How would you make a monster girl quest anime work?

How would you make a monster girl quest anime work?

Illias wins.

Granberia wins.

Alma Elma wins.

Adapt Paradox instead.


Granberia is the best of the four.

Replace all the sex with Luka's cooking.

You wouldn't because there's no way they'd keep the Rengoku Teien music

Have Luka do it willingly with characters, instead of always after defeat.

Mah nigga

Someone in another thread earlier this week had the best idea for this: same setting and plot except replace all rape with handholding and cuddling.

Literally, that's all I wanted at the end. A bunch of lovey dovey sex with handholding and kissing. But nooooo, we just had to pretend like sex with the people/person you love and care about the most in the world is just a terrible, awful thing that we don't like at all. Fucking bullshit.

harem. Monmusu is a good example

I could understand a few of them being ones you don't want to lose to, but not every character has to make Luka panic and fear for his life.

no raep if you don't lose in battle. completely wholesome if you're not an idiot, unless you're losing on purpose?

granberry is the best girl

Are you implying Luka didn't enjoy it? He's just playing along for the fetish man.

Monmusu is complete and utter shit.

Tamamo wins.

SoL comedy about travelling the world and sorting things out with the fluffiest Kitsune, while the annoying snake broods in the castle and gorges on honey.

fighting cloud sex

The same plot and events of the game, except tamamo steals luka from alice and marries him.

no u

>Adventure starts out with meeting best girl
>Instead of learning sword skills the hero is taught lewd techniques instead
>Hero leaves monster girls he fights on the floor in orgasmic bliss

Make pic related the MC

Make it a SoL with jokes and fanservice. Completely rape free.