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Completed Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is strong enough to be a candidate for God of Destruction

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We know, that's obvious foreshadowing for Vegeta beating Toppo in the ToP (which will actually mean shit in the manga because in that version Toppo and Goku were equals)

>Beerus oneshoted a CSSB
>Jiren is stronger than that
>Retards still thinking Jiren will be nerfed in the manga

Movie plot leaked

It's over Goku, I won't forgive you for killing Jiren.

Rate my waifu team

>Jiren stronger than Beerus
are you sure?

needs more bulma and pandel

Replace Gohan with someone cuter.
Like Piccolo.

Easily. Jiren is the strongest non-angel entity.

Only delusional catfags think Beerus is stronger than Jiren

sorry guys the gohan blanco banner isn't available yet I'm saving stones for that

>cuter than Gohan
Literally impossible.

Reminder SSG and SSB has always been close to the GoDs and all these characters are strong enough to become GoDs

>Goku since BoG
>Vegeta since RoF
>Freeza since RoF
>Merged Zamasu
>probably Anilasa
>Jiren (obviously)

And imagine how fucking strong Blue Vegetto is when he's dozens times stronger than Blue Goku/Vegeta.

Literally what

Piccolo is not cute

You missed when Freeza needed help to deal with Dyspo?

Not the jirenfags anything but the jirenfags

shes a fusion so clearly she would never be a god candidate.
too retarded to be candidate

No they fucking aren't, the GoDs are all stronger than Blue by a fair margin.

You have to be a GoD candidate before actually gaining the job.

Jiren was bullied in school so he started working out and the bullies were never seen again

I'm new to the game, how did you get those cards?

>but fusion
>but not intelligent
I just said "strong enough"

>can't read

>yfw Dokkan does a Gohan Blanco banner and gets shit tons of shekels from spics

lmfao that looks stupid...*saves*


Don't touch the universe survival banner, it's absolute trash. You can get them from other banners.

I got Caulfifla, two of them actually, from the Rising Dragon banner. I got Kale from the GSSR Buu Saga banner. That Gohan is a F2P farmable card from the universe survival event, same with Yurin. Videl I got from the Rising Dragon Banner, and finally Waifu 18 you get as a gift for completing all the beginner mission.



Give it a few week, and the Jirenfags will be gone. That cuck Ayy somehow manages to be a bigger disappointment than the Saiyan waifus.

If you look at the 45 second mark, you can see the fear building up in Jiren's eyes as his ultimate attack did zero damage to UI Goku; it only pissed him off. Jiren's attack didn't even destroy Goku's shirt! It's Goku's aura that destroyed his shirt. The aura of blanco is stronger than Jiren's biggest beam. Jiren is a cuck.
>Beerus dominated Goku.
>Frieza humilated Goku with the laser ring and blew up the Earth
>Hit made Goku surrender
>The Future timeline was deleted because of Zamasu
>Jiren gets hyped up by retarded fanboys who think that the ending of the manga will be rectonned. Yet Jiren got his uniform ruined by 17, and his strongest move did nothing to an incomplete UI Goku.


>series is iconic as a battle shonen filled with escalating power levels
>hit DBS
>all feats are basically nothing and the fighting looks slower than the original dragon ball

>Hackiyama literally lifted his blanco recolor from deviantart
Not even surprised at this point desu

Jiren is just holding back, he'll win.

Toriyama was the one revealing SSGSS was supposed to be white at the start but he changed it for blue because it would look bad with "the next enemy"

Also as a new players you're better off rolling for PHY Super Vegito as your leader, and then doing one or two discount multi on the Buu Saga banner and then keep pulling on the Rising Dragon Banner since you get Buu Saga characters there as well, of course Saiyan Waifus.

If you're really desperate for Saiyan Waifus you can roll for those as well. Kale is a better leader than Broly and Caulifla is a decent rainbow lead as well as a balanced card.

But user think of all the callbacks to the original Z! It's attempts at gags and humor totally make it like the pre-Z era too!

haha ik but I like poking fun at the reactions

coulicucks assemble

Shit, they were not kidding when they said the RoF arc had garbage animation. I skipped so i had no idea.

>20 stones
How will you get Kefla user?

>not the 2 fusions
you could have tried a little harder pedro, maybe you ended with something cool

>be Jiren
>try to hit UI Goku and constantly miss
>land one AOE beam on UI Goku
>does zero damage to Goku and doesn't even blow away his damaged shirt
>Goku gets angry and transform yet again
>the intensity of his transformation blow away the shirt that your best beam couldn't scratch
>proceed to shit your pants at the awesome might of Son Goku (pic related)
You must be the MSPaintfag who keeps drawing the anti-U7 comics. Where's that Toppo jobbing to Vegeta comic? Oh wait, you didn't draw it and instead drew Goku, Vegeta, 17 and Frieza as smears on the ground while Jiren doesn't have a scratch on him. The thought of Goku winning must anger you. Can't wait to hear reports of your suicide after GODku wins this retarded tournament.

>eye power intensifies

how does it feel knowing Luffy in his fight with Eneru displays more and smarter tactics than Gohan does THROUGH THE ENTIRE SERIES
You can't even prove me wrong because the only time he ever used strategy was the cuck circle.

>holding back is okay as long as Jiren does it

>imagine having this level of autism

That's a still you retard.

can't wait for the manga to yet again, do a better job than the anime

Art, animation, same shit.

both are bad

>imagine being enough of a brainlet to think Jiren would win againt GODku

Jobotaro's manga will job to the anime version as it always does, yes.

Toyotaro is talente-

don't care, at least the manga is written better and is concise

I went nuts on the rising dragon banner yes but I've only been playing for a week and only got to area 16 without completing all the hard and z-hard difficulties.

The best part is that the cuck circle was idea of the gods (Shin in the anime, Beerus in the manga), not Gohan's


Why did Zenno erase Trunks's timeline in the manga? It hadn't been corrupted by Zamasu, he only needed to erase the Zamasu army.


You can tell that Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and the Androids weren't to go along with that plan because of their expressions.


what was the point of establishing LITERALLY gods if some random ayylmao is stronger?

Are you implying Zeno even knew something happened to the universe in the anime?

I like to think of it as Vegeta using kiai or telekinesis to move that beam since Goku and Future Zamasu use kiai/telekinesis during their shuffle.

All of those are better than the anime counterpart, sorry I won't give you the (You) despite your "effort"

Can someone explain to me what a banner is? I just started dokkan battle.

When kale went beserk..... did she summon a bunch of rocks?

It's not like she dug the fighting stage like 50 feet lower, because then it would also be narrower

Well yeah, I think he noticed Zamasu literally becoming one with everything.

Is there a place on earth that DOESN'T love Dragon Ball?

It's the rotating group of characters you can pull.

Because Zeno is like a dumb little kid

Beerus has never used his full power you moron. He states that IN THE FUCKING PANEL THE OP POSTED

The city of Sup Forums

>Goku's face
Does he loves to see Frieza being humiliated that much?

What events should I look into for pulling good characters?

Man, imagine creating something that fucking popular.

Still, after everyone said the manga handle the arc better, it was an even bigger dissapointment than the anime. At least in the anime he had a reason to delete everything. In the manga he just does it because it was in Toriyama's outline.

>I think a guy with a 5 years old tier brain got that a bunch of faces in the sky of some random planet means the entire multiverse is being corrupted somehow
I hope you are joking

He's literally the King of Everything. Maybe Toei was incompetent at showing it, but I think the implication was that he sensed that reality itself had been corrupted because he has a connection with it or something.

Zeno said something along the lines of "there's nothing left" before deleting Zamasu. That scene implies that Zeno is capable of sensing life energy or ki.


>furryfags still delusional

Jiren is still stronger, your memecat is old news

Shrekgeta in the TOP when?

a banner is what you mostly spend your stones on to summon premium characters. There's usually three or four banners happening at the same time and they tend to last a few weeks. Typically banners will feature new and/or exclusive characters, but then those end up being placed in the general pool of all banners.

For instance right now there's the Rising Dragon banner. This one is really good and only comes around every few months. You're guaranteed SR characters and the rates for SSRs are doubled. You can easily get like 4 SSRs in one multi-summon

There's also the GSSR Buuhan Saga banner, you get one featured SSR Buu Saga character for each multi summon, and the first three multi-summons are discounted for 30 stones instead of 50. However the characters from that banner aren't crazy overpowered and are only there to be use as filler if you can get PHY Super Vegito from the othe Dokkan Festival banner.

There's also the Universe Survival saga banner, it's complete trash with no discounts or exclusive chracters, no special rates, no GSSR, nothing.

Finally the PHY characters summon. That kind of banner cycles all the different types like AGL TEQ, etc. All the characters are max-level and of course you only get characters from the feature type. It's an okay banner at times since they often feature SSRs that transform into LRs and with a multi-summon you get elder kais that are used to raise the supper attack level of your characters.

>this much headcanon
He's a retarded kid that destroyed the entire dimension because he saw a lot of disgusting faces in a nearly destroyed planet in both versions, deal with it and stop making excuses

That still doesn't excuse the manga version where he goes "Whoops! A random city in some random planet was destroyed? Better delete fucking everything!"

>a retarded kid does something retarded


As of now, the Vegito banner's rate is kinda dogshit, as well as the ToP banner.
Rising Dragon banner have double the rates so you may do a multi once, but you should save your stones until the next discount/3+1 banner since most of the featured units comes back anyway.
I'm going all in for Kefla banner though since it's GSSR and I have a decent Potara team.

Are you retarded? That's what happened in both versions.

>b-but muh headcanon
Nobody cares. He saw a fucked up city and Zamasu faces so he destroyed everything, that's what happened in manga and anime.

Yet he'll never draw Goku in his most regal state while Jiren is a smear. Pic related is the comic he drew before SSBE Vegeta sodomized Toppo.

Keep making making excuses for Toyotaro's contrived bullshit.

You want to pull a good leader card and build a team around that.

Right now the best card is PHY Super Vegito who as a leader buffs all Buu Saga cards with +3 Ki and +170% HP and DEF as well as +130% ATK after you awaken him. it's super common to pull Buu Saga cards from banners and even to farm them as F2P cards. There's also PHY SSJ3 Gotenks that buffs Super PHY types for +120% and 3 ki. Majin Buu in Gohan form buffs INT types for +70% and +3 ki.

Any card that buffs certain types or categories for 70% and above are great leaders. They're usually the featured cards in a banner.

Where do I find the rising dragon banner?

Better version

So the manga is just as shit as the anime then? I don't even know why I even had any hope for anything in Super being good..

It improves a few things here and there but doesn't come anywhere close to redeeming it.

Nope, the manga is better

Whatever makes you sleep at nights kid