>Goku is the Crimson-Cyan Ranger
>Vegeta is the Blue-Cyan Ranger
>Trunks is the Yellow-Cyan Ranger
T-thanks Toei for your legacy, I love Super Cyan now..

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How strong was trunks in his rage form by the time the black arc ended?

Stronger than SSGSS Vegetto somehow

And GODhan become EVILhan

F Trunks should have stayed in the present timeline and trained with whis.

>that Trunks
Oh my god

>tfw too powerful and sexy for the tournament of power

>In a couple of minutes, Caulifla accomplishes what took the protagonists decades
>In 48 minutes, Goku masters a technique that literal gods couldn’t master throughout hundreds of thousands of years
It's absolutely hilarious how people insist the former is worse

Stop using a as your dragon rat nest no one fucking care.

kill yourself son of a bitch

Webm trailer.


I remember when people claimed jiren is likely an interesting and complex character. I scoffed and laughed. Just caught up and have to say, even I was disappointed.

There's a lot of nuance you're ignoring while trying to make your point.

Do you love Vegeta

Stop lying fucking retard

I thought they abandoned the whis uniforms for marketing.

All sleep and no work makes Beerus a lazy fuck


I love these outfits, wish they used that in Super

But it is...

And all the GoDs who AREN'T lazy fucks?

Post hope of universe energy trunks + training with whis for a year .

Trunks would have been too OP for ToP

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
"Bardock Father of Goku" special
"History of Trunks" special

>what-ifs / fan-fic trash
Dragon Ball Grand Tour
Dragon Ball Super
Movies and comics

Anyone claiming otherwise is baiting and safely ignored.

There's no room for war, everyone that knows how the game works knows Goku Xeno's best power up is using SS/SS2/SS3/SS4 with SSG power, so he's limited to SSG's multiplier. If he can compete with SSB Super-Goku that just means Super-Goku is holding back or that Goku-Xeno's base power is stronger than Super-Goku's, that´s all.
Unless Goku-Xeno gets UI or SSB, he will be forever stuck in SSG's multiplier


1 We don't know the actual reason, just theories

2 These aren't Whis uniforms, but an updated version

I do!

Yes but I love Goku Black more

xeno goku will combine SS4 with SSB or UI

>SS4 with blue/white hair/fur

Caulifla and the others should have been super saiyans since before their introduction. Tail less saiyans are supposed to have greater ease to unlock the form ever since Z, there's absolutely no sense in their entire race having this so to say feature but not a single one of them being able to unlock it until someone appears to tutor them how to do it (Vegeta teaches Cabba, Cabba teaches Caulifla).
tl; dr Toriyama wrote himself into a corner with his dumb plot point in the Champa arc about having Vegeta teach Cabba the transformation. Change that single plot point to Vegeta teaching Cabba about the existence of a further level beyond Cabba's (the god ki SS transformations) and you still have the exact same master-disciple dynamic between the two of them WITHOUT having the entire u6 sadala population look like scrubs that could easily achieve the form if only they felt anger once in a while, like Cabba did in the previous tournament.

Too perfect.

Since some people don't like power levels, here's a tier list instead.

>Tier 1
Super Vegito
Super Buuhan
Super Buutenks
Super Buu
Ultimate Gohan
SSJ3 Gotenks
SSJ3 Goku
Kid Buu
Majin Buu

>Tier 2
SSJ2/Majin Vegeta
SSJ2 Goku
SSJ2 Gohan
SSJ Gotenks
Perfect Cell
Kibito Kai
Supreme Kai
Cell Jr.
USSJ Vegeta
USSJ Trunks

>Tier 3
Semi-Perfect Cell
Android #16
Android #17
Android #18
Piccolo (fused w/ Kami)
Imperfect Cell
SSJ Vegeta
SSJ Goku
SSJ Gohan
SSJ Trunks
SSJ Goten
SSJ Kid Trunks
Dr. Gero
Android #19
King Cold
Mecha Frieza
Frieza final form

>Tier 4
Frieza 3rd form
Frieza 2nd form
Goku Kaioken x10/20/etc
Enraged Kid Gohan
Vegeta after a bunch of zenkai boosts
Piccolo (fused w/ Nail)
Kid Trunks
Captain Ginyu
Kid Gohan

>Tier 5
Kid Goku
Master Roshi
Mercenary Tao
General Blue
Farmer with shotgun
Fighters from DB etc.

I love you too Dragon rat.

>Ultimate Gohan lower than Super Buu
Is that it because he got tricked?

small variations and a capsule corp logo, its about the same, and the colors are the most important part.

Why is she so cute?

>it's about the same
But it's not the same. Goku's outfit for Namek is "about the same" as the one he wears in BoG but it's still not the same

I don't understand what SS/SS2/SS3/SS4 with SSG power means.

I want those costumes for the next series so fucking bad

But why would goku have allegiance to Capsule Corp enough to put it on his dogi?

I dunno but I want to hug her.

He wasn't

Part of the reason DBS sucks is because of the millions of different writers working on the series all with differing views on what the power scale looks like and how characters should interact.

You can see this in the ToP with how Cabba acts when he confronts Vegeta and tells him, "it's time for you to drop out master." Which a lot of people had pointed out, seemed very out of character. And then a few episodes later he's treated like Vegeta's son.

MZ not being able to beat SSBKK Goku in a beam struggle and what happened there are problems that were created from the original script of MZ, that had him only barely being stronger than SSB. One of the writers for the anime stated that they had hoped to make MZ the most overpowered villain that had a combination of Black's zenkai boosts and Zamasu's immortality.

If the power levels were consistent with what the anime writers had intended, MZ and VB should be stronger than Jiren and Beerus.

Gohan is stronger than Super Buu yes

GoD tier OST

Trunks looks so much better without that jacket

Goku-Xeno will go SSGSS4 and then Super-Goku will go UI so they are equal again

DBH still uses the "beyond god" idea from the movies, not from the series so rather than have a Goku that's just stronger and goes stronger again via transforming (a raw cheat power up), Goku have his own power and then if he uses SSG's power, he becomes as strong as he would be going SSG again. Both, regular Goku (from Super) and Goku-Xeno can use this power so everytime they use SSG's power they are basically going SSG with a different skin and only UI or SSB can surpass that. SS3 with SSG power is exactly as strong as SS with SSG power, as SS4 with SSG power, etc
So that SS4 vs SSB fight is in fact a SSG vs SSB fight (power wise)


I could really go for some Caulifla posting right about now

Because the new outfits we got for Super were made by Bulma and I'm sure this are too

Or could just remove the logo for Goku


> help! the future I went to is horrible!

why no episode today?

I'm talking about the clothes he wears in Super

Marathon in nipland.


There are no more episodes only a movie that will act like the last two episodes. Sorta like NGE.

Why not?

That is the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Why bother transforming at if you get no benefit for? Other than money I guess.

>there's a timeline in which Goku and Vegeta still wore these outfits when future Trunks went back
>they fused into a Vegetto with a new and cool design
>their outfits were destroyed after this battle so they went back to their classic outfits after that
>but right before the ToP, Bulma reveals she repaired and improved their outfits: Goku and Vegeta wear pic related for the ToP, Bulma's last gift before the potential universal deletion

>that's not our timeline
Fuck this gay Earth

Reminder that El Prima will defend Jiren and El Hermano from Goku Blanco at the last second.

what is this? when did this play?

That alone wouldn't fix it, Vegeta just telling or showing Cabba a higher form exists wouldn't confer a major lesson to him, and then Cabba wouldn't be able to teach super saiyan god to Caulifla in a short period either.

That's why in RoF movie Goku and Vegeta never use a transformation that's not SSB, because they are already SSG in base form, transforming just to drain your own strength is fucking stupid, just stay in base and go SSB if you need, no more.
Sadly SDBH is about selling cards so they are OK with Goku transforming into "SS3 with SSG power" rather than SS (or not transforming at all)


>Tier 1
Super Vegito
Super Buuhan
Super Buutenks
Ultimate Gohan
Piccolo Super Buu
SSJ3 Gotenks
Super Buu
Kid Buu
SSJ1 Gotenks
SSJ3 Goku
Majin Buu

>not Buuccolo

What's that?

Leave Caulifla and Kale to me.

is this our hero son goku?

Kale is for broly.


If you never heard it they never played it or maybe it'll be played in the remaining episodes.

Post yfw no more "ZENO SAMA MO OTTOMAGE"

We can all agree that switching out Buu for Frieza was completely pointless and added nothing to the story, right? Even through the perspective of muh powerlevels doesnt make any sense since this show threw that out the window.

They're both terrible, what's your point?

They really should just start adapting Xenoverse's plot along with Heroes and FighterZ for the next series all of them are better stories than this shitty TOP arc plus canonizing Towa,Mira,Teambreakers, Chrona,Time Patrollers and Android 21 would give us a real bead on how strong they're suppose to actually be.

Super Saiyan is old news.

Not to mention, Frieza did fuck all this arc. The arc was carried by Femboy 17. So again, what was the point of switching Buu out?

We don't actually know why they dropped those outfits.

this is the end, Gohan

whis uniforms are so much nicer than the basic old outfits

He wore Kame,"Turtle" as he was of kame school. He wore Kaio as he was a student of Kaio. He then wore "go" as it was that he was training on his own in his way to namek. The in the buu arc he had no symbol. Then post BoG the RoF outfit had a symbol written by whis, it made sense as he was whis's student
how would capsule corp fit in


Buu would've did next to nothing too why have him replace someone more powerful and capable.

The pander to Frieza Fans.

What the fuck am I looking at, this feels like DB Heroes.

It is

Because it's Super DB Heroes you idiot


>Join FunnyMama.com to be a Funker now!


Sponsored by Capsule Corp
It's not that deep.


New character in Super dragonball heroes or maybe gohan I guess

>Cell jr

How old would they be? I'm pretty sure they're old enough to have kids of their own. Should be Gohan vs Cell Junior Jr



not bald enough



>Cell jr actually manages to land one blow
Good, this wouldn't be much of a revenge movie if they didn't have a close battle. On that note, damn, hat leaked screenshot even has Z tier art as well. It's almost too good to be true.