Yuru Yuri


Best girl thread?


No, Akarin bullying thread.

>those quads

Yuru Yuri haji



So, people gave up after too much time without a s4 announcement?


By a decent studio? Never.

The manga got axed so never.


>lying on the internet

Akari threads are fun.

pls ༼ つ _ ༽つ gimme more copypastas

I wish I was but Namori hasn't released a new chapter in six months.

She's working on an anime

>not being aware of the supaisus

Yes, she's the character designer for Release the Spyce, which all Yuru Yuri fans should probably be looking forward to, since Doga Kobo will probably never animate season 4 and we wouldn't want TYO or any other studio to do it.

Why is Chizuru so shit?

>they stopped handholding
Way to sink the ship, Chizuru. Congratulations, that takes some effort.

More like delayed the ship's departure.

It's only now that they understand how much they liked holding hands. The ship is more alive than ever.

sakurako has fat ass

Himawari is fatter.

>since Doga Kobo will probably never animate season 4 and we wouldn't want TYO or any other studio to do it.
Stay positive, and we'll be rewarded with DogaKobo s4.

Why can't we have this Chitose every chapter?

Chinatsu is a good character!

She's a good slut, so i like her.

she has a sinful body


You guys make akari cry. You should be ashamed of yourself

It makes me hard.

That would be boring.

of course endless nosebleed jokes are better, right?

I like jam pan, but I don't think it's really worthy of the "best girl" title.

No, but she'd be just another kind of one trick pony.

Cute ponies are leagues better than ponies that die from bleedings. Just because she acts sweetly doesn't mean that her whole character would be reduced to that.

Regular Chitose isn't an one note character. It's just that the bits that make her character are usually not funny.

Why is Akarin so cool?

Praise Chinatsu

Only if she pisses on me.

I'm sure there's a juice bar out there where they sell her bottled piss

Good enough.

Were people really that bothered by S3 being a different studio? Like I loved it when dogakobo did it but I wouldn't say S3 was made drastically worse by the change


Yes, but would the former horse give you a blood fetish?

>blood fetish
That's a thing?

Are you not acquainted with the internet?

Wait a minute, Chitose has a chance?

They keep dropping little YrYr references in their adaptations. Season 2 of Umaru and New Game both had one.

Silly Himawari, Brat already loves you. A love potion has no effect.

That couldn't have been more obvious.

Yes, why wouldn't she?

It would make brat dumber,if that's even possible.

Why is Chitose suddenly gay for Ayano? What the fuck, Namori?

Dude, everyone's gay for anyone every now and then

Handholding turns anyone gay.

There's been a few clues already that Chitose might have feelings for Ayano but not entirely realize it.


No girl can be so happy.

I have never wanted to SNIFF BRAT ASS more in my life.


>not full subtext for Ayano
It's not like she wants to date Ayano now or anything, things barely changed.

That's unhealthy.

Well, it worked, Why should they believe Nishigaki?



not funny now or ever

I beg to differ.

Season 4 would give me a reason to live again. Even just an OVA.

Why did Yuru Yuri receive such a late night broadcast time? It seems like the kind of show children would like to watch.

Cute Yui. Unlike our Yui.

Oomuro-ke anime WHEN?!

I want to cum inside Chinatsu

Makes me jealous of Akane.

Chinatsu is too sexy for young kids.

I want to cum inside Ayano and make her forget about Kyouko.

The yurus are too pure for this kind of thing.

Those yurus are sluts in their own way, though.


man I miss Yuru Yuri Mondays with Sup Forums

This is my favorite anime and being able to spend it with Sup Forums were the happiest moments of my life.

That could be said about any yuru.


Not Yui.



I want her to pee in my butt

Subscribe to Yua today

Just did, thanks for the reminder.


>tfw you get a decent chapter but you're already too used to shitty nosebleed jokes and shipping


Our Yui isn't ugly though.

To be really fair, the kind of interest she shows and how she acts towards Ayano is really inconsistent throughout the series.

I wish that were me.

you want to be China?

I wish all three Ohmuro sister would go gay for Himawari. She deserves more love.

Of course.

Himawari deserves more bullying for having big breasts.