Boku no hero academia

Deku is a self insert MC that appeals to the "I'm such a nerd" faggots? He has this bland sob story that's supposed to make you feel for him, about how he looks up to AM because he watched some youtube vids, and wants to be like him of course. He finds out though that he's 1 out of 5 people who don't have quirks and gets super durrpressed. But again most people in his world have either shit quirks or no quirks like him and don't get to be heroes. Which just makes Deku come off as an entitled piece of shit who makes his mom over eat because she feels responsibl just because he couldn't get over something he found out about when he was like 5.
Then through a super contrived series of events he conveniently gets handed the most powerful quirk. And now we are supposed to follow him on his journey and be impressed that he's going to make it even though he has far and away the most powerful quirk?
It's ridiculous watching the series make a big fuss about him going up against a guy who's got swords!! OH NO!! Then even when his opponents do outwit him somehow even though he's already been informed of what their quirk is, his plot armor kicks in and is saved.
So obviously he's retarded which is why I don't get why people say he's an intelligent MC just because he can come up with some basic plans that rely on how ridiculously OP his quirk is. Like I'm gonna blow a hole through a 3 story building with my punch and you do your thing Ochako while the opponent is caught up in the explosion. I'm gonna punch this lake into a whirlpool and you guys use your quirks and do what you do. You would have to be retarded to be impressed by that, I've seen

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Canon: never


What killed the hype?

Deku super fingering technique soon.


>gon right in the top on the middle of everyone

what did hori mean by this?

The Yakuza arc

Well, with that trainwreck of a OP i suppose just overlooking it and instead just some VA works.

HxH is superior to bnh

>Deku > Bakugou

He's still better than BakuSue as a character and in shipping, Every bakugo ship is a crack ship, that just shows how desperate they are

And filler


Reminder this is cannon

can you maybe fuck off for even one day m8

>He's still better than BakuSue
The absolute state of deckucks


I like this one better

How Hori writes Bnha:
>Fuck I don't know what else to copy from Naruto, let's look at Opm
>Hero hunter Garou is really cool, I'll change his name to Stain and make him job to some kids
>The hero raid to the Monster Association to save a child hostage was incredible, I'll make them Yakuza and make the plot incredibly predictable, boring and generic
Pretty sad.

Bakucide imminent.

One of the biggest smiles in the series.

Hori will come to his senses.

They're both bland in their own ways, at least Bakugo has some salt.

Kirishima and Mirio have both showed that they're much better than these two

Why, dekuck?

>First sentence starts as a statement and ends as a question
Opinion discarded

>Comparing Garou to Stain when his motivation goes more towards Shiggy.

Come on, atleast try.


>tfw Ochako receives more development in a fucking doujin than in the manga
>tfw we will never see these two comfort each other and be this happy together in the manga

One piece,Haikyu!!,MHA, and Shokugeki no Soma is Shonen Jump most popular series currently running

hxh is currently running though but it will only be for 10 chapters like usual

Suck my dick the same way dekuck sucks baku's dick

momo, but instead of creation her quirk is a mutant type quirk that replaces every single one of her body fluids (including blood and the like) with incredibly thick virile cum

Garou a shit he jobbed to some bald guy

Overhaul had a cool as fuck Quirk and nice design, but was wasted with such a shitty motivation.
If he was just trying to make the Yakuza great again it would have been fine, didn't need the whole "Quirks and heroes are a sickness" shit.

Bakugou's development: Rage Rage Rage RAGE HARD RAGE CALM RAGE OF GOOD RAGE OF BUTTHURT Rage Rage Rage.

Basically thats all there is to him.

It doesn't even have anything to do with Deku specifically. You just post new threads with a bait OP every. Single. Fucking. Time. Bring up a topic of discussion that is interesting and not just "Huehuehue look at how shit the MC is haha!" or don't make a thread.

why are you treating manga like football teams?


I don't disagree. I just want Mirio or Kirishima to take over the deuteragonist role. And for Deku to also not be a bland Gary Stu

la creatura

Do you agree?

The absolute state of hori

I don't count Hunter x Hunter because it's always on hiatus

Doesn't change the fact that both spend their time hunting heroes in the streets because they can't stand the heroes in their societies.

Ay dios mio

Pic related. Don't reply to him.

Oh fuck off dekuck

Losing to saitama isn't really considered as jobbing

That's the joke

Can anyone explain why these threads attract so much cancer? It's like the only thing on Sup Forums where you have to purposely act contrarian to participate.

Patreak utterly and thoroughly BTFO

We posting cursed images?

count me in

all of Sup Forums is cancer, the more popular something is the more cancer it will produce. Just look at hxh or db threads

Its popular so it must be hated

>Can anyone explain why these threads attract so much cancer?
Because the series is cancer

You don't even have to read this pile of dogshit. Ramblings of a mentally insane crossie who needs to fuck off. Calls Hisokabros "redditors", calls a cute girl "Patreak"/pretends she's a guy because he can't handle a real woman disagreeing with him.

a prime example is Darling in the FRANXX, those threads are complete shitshows.

I almost think that the people who keep the generals are baiters and falseflaggers who are just shitposting eachother.
But maybe that is just me being crazy and paranoid.

>Just look at hxh or db threads
Snk and bnh threads are more cancerous

>posts grape

You're doing it on purpose

>Top comparison
Alright that's pretty weird but coincidences happe-
>That bottom comparison
Did... Did Hori actually copy OPM?

The only shitposter in HxH threads is from here though.

Literally Tumblr-tier name, you're part of the cancer


I don't know, really. I think maybe it has something to do with capeshit and shonen coming together in a non-ironic sense and actually working.

Why doesn’t Hori get married already? Kids clearly appeal to him

Fuck off

The upper one is a classic "Overwhelming presence." And the other i would more likely called a comic "Avengers Assemble" trope.


>actually working

In other news water is wet

>Can only parrot decuck over and over
Absolute state of the shitposters that come to these threads. At least be entertaining for a change

No one wants to marry the masked man of manga.

What do you mean by "actually working"

thumbnail makes dekus eyes look like ochakos tits.


Your mom is wet

There isn't a single cannon in that pic.

The my hero one shot came out before one punch man web comic

>Can only parrot "shitposter" and "bait" over and over
Didn't expect dekucks to be on this level of retardation

It's good.

toga redemption arc when


Why not, these threads are dumpster anyways

WTF is occuring here?

The scenes they're talking about weren't

You're mom's a dumpster

>I'm a brainlet
Thanks for sharing

It's a harem anime fused with a battle shounen. The soyboys, underagefags, and people with shit taste love it.

you're asking the wrong person

that thing aint the hero know as mothman

You were annoying, but now it’s just sad, especially since it’s been months and you’re still spouting the same old shit.
Even pissposting is way more entertaining than you, at least pissposters are creative.
You? You’re just pathetically obsessed with hating a Thai restaurant commercial

How is hype killed when we have neverending general and additional threads by same shitposter every saturday?

>crunchyroll awards
fuck off retard

Hair down looks good on her.

>was fucking broken down for all 2017
>better keep with the shitty diet

Can't wait for him to get the flu; you'll all be bitching about MUH PACING after he's on break for three consecutive weeks

Is the end nigh?

Why are you still posting your headcanon after getting consistently BTFO