Let's talk about why Ougi is the best

Let's talk about why Ougi is the best.

What's not to love?

You just have to look at her, and you know she's great.

She's beautiful

Damn right brother, you know it

Don't open the image if you don't want a spook.

this is her true form

Who wouldn't want a waifu that criticizes and bullies you?

For your own good, of course. Can't have you going around being a hypocrite.

She's very comfy.


Meganekko Ougi is a miracle of the universe!

she's creepy

Isn't Ougi a boy?

Ougi is a gift, glasses or no!
Only sometimes.

She is a vision or loveliness, thank you.

I want Ougi to put her sleeves close to my erect dick.
Then, I want her sleeves to slowly descend over my erect manhood so that I can feel her soft, pale hand stroke my dick as I ejaculate all over the insides of her sleeves.
I don't want to see her hands though.

Mornings with a sleepy Ougi are the stuff dreams are made of.


Her spookiness is wonderful.

I wish Hama would change art style.

>implying she would sleep instead of just laying in bed with her eyes open staring at the ceiling until morning

Her habits, sleeping or no, are all okay with me.


If ougi and araragi fuck is it masturbation?

Probably close to incest, honestly.


Her mysterious nature only makes her all the more attractive

best girl (male)


because she spoopy

The penis


She can be anything you want, user


Make sure you love yourself anons

What does sex with the spookster feel like?

Cold, probably.

Wonderful, but cold.

piss piss


I love it

First you must answer me. is Ougi best boy or best girl?

Koyomi's version is a girl
Kanbaru's version is either her pretending to be a boy or her transforming into a boy, to stand-in for Koyomi who Kanbaru was desperate for attention from at the time

Ougi is whatever Ougi needs to be at the time.

Ougi's a cute boy in Hana because Koyomi turned into a cute girl in Hana, fucking look at him in that arc


I want her to spook me at night.

turtleneck under school uniform makes my heart race, always did.

He can literally go fuck himself

You mean Bat.

A bat is fine too, but Ougi is just so amazing

Why do Batfags always have to be so obnoxious?