Series start with yuri bait

>series start with yuri bait
>male character/love interest shows up later for the sole purpose of mating

yurifags BTFO
fucking 10/10 my favorite guilty pleasure.

Yo nigga, how are u?

Yuribait is more interesting than actual yuri anyways.

>Cross Ange
>yuri bait

Nigga, it wasn't tee hee we're girls who're kissing for the boys or confused horny teen girls making out type yuri bait

It was full on prisondyke fisting to the elbow emotionally physically and sexually violent typical real lesbian relationhip tier DYKING OUT!

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Ange is canon bisexual tho. She filled her harem with boys, girls and dragon girls

dragon girls srlsy?

The main villain wanted a pure waifu, but fell for a slut

hahahaah yurifagssssssss hahaahah assss

I want an Arzenal OVA focusing on Alektra

I wish they'd never left Arzenal. Things were fun when they were all together at Arzenal.

>Actual yuri is more interesting than yuribait anyways.

>Ange is canon bisexual tho.

I wish they would have stayed there a little longer, for 2-3 more episodes, at least
Alot of the Dragon world stuff maybe didn't need to be so drawn out, but I rather enjoyed Embryo getting fucked up at the end

Best scene

At least it's not below her to humor Hilda.


Why was the promo art so godawful?

The promo art was great fuck are you smoking.

The faces look like crap in a lot of the art. Not all of it, but a lot.

Vulvarape x Cross Ange crossover WHEN?

SEASON 2 when ?


Hilda is CUTE!
It broke my heart when she cried after her mom rejected her.

>Jill's arm was damaged AFTER giving Ange a cavity check
>outside screws were stripped off

When did you realize Ange was the best, Sup Forums?

>yfw Almost all cast of Cross Ange worked in Precure.
>The new Precure HAs Chris Va and Hilda as Precures.


Based Yukarin

I hope Nana is watching her role as a Precure


>please, continue!
Salad is a good friend, but must have been utterly confused at Ange's next moves

Salamandinay was so best

ooga booga where the Ersha at?


That's silly, everyone just happens to be Angesexual and that's OK.




Because you're gay

All I remember from this is that god basically wanted to get his dick wet in the heroine and died in the pursuit of it.


You don't fucking understand, they were merely pretending.

/m/ would go ape if Valvrage got into SRW.

/m/ is not important.

>series starts with lesbian prison rape
>pacing goes at a glacial pace the moment it's just ange and tusk
>plot becomes about a godlike entity just trying to get his dick in ange
Everything up until dragonland is 10/10, then I don't know what the fuck happened. Worst thing about Tusk is just that his and Ange's personality tend to do a 180 whenever they're around each other. She got too timid and he stops being an operator to become a dorky harem lead.

It's not uncommon for couples to be almost completely different together and separated. My parents basically swap with their bizarro versions depending on proximity to each other.

This. Yurifags getting cucked is the highest joy.




Cross Sylvia when?

>Tusk is the only humanoid male left on real earth
I think we should feel sorry for Ange instead

bitches want to get DRAGONED not tiny tusked

Dragons cannot into the Norma girls, at least

Fuck you, Ersha is pure and my wife and I race mix with her every night.