Prisma Illya

Raw for this month's chapter of 3rei out

Beatrice is still alive

So it was a double install all along? Does that mean with two basaka cards Illya can do a triple install?

Doomsayers BTFO, I knew they wouldn't kill off characters like that in a magical girl series. No way Kuro will die either.

Sakura is ded, though

>Doomsayers BTFO, I knew they wouldn't kill off characters like that in a magical girl series.

I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way to save her though. But even if they don't, it was in the Shirou flashback which has a bit different tone than the rest of the show and before Illya and Miyu became magical girls.

Prisma is a standard magical girl show, it's inspired by Nanoha and CCS

>Prisma is a standard magical girl show, it's inspired by Nanoha and CCS
At least until 3rei came out and it took a hard left into HF

>them flat tiddies touching
Aww shit nigga

So when is Gil gonna come back and give everyone the Caster treatment?

If they didn't kill her off now she'll probably never die, yeah. It was a pretty good point to go through with it if they actually had the intention to do so.

>having curves
fake art

It still has a lot of magical girl themes though, Illya is pretty much trying to break the fate theme of having to choose by using the power of magical girls to choose to save everyone.

>Illya will use her cup powers to save everyone in the world so there's not a sacrifice
Except herself, since she's blowing her cup powers on it which is a one-way trip.

She looked a lot cuter with pigtails.

Jesus Christ, you're a fucking autist.

Absolutely no way that will happen, Hiroshi literally made a manga and has continued drawing it for over 10 years just to give Illya a happy ending.

Kuro looks cute no matter what she wears and what hairstyle she has, even without clothes she's cute.

What was the point of the Ainsworths summoning Pandora's Box if they had no way of actually opening the damn thing without a Grail like Miyu doing it, which they had no way of knowing even existed until the immediate past? Just gathering the power of the 7 cards and using the loli as a lesser not-Grail isn't enough, she can't open it right. How did it take them until the 4th war to realize this?

How do they even know what's in the box if it was never opened in their universe?

Especially without clothes.

Kaleidoscope, I don't gotta explain shit

but does Illya deserve a happy ending?

Probably, but that doesn't apply to Kuro.

Well at least both her and Illya are in the Throne now.

Of course, all the cups do.

>well at least both Illya and Kuro have received a fate worse than death

Kuro gets to slut it up with all the heroic spirits. It must be heaven for her.

the heroic spirits wouldn't take advantage of someone her age

She can take advantage of them though.

I’ll murder Hiroyama à la Bladeworks if Kuro does die.

Oops, I meant Beatrice, but yeah, Kuro’s cute no matter what. Especially without clothes.

Kuro's going die of mana loss after invoking UBW to save her friends. Screencap this.

Why die, when you can have more mana supplied than usual after?

Because the other cups will be involved in their own battles and can't break away to have a makeout session with Kuro in time, which is why she had cast UBW to stall the [insert big bad here] from stabbing said friends in the back while they were fighting.

Kuro's not that type of person

there was no age of consent in the past, user

There was still common decency


Jesus christ 3rei is STILL going on? What the fuck is wrong with the author?

>Leave the ruining of the LE anime to me!

I don't understand how Miyu got her cup powers. Her lineage just happened to produce kids with a direct connection to the Root?

I highly doubt it.

Get fucked you tragedyshitters.

tragedy is the pinnacle of human expression


>rhinocucks are this desperate
delicious tears

t. IRL cuckold

>people actually doubted based Hiroyama
>people actually thought Prisma would go the way of Fateshit

Fucking miracles and friendship. Never doubt it.

How is dressing up his students like catgirls necessary for the success of Zelretch's plans?

What an utter cop-out and switch and bait.

The power of little girl love is amazing.

But Illya is 19


Prisma illya is 11.

Can we discuss Mimi and her hobby?

Please help.

Reminder that China Dress is god-tier

Kuro is going to exhaust all her mana when she does UBW.

But let's be honest here, she won't die. She'll fake disappear only to come back after a dramatic bait and switch to give us the biggest and lewdest mana transfer scene to date. Cap this post.

Not everything has to be lewd. There's more to Kuro than that

No, but it helps.

Kuro is innately lewd. Do not deny her existence.

No she isnt, it only seems that way because of the cruel demands of mana transferring.

Kuro is only projecting.
Illya is secretly the lewd one.

Kuro took Illya's lewdness with her when they separated.


It's no wonder Illya can't resist her.

Plump Miyu rump