Yuzu is the M(iracle)OTY.

I love it when shows do the whole flashback thing where they show the protagonist(s) as lolis.

Would you turn gay too if you saw that dashing smile as a little girl?

Loli Yuzu is cuter than any loli in the loli shogi show.
There, I said it.

Who wouldn't? It's a loli gyaru.

Around 3 weeks until volume 9, including its bonus chapter and drama CD.

Around 7 weeks until chapter 37.

Jesus Christ. Bonus chapter better be about HaruMatsu.


What a blessing. Mei needs to bring back this smile ASAP.

I love Nene!

Nene is such a qt. I want to cuddle with her.

I've seen lolis. I've seen gyarus.
But I had never seen a loli gyaru before.

Only Nene loves Nene.

That show is garbage. Mitsuboshi Colors, on the other hand, has some pretty high grade lolis.

Same. I've seen miracles and I've seen the universe, but I had never seen such a miracle of the universe.

Anyone compiled the changes in the OP?

Everyone is gay for Yuzu.

I'm not gay

She even managed to defrost this ice queen.

>Tfw it's actually about Nene.
In all seriousness though, looking back at who has been featured in past extras, it does seem like HaruMatsu are very likely candidates. Either them or Himeko.

Well, she's Yuzusexual.

Nene will appear at the end, and Matsuri will go and kiss Harumin in front of her for maximum shock value.

They're so cute.

They are too cute.

I wish they played more on their height difference though.

Mei is gey

You mean you're not a little girl, user?

Shut up, Sara, she only loves Yuzu.

>yuzu has to spend the next Christmas alone

Yuzu is girl

God fucking damn.

The only girl she likes.

>inb4 Christmas miracle
We'll see.

Didn't the school trip that starts the next story arc happen right after Christmas in the manga? Yuzu turns Mei down on the couch after they have cake and the next morning Mei doesn't wake her up and Yuzu is late for the trip. In the anime they talked like the trip was couple of months away or something.

The Kyoto trip was in February. Mei gave Yuzu 2 months of cold shoulder.

>Yuzu turns Mei down on the couch after they have cake
That's next level pottery.

Mei had her breakdown in fall and it looks like spring since the new school year started, so most likely Mei left Yuzu before the following Christmas.

Yuzu girl

Oh I see. That just really awkward.

yuzu was probably already alone before going to see her father's grave in November.

Volume 4 had a timeskip too. Mei was ignored Yuzu for over a month, possibly close to two months.

No, how can I become a little girl

>Mei spends all fall slowly distancing herself from Yuzu
>finally uses the day she knows Yuzu will be out of the house to pack up and leave

Well at least now we know why.

We always knew why. Because Mei was upset about Yuzu rejecting her.

The letter tries to make it sound like the real reason was Mei wanted to push Yuzu away before they got too romantically involved.

That letter doesn't apply well to plot lines before Vol 6 anyway.

Yeah, the letter doesn't match volume 4, since Mei outright asked Yuzu how she felt about her and was pissed when Yuzu wouldn't outright confess to her. She wouldn't do that while actively trying to push her away.

It does work though. Maybe she was a bit irritated sure, but the real reason she accepted to date Sara right away is because she wanted to keep Yuzu away from her. But in the end she couldn't.

Yeah, volume 6 and 7 pained looks from Mei are retrospectively cleared. But arc 4 was badly written, and the author just tries to smooth that under the letter's pretense.

But why try to force Yuzu to confess to her right before that though? It's a contradiction.

Is Mei a slut?

The first 5 volumes just kinda meander around plot wise with a bunch of love rivalries. Vol 6 through, likely, 10, make for a pretty solid 5 act story.

Mei was in "do you need me' mode in volume 4. When she thought Yuzu didn't want her, she tried to move on to Sara since it'd be easier to use someone she didn't have feelings for. The letter really doesn't apply there.

What does Mei do when she kisses girls that leaves them all so dumbfounded and longing for me? Whenever I kiss girls they just yell at me and block my phone number.

>Whenever I kiss girls they just yell at me and block my phone number.

Are you a handsome girl?

We're all little girls here.

No onee-samas?

Is she the bro character of the season? Is there any other competition?


Mei has always been conflicted about Yuzu. On the one hand she doesn't want anything serious with Yuzu since she knows she'd have to end it at some point, but on the other hand she couldn't resist her. Then she thought it'd be fine to have a relationship for a while, but in the end she realized she loved her too much and she'd only end up hurting her more as time went on.

She better bring the Yuzu smile back

Well Yuzu is like a cute doggo. She only has to come back and she'll be happy again right away.

You shouldn't take dogs for granted nonetheless, as loyal as they are

That pile of futons looks very comfy.

I think it'll take more than that this time.

Maybe, since Yuzu is dead inside.

>Mei finally changes her mind and goes to apologize to Yuzu
>Yuzu refuses her, saying she's had enough
Oh, come on!

Broken Yuzu is so hot, I want to see her begging for Mei to come back to her like a complete wreck in the middle of the street or something, and Mei only looking at her with pity


How dare you?

>guilty Mei quietly letting broken Yuzu rape her

I think I may be a sadist or something but seeing such a pure upbeat girl like Yuzu as a complete mess begging for the girl who rejected her to not leave her seems beautiful, like something that isn't supposed to happen if God exists

Yuzu existing at all is proof enough that God does exist.

>Let me be your mistress Mei, I don't care if it's humiliating, I don't care if society will never accept us, I don't care if you chose your academy over me, I don't care if you only see me once a week, just don't leave me please I beg you

Yuzu such a good selfless girl

Let Matsuri have fun.

Trying to prostitute your sister's girlfriend-sister is not a good idea for fun

Why does he make this pure angel suffer then

Can't 3P if the other couple avoid 2Ps like the plague.

Mei was the one who made her suffer. She must be a devil.

Mei is also an angel...

So why doesn't she just date harumin who's clearly best girl?

Is Citrus the Paradise Lost of Yuri?

Then we wouldn't get suffering Yuzu.

I don't read old books

Harumin would be too easy

Because Harumin is not Mei.

She's not attracted to her.

Sometimes, having a best friend as solid as steel who'll support you no matter what is better than having a lover who can leaves.

I guess Yuzu never felt attracted to someone besides Mei.

If Harumin was such a good friend she would've realized Yuzu is dead inside

She knows there is nothing they can do about it so she's pretending nothing ever happened so Yuzu can move on with her life.

No that's not what you do, you hug the person and tell them it's okay to cry

She probably thinks Yuzu just has those class S blues, and will get over it soon.

Well she already cried a lot.

She could've cried with Harumin hugging her

Would a make cute bonus chapter.
Otherwise, Harumi has her arms full hugging Matsuri.

Yuzu still uses the ring even after those 7 months of break up. This girl deserves to be happy.

Leave Yuzu's happiness to me!

Yuzu is suffering in silence with no friendly shoulder to cry on, where was Harumin when that was happening