These girls ask you to join their trip to antarctica, what do you do?

These girls ask you to join their trip to antarctica, what do you do?

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Refuse because I'm not a fucking idiot stuck inside a trash show.

But that's exactly what you are.

Say I'll fund the trip. If Hinata marries me.

>trash show

You mean anime of the year?

>go to antarctica to fuck off
>not having a real worthwhile goal/skill development.

as a premise. the show is alright tho. but im good. if the yurucamp girls invited me camping tho.

We're all stuck in the most trash show of all.

Better get used to it.

What contingency plans do Antarctic explorers/researchers have against polar bears intruding on their base camps?

>Polar bears


Im in.

I'd go to the end of the world with her.

Will there be a Yuzuki eating strawberry icecream?

No, that awaits in hell.

Have my dick take a trip in her butt

I cum on idol's face.

So fucking sexy.

stay in your containment thread

Depends on how much it's going to cost me.

Is Hinata the most popular girl in nipland?

Nothing much, just your life.

Offer my face as Yuzuki's chair.


Ask them to come camping with me first!

That's pretty cheap

okay, not like there is literally anything else going on in life

They'll be mountain climbing first as training apparently. Why don't you join them?

I'll go but who will take care of my sexual urges?

The shoggoths.

Of fucking course I would
Because I'm exactly the kind of person Mari was afraid of, I did nothing in High School and wasted my youth, and this would be my chance of real redemption.

Liar. We all know you'd only do it for Hinata

It's possible to do things for more than one reason you know

Of course. I can see you have at least a good pair of them.

What to do at the research station?

Research stuff. Mainly the stars.

Mostly research.

Wish you had stayed at home.

Jesus, kill yourself.

And I thought Kimari was retarded but it looks like there were even bigger bakas in this group.

They're a bunch of stupid children and I love them.

I'd ask them where they got such a large amount of Vaseline from to make themselves that shiny.

It's like you are lurking in every girls shows' threads just to shitpost and spread your spitefulness around. Just end your life.

That's cake juice, not vaseline.

Coca colas.

Choose one for anal, vaginal, oral and hand holding each.

masturbate in your dorm room


anal Kimari
vag Hinata
oral Yuzuki
hand-hold my beautiful wife Shirase-san while she watches

Like these guys?

Yuzuki is for anal just to punish her for being so stuck up and psychorigid
Hinata is for vaginal because she's straightforward and overall nice
Shirase is for oral because she's the biggest dork of them all and deserves it.
Kimari is for hand holding because she's just inoffensive and adorable.


Hinata for all

Guys, Guys. They aren't legal.
The boss lady even said so.

I'd probably join them. Not necessarily because [girls], but because there will likely never be another situation where I'm invited to an antarctic station as a civilian.

International waters bro


I'll wait for Hinata to be ready. A couple of years will only make her even more delicious.

>what do you do?
Tag along, there is work to be done

WTF no

But I'm counting four places to have fun in the OP image alone.

>At the Mountains of Madness
>With cute girls


I'll join them just to get antarctic snow.

>no internet
>barely any privacy to jack off
>they're not legal

>because I'm not a fucking idiot
Sure thing pal.

Pack condoms.
Just kidding. I'd impregnate every single one, and take responsibility.

Seeing as they're 12,000 miles away from polar bear country, I'm guessing none.

hopefully impregnate all the girls

>they're not legal

By all means, tell us the age of consent in Antarctica.

Go ahead, I'll wait

what are they gonna do, send a polar bear to arrest me?

vaginal Kimari
vaginal Hinata
vaginal Yuzuki
vaginal Shirase


I'd be more afraid of the pengins to be honest.

Great taste user

They are spawns of Satan

It would be terrific if the anime suddenly genre-shifts to psychological horror

Shirase and Kimari are the dumbest. You have to go either to the left or to the right first in order to go downstairs or upstairs obviously.

You are still held to the laws of your motherland when visiting Antarctica. Don't be stupid. Caring about said laws is another matter, of course.

hand-hold Kimari
oral Hinata
vaginal Yuzuki
anal Shirase

They aren't legal, but the boss lady is.

Then why do so many drug deals take place on international waters?

Antarctica isn't international territory, it's divided up between half a dozen different countries and they all signed treaties to prevent any part of Antarctica from being used for military purposes. so the only thing each of those countries can do is scientific research
They are also probably going to Australian owned part of Antarctica, so they would be subject to ausfag laws

Maybe with an Antarctic Snow Cone.

Pick your poison

These girls sneak into your house, what do you do?

And your dish.

Interesting. I learned something new today.

Thanks user

Kimari food looks like an horrible mix full of fiber, but her drink looks sweet and tasty.

Hinata food looks hearthy and simple, but her drink looks like it tastes of durians.

Yuzuki food looks vegan and boring, but her drink looks the most refreshing. I mean is that just water?

Shirase food is absolutely perfect and her drink is also nice.

is that one in the middle just a bunch of pancakes on top of half a load of bread?

Only if we can go camping once we get there

Its probably some kind of panetonne or whatever is spelt. A very suit bread that can be filled with fruits.

*sweet not suit, i dont know why i fucked up so much

>pengin ice cream
c u t e

Why does France even bother?
Forget sleeping I guess.

>british claim over argentinean claim

will they ever stop the bullying

i shoot and kill the intruders before they can harm me

These look overpriced and awful. I could make something better myself and it'd cost half as much. Come at me, Japan.

That looks really thrilling. It also looks like if the whole things is seconds away from just getting ripped appart.

*unzips dick*