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Face it Sup Forums
Ichigo with long hair would have been too cute for you to handle.

that design would transcend this dimension
we wouldn't be able to visually perceive it.

Further proof short hair fucking sucks.

I'm gonna need more samples to substantiate that claim.

I need more of these edits desu

I usually prefer long hair... But Ichigo is better with short.

This, I'm a longhair fag all the way but Ichigo's hair just clicks with me

Not that I wouldn't appreciate her with long hair too



this somehow makes her look more boyish
what is this fuckery

dam niga

Instantly looks better than all of the girls in the show.
Goes to show you what a good design can do.

I usually like it in itself, but could you pass the sauce?

Good god.


It's true. Long blue hair is good shit.

I love her short hair.

Then what would 002 look like with short hair?

something like this?

Ichigo acts like such a wife

With you guys, it's just so sharp and sleek and sexy.

Literally Haruko.

Ichigo is already really damn cute. That's not her problem. Her problem is that the writers seem insistent on dragging this love triangle nonsense out when even Ichigo herself seems intent on letting it go at times. As soon as her character moves on from MUH HIRO and gets some proper development, rather than just being a repetitive waifuwar bait, she'll probably be one of my favorites.

No one beats Miku, though.



Ends aren't pointy enough.

>This is considered a very feminine flower and so is usually given or worn by women. In North America especially, a hibiscus means a perfect wife or woman.

It checks out

Maximum cuteness.

Hold on I'll edit short haired Oni


We Fubuki now?

>wild blue hair pettanko

Damn, now I need ponytail Ichigo, there's so much potential

Nisio pls

Twintail Ichigo..

not sure how i feel about this animu
its enjoyable enough to watch every week, the air/animation are fantastic, and half the characters are solid (scientist guy is badass and I want to marry 002)
but story-wise im at a loss. everything here is beyond predictable, it basically tells you exactly what is going to happen. for example in ep2 (or end of ep1) where you see papa you see its a hologram. Theres also slight mentions of selective breeding going on, and just the overall lack of knowledge by the main cast shows that theres something darker going on.
Also if it turned out the cities werent actually inhabited it wouldnt surprise me.
We know within a few epsiodes theyre going to find out how they were created (book on how baby is made!)

Yet here i am watching every week.
I knwo this is 2cour so maybe its going to go as expected for 5 more episodes then flip everything on its head episode 12 and we'll get space shit

actually no in fact i can guarantee we get space shit by episode 13


Stop this.

She wouldn't look like a turbodyke as she does now but 002 is still way cuter.


Make her taller, give her bigger boobs, and horns, and then we can safely say she's better looking than 02.

>not liking short chicks

gay af

gross. She's perfect with short hair

Jesus you even got one of the eyebrows.

>preferring womanlets

Oni just looks like a dude.

Conclusion: Short hair on females is a disaster.

keep going

>having no IMAGINation

Womanlets are designed to be manhandled

I see nothing wrong with that.

Could you make her bald please?

Tch, nothing personell Hiro

I want to hold Goro!

from a 7.5/10 to a 3 real quick

It isn't that bad.

Small girls are hot you homosexual

>posting Zorome
>being a total faggot

Damn, never knew 016 is IMAGINE tier

That's because anime dudes don't actually look like dudes. We've because so used to duded who look like that, we don't recognise it as a woman's face with short hair, which is still hot.

Why are they all so small? Futoshi aside, I could manhandle every single one of them, even Goro

They're like, 14 and Japanese

>being a closet fag

A woman is supposed to be at least one head shorter than the man. Only weirdos and cucks like tall chicks.

>being this insecure
are you like 1.7 metres "tall"?

It depends, if you're 2 meters tall, you'd probably go for someone who would be tall for a girl.

not the user but mfw 1.68m just like hiro

That's average height for Japs.

I'm almost half a meter taller than you

Now try being that and live in a country where the average height is above 185.

wtf i thought goro was like 180cm and hiro like 175
fuck i always forget all japs are manlets

I just assume everyone who gives their height in centimeters is a fucking pitiful malnourished manlet. Use a real man's unit, poors.

This, the Imperial system is vastly superior for giving human height

I want to cum on Ichigo's face.

Short hair is superior


02 is at the perfect height for forehead horns kissu. Ichigo is too short.

Fuck off with your brainlet measurement units, you amerifats never stop embarassing yourselves. Literally the laughingstock of the civilized world.

here, have 2.73 pity (you)s
that's not a full (you) but you'll have to make due

t. semen-slurping Yuropauper

at least we don't microwave water

You know you're using centimeters as well, right?

Modern Imperial system doesn't exist. You don't measure yourself with logs that are as long as your foot or arm, you do so with a ruler that has a rather specific amount of centimeters on it.

French won, deal with it.

Holy fuck I didn't know I wanted this.

She look sos much better.


In the UK the imperial system is used for measuring distance and height. Temperature, volume and mass is measured in the metric system.
Best of both worlds.

>Obese sub90 IQ amerilard resorts to namecalling when BTFO'd
who would have guessed

Reminder OnixIchigo is the endgame

isn't the entire purpose of a microwave is vibrating water molecules

>microwaving water
>not baking it

It's unironically my OTP as well.

I doubt anyone actually does this


Which makes microwaving water extremely dangerous because it can explode due to superheating when moved.

>metric temperature
Centigrade is an awful scale for every-day work. It's fantastic for anything scientific, but utterly pointless otherwise. It's imprecise at the room-temperature level, and even mildly cold temperatures reach the negatives. Fahrenheit makes far more sense for every-day use.

Metric volumes and masses are much better, I"ll admit, and I think that metric long distances are just as good as imperial.


This is the patrician state of mind

Imperial is the best for casual everyday measurements

Metric is best for scientific and official use

How many stones do you guys weight?

Not completely. Imperial is shit for volumes no matter how you use it. The whole cups-pints-quarts-gallons is just trash. Liters are much, much easier to deal with. But yeah, imperial is definitely better for everyday use otherwise.

Use a real man unit like what ?
>How tall are you
>gnuuuh 5-6..... ...feet ?
meters is the man unite, tards.


I microwave my water in a mug for my bagged Lipton tea

>MA has a higher iq average (105) and higher population than Denmark

i agree, she looks perfect with long hair

What's wrong with a kettle?