Ui, Chaika

I fap to Chaika red instead

Violet is the superior Chaika color.





Black Chaika = best chaika.
Just look at those birthing hips:

Purple > White = Red >> Black > Blue


Vivi was the best Chaika


Do the novels end the same way as the anime? It felt a bit abrupt.

No, the novels have a more well-paced ending.

It's not a good ending though.

G-guys, I think we may need to slow down the Chaika threads.


red pill on chaika, why should i watch her show?

Cuz she's hella thicc

She's cute and comes in many colors.

Main cast aren't retards and are actually competent, world is comfy, the fighting is nicely done, magic is pretty meh but passable, and this . Go watch it its good desu not amazing but enjoyable

Chaika on the last page!

>great ass
>great tits
>dynamic entrance
>spats + thighhighs combo
>martially competent
>great with a sword
Why is Cyan so best?

>birthing hips
I wonder who could be behind this post.

Why doesn't anyone post Fred anymore?

Is one of the main Sup Forums meme source and reaction faces.
Also the anime is not too terrible.

Too many people are faggots now.

More Freddy for us I guess.

There's not enough art of Freddy, or any of the girls from Hitsugi really.

Cause is so forgettable i always forget she exist.
The only thing she do is bragging about how OP she is and in the end she get a critical hit or she's sleeping/looking anotherb way everytime she could be usefull.

I love her but she really shouldn't have joined the party.

Have some very rare Fred art.


Holy shit a Chaika thread.

She gave us shit like this so I forgive her.

Fred a shit, makes Yamcha look like a competent fighter and challenges Vegeta for the title Prince of all Jobbers.