Shows we'll never get

>shows we'll never get

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A real San Gakki.

You don't even know if it's good or not. So why care?

Any one of the great delinquent manga because "Boo hoo hoo, our precious snowflake kids might turn into monsters."



i really liked the first short
Kinda reminded me of narutaru

You shut your whore mouth. Konaka and ABe will be back to save anime.

>Konaka and ABe
they're gone

>Konaka >shisho series
speaking of which, is this project dead too?

last news is from 3 ott 2017

>Etotama S2
>Nichibros S2
>Horimiya (Series)
>Binbougami S2

A Chrono Trigger anime.... made by Trigger

YKK full adaptation


>>Etotama S2
>He doesn't know

Oh well, guess I've been too busy to see it.
Thanks for telling me.


Does she not age?

I want to believe but from recent reports I don't think they're even pretending to work on it anymore.

is the novel good?

/ss/ does not age


Does anyone give a shit? Most people who were into Haruhi have probably grown up by now

I do care about Kyon
>mfw its been 7~ years since Disappearance

what's taking so long sunrise?

a Rewrite anime.

will probably be made some time in the future

I wonder how this would of turned out,could it have been the next great Mech show
This show could of been amazing but there is no point without Nakamura,it would be like making Dreaming Machine without Satoshi Kon

What recent reports?


They could have gotten Hamasaki to direct. He did a good job with Texhnolyze.

Texhnolyze was kino but it was created with Nakamura, being one of the main creative drives on the show along with Konaka


A proper ending to Alien Nine.

Turning Girls S2, literally never ever.

Nakamura had nothing to do with Texhnolyze because he was directing Kino (shitty pun intended) in the same season.

It's also a bit unfair to call him a main creative drive while leaving out Yasuyuki Ueda, whose involvement was highly influential in the conception of both Texhnolyze and lain.

Will we finally get a dessdess nendo?
Will we get another ridiculously fun spin-off manga?
Will we get even better CG than season one?

I meant creative drive on Despera,I know he was not involved with Texhnolyze

We'll never get a Hayami Rasenjin anime.



>no Ain
>no meido Ain
>no 5-minute chibi Ain specials

Just end me.



>grown up
Some people have been here for 15 years, you'd be surprised who's still waiting for Haruhi s3


Supposedly Khara is actually working on this one.

Not that user, but they are? That's not surprising, but it's still the first time I hear about this.