Why are there no anime about cute mommies?

Why are there no anime about cute mommies?

Because no normal person wants to fuck their mom, Freud.

They win again

But there is

But all the imouto anime...

What if I want to fuck someone else's mom?

That’s what people don’t get about this sort of thing, no one wants to fuck their own mom but other people’s moms are a different story

I want older woman who treats me like my mom does, but isn't my mom.


Probably be clearer to say milf so it doesn't carry the incestuous meaning



>female: netorare

There's nothing better.

A Magical Girl style anime could work. The SoL parts are about the moms cooking and taking care of the children, but once they set foot for school, the moms of the neighborhood change into sexy tight outfits and fight magical crime. Obviously the evil teacher who gave an A- to the protag's kid is going to be a minion of the final boss.

Because sons belong exclusively to their mothers!

I've dated a couple women who liked being motherly and it was a huge turnoff. I love the idea of fucking something else's mother as long as she doesn't treat me like her child.

Why is this so satisfying?

>fucking your sister or cousin is normal in anime
>fucking god or satan is normal in anime

One day guys we'll make,jist a matter of time. I'm pretty sure that time will be after the Olympics of course.

It would probably turn me off too. But keeping it a 2d fantasy avoids that

FYI lads, a new chapter for Okaa-san no shou-sai has been translated.


That’s fair



Objectively false.

Pic related fucked MC mother and sister
based tomino


Mother/son impregnation is the ultimate patrician's fetish

saying that in Sup Forums is like asking for sane people in an asylum

well, it's ok to fuck someone else mom



Drawfag here I kinda feel like drawing some ss whose the best mommy son duo?


It should have been a boy, who later impregnates her mom/grandma.

>comparing glorious 2D with 3dpd

Nah a cute girl is fine though I wonder if she'll ever find out her dad is also her brother.

What the heck this is amazing looks like I found a new fetish

Sauce? image search doesn't bring up anything.

>I've dated
Sure you have.

Freud has something to say about that

>20 posts in and blogposting has already begun

Reverse NTR. No milfs sadly but check out watashi no onii-chan. Should be right up your alley.

i had that idea, but it was years ago i thought of it and more of a continuation of something i was working on.

basic plot is magical girl, but 20 years later. the girls are now 35 yr old moms and need to pass their powers on to their daughters as per the rules or whatever.

as such, the main mom is still a virgin, never married but adopted. since she never had a daughter of her own, she can't pass on her powers, so instead she still fights for love and such, but at 35yrs old. she reactivates her power when she is stumbling home drunk thinking someone is gonna mug her, she pulls out her lipstick, her transformation item, thinking its mace.

she remembers about it for a moment, slurring out her transformation phrase and going through the whole deal and when the light fades she has her old outfit on, or at least as it was. it barely fits her now plump figure hugging it tightly, she figured that it was magic and would just fit, but it just fits a certain age range.

i had more stuff, but that was where i stopped.

It's obviously Rinko and Sei.


Let's just remember what a great feat this boy did.

His mother was under threat of being NTR'd by his uncle so he concocts an anti-NTR scheme so his mother will fall in love with him then proceeds to ruin his uncle's marriage by convincing her to fuck her son.

He's the hero we should all aspire to be.

He is trash. He cheated on his mother with his friends mom.

*By convincing his wife to fuck her son*

That's putting it nicely.

It's amazing how little it takes to ruin it.

Fuck, well at least he sets his friend up with her later.


This will probably get an anime soon

If I drew mommy X shota but there was no sex in it would I still get banned?




Not if you post the pic elsewhere than link it.

If there is nudity you would.

>Draw a little girl
>Call it a mother


You can draw implied sex without nudity.

There is nothing little about her.

I hate that so much

>implying a little girl could have these hips


>implying a little girl could have these hips
In 2D, plenty of times.



A-any more where a boy cheats on his girl friend with his mom?


Okaa-san Nanchatte and a later chapter in pic-related I think.

There was one where the guys mom is a little ill and he tells her he broke up with his gf to be with her. She gets pregnant at the end.


Pretty much every Kanon Doujin with Akiko Minase.

Ayu isn't even in most of them. =(

I've been trying to get and Akiko/Ayu doujin translated for three years.

It's one of the oldest bounties on e-hentai

Haha tiny peepee

When the NTR bait is chased away, it truly feels magical.

Because not enough mommies know this proven statistical fact.

I want to be beaten up by mommy!

>tfw i'll never be able to teach my son about a woman's body
Why even live?

Jesus christ, it's been a long time since I had an erection this fucking hard.

Didn't mean to reply.

Well, too bad you did!

He takes her as his sisterdaughterwife

Oh fuck. There is that one where all three are shopping at the mall. Mother and boyfriend sneak off for anal.

Perfect answer.

Mother and son setting ruins most MILF doujins

I wouldn't fuck /my/ mom but I would fuck my /mom/, if you know what I mean.

>Mother and son setting enriches most MILF doujins

Fixed. It's Shotas that ruin them.

Don't even get me started on that shotas.

Mom son /ss/ is top tier. You just have shit taste.

Congrats on butchering what should be hot with baby dicks.

Do webtoons not show up on iqdb?

Any doujin with MC fucking best friend/girlfriends mom?

It's called This doesn't feel like me.

And it's not porn.

>And it's not porn.
That's a bit disappointing but thanks.

Why is our hero's dick size important to you?

Most webtoons are garbage but I gotta say the porn Koreans produce is great

Because I can't suspend my disbelief that fucking far.

>it's step shit