Who was the first 2D girl you had a crush on, Sup Forums?

Who was the first 2D girl you had a crush on, Sup Forums?

Pic related for me.

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Yuki Nagato

Nadia from Secret of Blue Water.

I think it was Hawkeye
either her of Officer Jenny from pokemon

JunJun from Sailor Moon.

I still love her

Probably someone like Bulma or Nami or someone from DB or OP. I legitimately don't know. Maka is definitely still one of my favorite female anime/manga characters though.

Are you twelve? If Soul Eater is as old as I think it is I might off myself.

Also to answer the question probably Kikyo from InuYasha.


Yuuko from "Tasogare otome x amnesia"

>You will never have a cute ghost girlfriend sit on your lap and give you answers to the test you're making
>Why even continue breathing?

Oh yeah, someone from Inuyasha might fit for me too. Kagome probably mostly since I stopped watching after a little bit.

The Soul Eater manga started serialization in 2004



Through all these years there hasn't been a 2D girl I've liked better.

I just remember really liking Kikyo and I don't know why tfw no undead yandere GF.

Don't tell me that the anime is ten years old, fuck.


My only other crush that I remember being earlier is actually a dude.

Hinata from Naruto.
How shit was my taste?

She also awakened my interest in dominant women

Hinata is a fine first 2D crush, she's cute in Part I and stayed cute the whole way through. I prefered Ino myself.

a cat is fine too


Loved spats ever since

Probably Doronjo.


I miss her. I guess I should give Not a try.

Fuck, Misao was cute.

Also, now knowing that the mangaka is a confirmed pedo, I'm surprised he didn't double down on her fanservice.



It's been so long. it was either Mikamura Rain from Gundam, Cyborg 003, that one gypsy bitch form Shaman King, or Dark Magician Girl.


I was doomed from the start.

>on a cartoon


>doesn't have a waifu

How sad.

Sakura Kinomoto.

The absolute top-tier patrician choice.


The only downside with Sango is her retard brother.

Okay, you're definitely underage.

shut the fuck up you retard


Best taste.

He also included a trap. What the fuck?!

Probably that girl from monster rancher. Or leen from Grandia.


I couldn't have a crush on her with that disgusting voice she has

My one and only.

dub or sub?

Bro are you me? Still got the vhs tape

Did you liked loli doronjo too?

You should try the dub if you haven't. I liked Maka's English voice more than the Japanese voice. I didn't know the Japanese VA was an amateur but I guess that makes sense since I didn't care for her voice.

Sub. It was the seiyuu's first ever role and boy, does it show.

I deleted the post and reposted because of a typo but yeah, I've heard the dub is surprisingly good.

Yeah I liked both but preferred her dub voice honestly. The english voice actors for the whole cast (barring Blackstar obviously) was very good.

like a woman who takes control do we?

Are you me?


Mayu-chan, who looked exactly like someone i fell in love with.

Damn you kids making me feel old


I guess having actual cp meant he didn't need to make his own.

Not him, but yeah
especially when they get embarrassed

I wonder why I like brown genki catgirls so much.

But she already has a "cousin".


What part of that is hard to understand?

Anime: Ishizu from YGO
Western: Raven from Teen Titans

It was Yuki for me as well.


Akari is perfect

Now that I remember there was a time I asked my mom to buy me a lipstick from a girl-only article shop just because it had her design on it. I was like 12 back then. How weird is that?

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya was the first anime I've really gotten into

This, I used to stay up and watch FLCL every night when it aired on adult swim.

Please don't, it's been over 20 years but it still hurts.


Good taste.

Maybe not "Technically" anime but I used to beat off furiously to Lulu from FFX and also Rikku.

Otherwise Asuka.

Never became my serious lifelong waifu, but was definitely my first 2D crush/lusting after.

The show needed more of her

It was my first as well, owing mostly to Yuki.

sounds like her shin voice but higher pitched

Accept no substitutes


It was less of a crush and more of a fetish awakening.

Better start tying that noose, because it is almost a decade old.

Is she voiced by Nanako?

Even as a kid, I thought with my dick.

sailor moon
i was like 4 or 5

Anyone else?

never thought I'd feel old in a waifu thread.

Not me but she's a qt

Fuck, I forgot about this. What was the show called, again?

Mar and Dorothy is best girl.

finally, someone who understands

Not him either but I just think she looks sexy as hell in her tight ass black shirt.

Fucking excellent.



My comrade of African-American descent

She was wasted on that autist.

I didn't care for anime at all in elementary school, I thought it was for dweebs, until I caught episode 5 of Outlaw Star and thought: something about this show is oddly compelling.

Hell yeah, brother. She'll eat you out of house and home, though.

the best sailor scout


my first was a tomboy form Ouran High School Host Club, but she can't compare to the biggest crush I've ever had on a 2d girl halo.