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Please marry me, Violetto-chan.

Sorry, but it might comfort you to know that he died in enormous pain.

He's dead, Jim

He literally killed himself.

He is alive.

Im sorry, but he told me before dying that you will be my new wife

He is, he's actually right here Violet, come and kiss him

unzips dick

How do I make Violet to look at me like that?

Be Gilbert.

You need to penetrate several layers on weaponized autism.

I think it's time you get to know the greatest mystery of life "people die when they are killed"


Bringing him back would be cheesy and stupid. The show should end with Violet visiting his grave accompanied with all the friends she made in her travels. Violet should learn how to say goodbye.

Violet should get a happy ending desu.

But that's not possible, I'm just a 5'9 manlet college drop out who still lives with my parents.

She is alive, has new hands, friends and a job. She already had her happy ending in the first episode.

>The show should end with Violet visiting his grave

Go to war-torn countries and take care of a cute child soldier. Make sure to give them a cute name then be nice to them. Raise your own Violet.

exactly the scene I had in mind

>tfw not physically fit to be a soldier

Wanna know the standards for being a soldier? One. Be male. Two. dont be fat. Thats it you pussy.

That comparison is even funnier since Gilbert ends up looking like Big Boss himself. Complete with the eyepatch and prosthetic hand.


Man, no wonder why Violet likes him so much.

Is the anime gonna get to that point?

Violet Evergarden: A Hideo Kojima Anime.

Imagine the hand holding, it'd be click clacking!

The movie will hopefully

>kept you waiting, huh?

Edward is unironically a better man for Violet than Gilbert.

>Click Clack

I don't think Edward would appear in the anime, even if he do, KyoAni would just butcher his character.
Just look at what happened to the Leon.

Still, doesn't change the fact that Edward should win the Violetbowl.

H-hes fine.

No he shouldn't. The only guy Violet would ever except is Gilbert. It's why Edward, Leon, and whoever else never had a chance.

Yeah he just faked his death to build outer haven somewhere

God that must sound so satisfying.

Edward is the perfect match though. She should marry him and commit genocides.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

Baby don't hurt me

Is Violet Raiden?

The neighbors hate him!

What kind of keyboard is that?

I dunno, at this point, I almost expect him to be alive. They've played up his death so much that the last episode when they said they couldn't find his body really made me question for the first time if he's dead or not. His injuries were bad but hers were way worse (losing your arms is pretty fucking insane). If he's alive and recovering it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I thought deep down she knew he was dead but blocked that out of her head and continued living as if he was alive. I also thought Damian's hesitation from the truth was actually just hesitation from breaking her illusion.

Is this dumb? Was it clear what the case was? Did I miss something?

she's the imperfect clone of Gilbert. That's why she looks old despite being 14. She's aging fast just like solid snake

Sounds like Gilbert is alive according to the posters in this thread, which after the last episode, I think everyone should have suspected by now. The question is how he's been changed and how Violet will react to the new person he is. She'll probably love him either way. Hopefully.

>ywn make love to your genderbender clone

Meant for

So what I'm getting from this thread and the spoilers is that VEG is just Metal Gear Solid.

I think they actually managed to make her look 14. Her face looks a bit smaller and younger like an adolescent

Either way, Damian's and everybody else's idea of the situation is that he's dead for sure.

She looks 18-25 to me.

Absolutely. Thoroughly.


She looks around 16 to me

Who the fuck is Damian, some shitty E-celeb or something?

So Violet Evergarden was Deathstranding all along?

She looks at least 20.
But since she spent 4 years in WW1 styled battlefields, it's fair to assume she looks older than what she actually is. So I'd place her at 16-17ish.

Fuck off Hack.

I think you're confusing Damian with Hodgins. Damian was that prince in that episode with the princess. Hodgins is pic related. They might do it differently in the anime, but in the novel Hodgins and Gilbert's brother are well aware that he's alive.


Is oscar long lost brother of hodgins or something. They look pretty similar in design

So why exactly was she such a good loli killbot? I can't imagine she was just a normal girl, or did she take advantage of the second of hesistation each enemy soldier gave her over and over again?

Oh Prince Chad, I remember now.

It's implied that she's some kind avatar of a war goddess. Yeah it's as stupid as it sounds. Feels like something Kojima would pull off too. VEG is truly the MGS of anime.

Huh, suprised they'd bring magic/religion/rebirth whatever into it, I just thought she was some loli warmachine experiment.

Speaking of age, how canonically old is Gilbert LNfags?

Almost 30.

A man of supreme taste then.

Oh so he's not even that old. People were making it should like he's in his late 40s the way they cried about the age gap.

Of course he is. I mean, just look at Violet for fucks sake, she looks like an angel.

Oh yeah thanks for this very important correction lmao

I meant Hodgins sorry

That's Kyoani's sanitized version, in the LN he is close to 50.

That's bullshit and you know it.

Has there ever been an anime where they couldn't find someone's body and they stayed dead?

From the LN art he look good for a 40 something, even after the ravages of war.

No in the LN he's still near 30. Don't know where you're pulling that bullshit that he's past his 40s from.

Deaths are really difficult to tell if their legit or not, you end up doubting all of them. Which ruins the emotion of a death scene.

Even in pajama, she looks 20 years old.

I'm sure there are a few, But usually in anime, unless you see the person die and the series doesn't run on rules that lets characters pull off shit like pic related, then it's safe to assume that person is still alive.


I want to be Hodgins

It will be ok Violet-chan


I want to massage those feet.

Is Violet the girl of the season?

Whi doesn't?
Dude is balls deep on half the girls of the city he lives.

>Demigoddess secretary
>Demigoddess AMD
>Sex Goddess secretary
Not being hodgins is suffering

A war criminal, a suicidal brat and a slut.
Just wonderful.

I want to have sex with Cattleya

desu i'd dig that

Do they fugg?

Yes. They make a ton little gilberts and little violets.

Daily. Missionary position with lots of slow kisses, long breaths and eye contact.


What's Chousa-dono's servant class?