Killing Bites

What the fuck is her problem?



isn't she a hybrid too?

Post more of her and I'll tell you.

Son, you wish you had a hot secretary who enthusiastically narrates lesbian goings-on around you.

So, if lesbian sex gets her that worked up... is she even straight or what?

she's named after Ai Shinozaki
that's not a problem at all, lad

No sharp fangs.

Please tell me she screams like that in bed.

I think what she is is "great"

She screams commentary about your sexual activity
It begins by describing your junk in excruciating detail at the top of her lungs, then yelling the precise width and warmth of your member accurately down to the last centimeter and degree
She describes the sensation she's feeling as well as the expression on your face
She screams SHOWDOOOOOOWN as you ejaculate inside her
She them screams post-commentary about how you were a quickshot but pretty decent for a virgin
The next day everyone in your street knows every detail about your sex life

Sounds great.

You just know she gets passed around by all the financiers after the show is over



Isn't she forced into prostitution as punishment for losing?

Why is some autistic girl doing death glares every minute so adorable?

The quality of a girl correlated with her ability to be exploitable for reaction images. This is why everyone loves Marcille from Dungeon Meshi or Albedo from Overlord. This still holds up for Killing Bites: even though Hitomi isn't very expressive, every single separate "THAT'S WHAT KILLING BITES IS" counts as a separate reaction image, increasing her qualities as Best Girl.

Hell, Shinozaki-san's crazy faces are pretty exploitable too. Shame nobody fucking posts them.

Worst girl syndrome.

she once got into a foursome, they didn't last long[/spoiler
There will be SHOWDOWN and if you whine about it, there will be two.

She's fucking beautiful, man.

Rare footage of announcer-chan not in her natural habitat.


She's a lot hotter when she's being casual


Could be the glasses. Note that they're different.


It's in the job description. Would you rather they call out their moves like bingo at the assisted living center?


Saki seriously looks like Kajou while the angry LIONED bitch looks like an autistic Bambietta/Esdeath.

Her fangs aren't very sharp

I want to honey the badger.