT would be a disappointment, I don't need people so powerful they break the fiction of the entire world and just make it fan-fiction tier garbage for ten year olds

Big Mom is a disappointment because the source of her strength is fucking retarded and she wouldn't be a Yonko without her family, who manipulate her with ease. I think people were expecting Yonko to be like Shanks and Whitebeard and Blackbeard, where they are clearly the ones in charge of their own lives and crews but Big Mom (and Kaido from what we've seen) just look like people with serious mental health problems who were always strong and never worked a day in their lives

It goes against the whole premise of the series, they are basically Enel with mental illness and haki