Kokkoku - Episode 8

Let's get this started.


Is there any CHAGACHAGACHAGA this week?


Watchin in about two hours, keep this thread alive for me anons

I just caught up.
How spoilery are these threads?

How did such garbage people raise this kid?

Not usually spoilery, just a comfy 50 post discussion with some idiots arguing over what happens next when the manga exists.
Spoilers tend to be tagged anyways.


This shot was pretty great

RIP jii-san. Hopefully he thought to tell juri how to get out of stasis or he will have "trapped his granddaughter in stasis forever" as he feared. Or walking explanation-boobs will save her.

Juri looks like THAT?

Is this the new Yu Yu Hakusho special?

I'm going to assume it was Juri rubbing off on him.

It's exactly because he didn't raise him that the kid is good.

*they didn't

What the fuck, I haven't watched this yet. What am I looking at?

This weeks end card.

I like these girls.

Just finished the episode. I'm curious what Shiomi will end up doing.


>Sagawa turned into the literal fucking Hulk
why even
this show just took a nosedive

What, you didn't think he had some kind of supernatural master plan going on?

didn't think it'd be so incredibly unimaginative

120% power Sagawa when?

He's a big guy.

>I’ll honour you with 45% of my full power


why did Cult Leader-san turn into the younger Toguro brother?

Honestly this is my favorite show of the season. And Sako is my favorite character.

Yeah objectively speaking the show is nothing exceptional, and it's pretty badly animated, but I always look forward to the next episode.

Too bad Shouko is a canon slut.

The scenario is really excellent. Subverts alot of the classic tropes (the "special bloodline" with magic powers belongs to a bunch of layabout losers) but is a pretty great thriller as well.

It would be a great live-action movie.

about to watch, how do you guys rate the episode/season so far?


Nanomachines son

I'm feeling mixed about it. It's almost like the writer of the manga just didn't know how to create some tension near the end, so they turned the main bad guy into a literal monster.


Hulk Sawaga is pretty stupid

That's not even his final form.

episode is ok show is great

All according to keikaku

Fuck the Stasis, I just want you dead!

"Lightweight baby"
"Spectrebulk program"
"Zyzz "asagawa" Azzyz"

Isn't that guy the main character from Tough?


quick, someone stall time so the thread won't die

Can we discuss timestopped pancake sandwiches? Or maybe how lovely and sweaty Shouko was in EP 6.

Any changes in the OP this week?

We had the first OP, the second or third I think had the eyes, the fourth had the line colour changes, the last episode had the clothes on Juri change.

I just minimize the window and browse Sup Forums while the OP plays. With most shows I skip it entirely if I don't like it.

How is the kid able to pee? Haven't they established that liquids are stuck in place no different than anything else? Shouldn't there now be a floating blob of human urine in that bathroom now?

I was surprised they didn't show it all in the air like with the blood later in the episode.

Dad is such a fucking scumbag.

It seems to be weird, they've flicked water off their hands but the droplets are able to travel for about a second before they get stalled.

Maybe once the liquid isn't connected to your body it's separated? Like each molecule in the stream of piss is connected until it separates and is now able to be frozen?

I don't know

Pretty far behind on anime due to vidya

If I liked 18if should I pick this up?

But could you honestly say you would do anything different?

Sure, it's good. Not amazing by any means, but enjoyable in itself.

>no chigachigachiga again this week
Did they just stop it for good?

no chigachigachiga? dropped

why is otou-san such a scumbag

Majima has powers too? She floated?

Yes. I would not be able to steal like that. Even if I did it would eat away at me every day and I wouldn't be able to deal with it until I went back and paid.

Sagawa now joins younger toguro and gotou.

dad will get expelled to bring the grandpa back calling it now

Such a good boy

What happens to the rest of the world while they are in stasis?

are you for real

All the Stalled are continuing to move albeit very slowly. The Spectres are actually letting them move through the SPEED FORCE, compensating for frictional forces which would burn their skin off.


That's mango Juri.

They're stopped in time, nothing changes for them. The only people who would notice anything would be locals would suddenly see shit falling from nowhere after time resumed.

I think she has the ability to not affect stasis'ed objects (i.e. the metal fence didn't fall under her weight) like one normally would. That's how I understood it at least.

no looks like its gone for good
but I do like the laid back jazzy piano they use in the eyecatches now

You are forgetting that you can leave the stasis and rather re-enter (And it will be a different stasis frame), and people left in the stasis are left alive in it. It's not a clear time-is-stopped thing.

There's a manga already, why are you calling something if we already know the outcome?

What are you getting at? The people trapped in stasis would have to live the rest of their lives there and the stalled would only notice something is different after time resumes. Like the convenience store clerk would suddenly see a bunch of trash appear in front of him.

Oh yeah. They're moving as fast as little Juri did when she ran away with her dead pup.
The villain reminds me of Cyrus from Pokemon Platinum. I was laughing when he was like it's OK to run since I need to check out my speed. This was a really good ep. I miss JIGAJIGAJAJA

Is stasis like a frame in film since people can be left behind in stasis if time is resumed without them?

But that's the point, if you can have two different stasis active att he same time and people leaving the stasis it means time never stopped.

Yeah, if they don't know how to get out they'll wonder around until they die. I don't think time is necessarily "resumed" as much as they stop being in stasis if that makes sense.
It's still not clear what you mean. Stasis is stopped time. You're either in it or you're not.

>It's still not clear what you mean. Stasis is stopped time. You're either in it or you're not.
If you can leave the stasis and the stasis remain with people in it, it's not simply stopped time.


Weekly dose of cumming in and out.

Jesus Christ. If you leave stasis, you become stalled. Once there's no on left to perceive stasis (whether by being dead or stalled) then as far as everyone is concerned, time has resumed.

It is simply stopped time with the addition of heralds. The people in stasis will do whatever they choose to do until they leave or die, the people who leave are stalled and will see the affects of the ones who chose to remain.

When will the blonde chick show up again?

Everyone in stasis is moving at the speed of light essentially and able to still warp their surroundings.

Damn, no need to be an extra ass.



become hairld

Still have to watch it but please tell me the SHAKKA SHAKKA SHAKKA SHAKKA came back


It's gone, son.


Fucking hell.
Orders cancelled.
Whined on Twitter

They'll bring it back for ep. 12

I sure hope so. I can't live without the SHAGGAs

Sanae raised him, and I expect Juri plays a large part as well.

Speaking of, when will Sanae become relevant? I can’t believe they showed her at work and will never revisit that, but if she becomes just another Stalled used as a hostage, it’ll be the last straw for me.

Why didn't Juri's sister become unstalled?


I can't even remember what sanae looks like