What anime/manga best instills the feeling of adventure for you?

What anime/manga best instills the feeling of adventure for you?

Probably Berserk.

konosuba is a retarded normgroid show that wont be relevant in a year once they move on to another normgroid show. get fucked without a third season

I wanna explode inside of Megumin.

Slayers and Ruin Explorers.

I don't know if I should rewatch Chaika or give a serious try to scrapped princess that is suppossedly Chaika but good.

I really liked Jojo part three for it.
No harem shit or bitches, just men on their journey across the world. In the end not all did return, but a life long bond was forged.

12 kingdoms
record of lodoss war


made in abyss

I really liked the anime, too bad i cant get completely into the game because its too grindy

just rewatch S1

>tfw no group of misfits to form a team with to get drunk, explore dungeons, and fuck monsters up
I'd probably die as soon as the dungeon entrance, but so long as I got that far, I'd be satisfied.

Episodes 1-6 of Danmachi

Steel Ball Run and One Piece. Konosuba's more of a cool sitcom than and adventure.

Kemono Friends

Definitely. One of the best adventure stories so far.

That one. Got me in the mood of playing JRPGs too.


You know the other day I realized I don't really watch much classic adventure stuff.
I think Digimon Adventure would be my pick.

Tfw I'll never eat monsters with four autistic fellows

>Nice fedora you got there, it would be a shame if someone.......tipped it!

Mahoujin Guru Guru and Kino's Journey.


>beach episode
it was OK, but what the fuck was that ending.



Samurai Champloo. Also, I second Kemono Friends.


Goblin Slayer manga and LN


Pokemon, when brock and misty were with ash.


there surprising aren't many of them even though the genre is so popular
None of them put any effort in to world building, monster studying, camping in wilderness or inns
Only one i fell is the Overlord novel. The manga and anime don't do it justice

>guy gets followed around by crazy demons and generally runs into shit-tier misfortune

Why is that whore laughing?

Best answer.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou


Sounds like a good adventure to me,

So berserk and One Piece,

Comfiest part of the show, plus it really sells the world to me much more than the remainder of the episodes.

Golden Kamuy
Goblin Slayer
Vinland Saga

Digimon Adventure

the whatnow?

Well, certainly not that.

Unironically KF

Black Lagoon made me wish for months I had chosen a more adventurous career like an ex-military PMC or coastguard/border patrol or something instead of boring college route.

lurk moar

Sorayori awaken my seishun soul

Just grind with giant rats, maybe you'll then specialize in killing Goblins?

Spice & Wolf desu
Started a new Skyrim save after finishing S1 which didn't last very long

>brock and misty were with ash.
Never ever again. I still want a game that plays like the show but gamefreak are a bunch of lazy shits.

Can't beat the original, man

Based off a drunk D&D session they wrote down.

still the original, still fucking good
and still wicked stylish. like goddamn, every single character looks good

There's a joke written on his dick.

Log Horizon

am i the only one that feels recent animes has a closed feel to it, instead of having an open world full of wonders and opportunities. the 12 episode restriction does no favor either. or is it because i have aged and grown used to it all