"It can't be helped"

>"It can't be helped"

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Yusuke was the only good character in that game. He was so refreshing. A real bro. His arc was great.

Didn't intend for this piece of discussion, but I will reply.
I heavily agree, he is my favorite character in the whole game. I love Makoto as a waifu, but Yusuke is so charming, very funny and a great personality, very unique, he really is a bro.

She seemed really stuck-up I really started disliking her. She was nothing special until her 10 rank social link. The slap kinda sealed the deal for me. She was willing to overstep personal boundaries to show that she cared for other people in her life.

>the only good character in the game
you're not only exaggerating, but also forgetting the essential character.

Yusuke was the best boy, but saying he was the only good character is heresy, my friend.

"At any rate..."

>As expected of Christmas Eve!
I still don't get why people defend every part of P5's translation. I can understand acknowledging the good parts, but people who speak English as a first language somehow think the whole thing's acceptable. Guess they've been primed by countless bad fan translations.

>Japanese speak like Japanese
more news at 11

There's definitely evidence that the localization was rushed. Everything through Madarame's arc was badly in need of re-editing.

I didn't find her charming at all, I wonder why
Ann or Futaba were cuter...


I wish Yusuke was my best friend and Makoto was my wife.

She's just a wannabe Kurisu

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user, I legit don’t give a fuck about her gaming lingo jokes, and I’ll honestly be happy if she avoids doing any of those in the spinoffs, but she still ended up being my favourite character in the game.

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Legit kek’d

>they actually said kek in one of her SLs
I couldn't believe it

Both her and Mishima are blatantly very socially awkward, what the fuck do you expect? Christ, you people are such babies.

I wasn't offended you nerd. I was just surprised

Didn't even spend any time with this guy. Got his baton pass and never spoke to him after.

>the crazy way he fights and poses and carves shadows up
Yusuke is one of the raddest fucking dudes

He has some pretty great SLs.

That said, the first time I played the game, I kinda did the same. I didn't deliberately ignore him, but I generally spent most of my time with non party members and only really bothered ranking up characters I actively used until near the end

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I stand corrected.

The way he figured out that you’re a PT felt like a huge asspull

Oh, okay. Sorry.


Obviously they need to get the Yakuza guys on those projects.

>No puede ser ayudado

it loses all it's meaning when translated