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So why was Hako absent until the last shot of the rescue scene from Episode 37? Could it be animators being forgetful, or is there going to be a Sasuke Rescues Karin, Karin falls in love-sque flashback (Hako is the "Karin", and whoever saved her is the Sasuke, maybe Denki, since it seems like he and Hako would contrast each-other in some ways and the "Opposites Attract" trope is a thing) later on?

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I want the goth loli to be relevant but I don't think we'll get a sumire miracle moment twice in one series

I'd be ok with literally anyone except Denki. I fucking hate that nerd. She can do so much better.

When's chunin exam?

What's going on in this picture it looks like a very uncomfortable sleep over.

April, we're almost guaranteed to see more Goth Loli during that arc, especially if that "Hako is Kaguya Reincarnated" theory is actually true.

Graduation exam. They were captured by the instructors.

which it is

Indra and ashura could reincarnate. Why not Kaguya?

And like the OP said, animators either forget to add Hako to some shots of that scene, or Hako was left tied up somewhere else.

Before anyone says anything, a databook entry on Kinshiki says that Kaguya died from being sealed.

yeah she died so she could reincarnate.

How can she die from being sealed? She was sealed before the same way and was fine.

Or Sakura's punch in the head was fatal.

Last day for ps4 beta of shinobi striker. 4v4 online ninja battles. 4 classes. Make your own ninja. It's pretty cool. Ends 4 AM EST

Sarada training with the Hokage when?


soon hopefully

but about your picture. No. Sarada is for Boruto.

Going by how all hairstyles and weapons your character can have are ones characters also already, I've made a list on who the unrevealed Ninja Masters possibly are.
> Orochimaru
> Jiraiya
> Ten-Ten
> Ino
> Gaara
> Suigetsu
> Hidan
> Karin
New K12 are probably DLC, or at least won't be available day 1.

Boruto's mom is best girl


Can you imagine how silky that curtain of hair would be?

holy shit this is awesome. Thanks. I'm gonna have some fun with this now and guess classes. Let me know your guesses.

>Orochimaru - range
>Jiraiya - defense
>Ten-Ten - range
>Ino - support
>Gaara - defense (they already have his sand shield as an attack so obvious)
>Temari - range
>Suigetsu - attack
>Hidan - attack
>Karin - support

All I know is if the series wants to avoid getting cancelled they better never make another Shikadai arc.

>Laying with two men
Cho cho Confirmed slut.

Why is this kid such a raging homosexual


That’s not Denki

the real question is why is there no gay relationships in the naruto world? I'm actually offended as a gay man myself. It's 2018 kishimoto. Get with the times. Not a single character was homosexual? Out of the entire ninja world you're telling me not ONE person is homosexual? Let me fucking guess Kishi. Gay men are too "sissy" to be ninjas right? They'd cry if they got hurt :( fucking homophobia...

>tfw no Kid!Sasuke to worship you

Sarada is for hugs an headpats, not for lewd.

Still pissed the worst child got a series. Himawari would've been the best choice

Hinata was always the best girl user, how new are you?

Sarada is clearly an Uzumaki trapped in an Uchiha's body.

what would that even be? She's literally a shut in. Spends all day and all night with her mom. I don't think she even has friends. It's sad.

there's gonna be an uzumaki in her uchiha body one day if you know what I mean

That's the thing: give her a series and expand her character. The wallflower trope only goes so far

I think you’re lying

Naruto is loyal to Hinata user, you know this. Plus he's not into loli.


But she definitely takes after the more introverted and unstable Uzumakis like Karin and Nagato though

Don't forget: she's got her grandma Kushina's temper.

When is Sarada going to do this in the anime and manga?

shut the fuck up with your snowflake syndrome.

I agree which is why I was talking about Boruto. I also don't like the Naruto Sarada thing. I support Boruto Sarada

If anything, she has Karin’s temper. Though it is probably going into the longer lasting and intense Uchiha temper as Sarada ages and begins to use her eyehax more


Get better taste

I want Boruto and sarada to have a kid

I want an arc about best team.

You may only marry one.

Pigtails on the left


Don't worry, an obscure Chinese Anime site leaked the title of Episode 49, which translates to "Wasabi And Namida".

Why do you guys want other girls if Sarada-chan already have everything that real men want, large hips, flat chest and pheromonic armpits.

Is it going to be gay, right?

She’s already dedicated herself to her beloved 7th-sama

Inojin is her friend

Before this becomes yet another forced meme spam, fuck off

I admire your taste m

Forgot pic

inb4 that "Hanabi is Boruto's real mom" user

As if boluto breads didn't have about 50 forced memes already.

>Hako is the "Karin"


Gas the NaruSarafags

Nah. Boruto is the better match

And they’re all garbage

Is he? That's good at least. Does hinata take her to the park and shit?


Revolution when?


Sarada really have black fingernails? Is she goth loli now?

I’d say it fits her. New need more goth girls

>Salad convinced Namida to stay
>Namida is going to die in the next arc

Salad already killing people. She really takes after her dad

It's Boruto's fault, he convinced her to do it.

Hopefully never. I don't want them to be bad guys

Hopefully she won't die

Namida won't die. They're not gonna kill one of the kids until later.

Of course, I'm here.
I'm going to force this theory on you until you like it.


Hopefully never

One of these little bastards has to die to raise the stakes

If you're so invested into this, go write a fanfic or something. Who knows, maybe you'll manage to come up with half decent spank material at least.

I'm considering it!

I disagree. Kill someone who doesn't matter if someone has to die. None of the main cast

If it's someone who doesn't matter it doesn't have any impact.

You don’t want to see a father and daughter bonding over their shared hatred of the archaic system which helped destroy their lives?

Yeah it'd be extremely contrived and out of character for both of them

Anything is pretty much possible in Naruto though

When do characters have extreme out of character moments like that?

That's fine then. I like all the characters so I don't want any of them to die

Me neither, but that's exactly what'll make it so impactful. I didn't want Jiraiya to die but his death is one of the greatest moments in the whole series.

I do not. I'm fine with them bonding being good guys though. The shinobi system is cool though. I don't want it destroyed

Nagato’s decision to revive the Village, Obito’s conversion to the good guys, Kakashi’s decision to let Shikamaru have his revenge

I hated when he died actually. I wish he was revived

>Nagato’s decision to revive the Village, Obito’s conversion to the good guys, Kakashi’s decision to let Shikamaru have his revenge
None of those are extremely out of character. Nagato and Obito were always hurt kids taking out their pain on the world deep down and Kakashi let Shikamaru have his revenge because Shikamaru did it to protect the King (Kurenai's unborn child) and didn't let himself become consumed by it like Sasuke did. Note that Shikamaru never betrayed the village or his allies to exact his revenge.

Sometimes stories need sadness.

But... I don't like sadness :(

Me neither user, but it makes the happiness much sweeter.

this is the true OTP you degenerates