Pre-2000s anime thread

Completed Akage no Anne, ohwhat a ride it was...
Just started Future Boy Conan, off to a good start...
What have you been watching or reading lately?

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Is the Shin Cutey Honey OVA series a direct sequel to the 70's TV series or should I skip the TV series entirely?

The last thing i watched was the old Devilman. Didnt finished it yet tough. Its kinda weird/funny but i like the oldschool monster designs and the colors a lot.


It's a sequel, and you definitely shouldn't skip the TV series. It's great.

The 2-episode OVA?
did you watch it dubbed

Why would anyone do that? Fuck off.

Future Boy Conan is one of my favorite anime ever.

Damn, I watched Future Boy Conan when I was 7, didn't know it was from 1978.
Anyway, very good series. I can still remember quite a lot of scenes from it even after 16 years.

The original Tiger Mask looks so good. Has anyone seen it?

Over half way through Pastel Yumi, and it's kind of bad. Feels like it wants to be more of a cartoony sit-com than a magical girl show.

That's how mahou shoujo anime was pre-Sailor Moon.

i've heard great things about the dub

It's notoriously bad.

The show about handsome police robots and boss(male).

What, bad?
I admit I haven't seen much yet. I know Sally was influenced directly by Bewitched. Though the anime is a lot more cartoony.
Guess I expected more light drama and sense of a story than just dicking around with occasional magic.

>What, bad?
Seems like it just wasn't what you were expecting. I personally like that style of show.
>Though the anime is a lot more cartoony.
The cartoon is more cartoony than the live action show? Yeah.

I don't hate the style of show. I think Pastel Yumi is pretty bad though. And I meant Sally was more cartoony than Yumi.

Still waiting for the Infinite Ryvius BD rips
has anyone seen the Blu-ray version
is it worth waiting or should I just go with the DVD?

I think they are both pretty cute.

Apparently Masaaki Yuasa was really influenced by this OP.

I love how Akira will randomly just take off his belt and start whipping his teachers and classmates.

Dood. It's already been done.

watched Black Magic M-66 the other day, liked it a lot.
whenever I watch/read anything from Shirow I can't help but think he was/is a genius.

same, one of the best anime ever.

upload on mega or something plox

even his later works like Real Drive were good

I am currently re watching Nadesico for what must be the hundredth time

RIP First Lt Deadmeat

Yukino was really cute.

>his later works
I've been thinking about watching Koukaku no Pandora, but the designs are putting me off. Is it worth it?

yeah. ghost hound too.
his stuff might might have some lows in terms of pure entertainment, but it is always so peculiar and interesting.

Anyone maybe have timed subs for the ie naki ko remi BD rip? Also since it's a child anime would it be good, as in easy to understand, to watch without subs in general?

I would be all over that if the MC weren't a boy. He's too sexy to be one.

He looks like Jubilee from X-men. Only more girlish.

In the initial story drafts, Yuuta was female.

Looks bad. I didn't know of a remaster until now but that's because it's a French release. Caps straight from the bluray look good.

based OP from the previous thread is here to save this one.

What are the best non-Miyazaki episodes of red jacket?

cyborg 009 any good?

Why is Takarajima so tumblr? Is it a crossover? What the fuck is it?

Yes. In fact It's never had a bad series with the exception of the Call of Justice anime which are technically three films. I highly recommend the 1979 series, the 1980 film, and the 2001 series. The original three 60's films and the 1968 series are also very decent and revolutionary for the time, but they may be a tad bit dated for a casual consumer. The Devilman crossover was also surprisingly good though I don't recommend without already knowing the backstory for 009 and Devilman.

Now are you interested?

It's in my opinion the greatest pirate anime of all time. Don't expect kiddie shit. You're in for a wild ride.

Yeah it's good. I should rewatch it since it's so short too.

But I was trying to place the art style in the pic in that collage. That's Duke Fleed's face on John Silver.

What does this even mean?

Been reading and watching Ranma with a buddy. Love both except that the anime' s filler has some severe trash.


Oh I see what you mean. The lack of Takarajima images made it hard to find a decent one to add to that particular collage. Think it was some deviant art shit but it does it's job. I specifically wanted at least the two main characters with the title on the image that was also the same shape as the rest of the images. Literally impossible.

How is Duke Fleed tumblr?

What the fuck does tumblr have to do with anything?

"Takarajima in MY STYLE" was kinda tumblr but that's a pretty irrelevant part now. Grendizer has some European fujo grandmas on tumblr though.

say hey hey shin-chan
looking for trouble hes your man

>Grendizer has some European fujo grandmas on tumblr though
I remember getting very gay vibes from some scenes with Koji and Duke. Great show though.

Ooh, Conan is one of my dad's favorites, although I myself have only watched the first episode.

When I was a kid I was particularly fond of Heidi, Girl of the Alps.
I also really liked some collaborations between Japan and Europe, like Dogtanian and the Once Upon a Time... series.

Sorry user, "practically" doesn't cut it. Whenever I see images from that show I end up instinctively wanting the robot to fuck the shota and it's just too confusing for me.

I can see it.

The absolute state of Sup Forums.

>that final episode with Tiger Mask going full nuclear
It was great as a kid and it's still great now.

>Also since it's a child anime would it be good
I watched Remi as a kid and I can tell you that's an anime you shouldn't show to a kid. This shit was depressing as fuck, same with Marco and silverfang Gin.

Ha ha. Fuck no. I got better things to use my upload for. Get the torrent, or don't get it at all.

Just finished Takarajima it was really good. I feel like it would have been better without the ghost ship. Really came out of nowhere and is the only supernatural thing in the whole show.

I'm thinking of finishing Nadia today, since there's only one episode left and the last one ended in a cliffhanger, and then watch the first LoGH movie so I can start watching LoGH daily after that.

Should I?

Do you have anything better to do?
Because the answer seems pretty clear to me.

This and Candy was my shit and the shit of other 5 latin american countries.

I could always shitpost all night long.

>Candy ends alone because she was a bitch
She deserved it.

Pandora is really stupid, goofy, and cheaply animated, but I like it for all of those reasons. It has a weird charm to it.

I love you Anno.

>What are the best non-Miyazaki episodes of red jacket?
But there's only 2 directed by him and the series is like 150.

I don't remember why I downloaded it, but I just started Mizu Iro Jidai. It's been a long time since I watched anything this old, and I find it hilarious there's more advancement in just the first episode than the entirety of most series released in the past 10 years.

They deserved to have their own series.

Just got started on Ashita no Joe and can already see why it's a classic

I really like how much of a dirty, ugly show it is. It's impossible to imagine something like this being made today, even just in terms of art. Computer and digital animation gives everything such a sterile, cleaned up look that doesn't get across near the same impression of poverty and general unattractiveness as old fashioned hand drawings, even when it tries

It's a weird pairing and it's funny how their relationship is how the show ends, but I hope they enjoy the rest of their days together.

Jesus christ this show is wild.

i miss the pre-2000s look. everything is so saturated and polished now.

anime babes were hotter then, too.

/cel/ when