Do you have a picture book of your waifu?

Do you have a picture book of your waifu?

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Would be better with a romantic cover.

No but I have a sketchbook different from my practice sketchbook where I only draw pictures of her.

I... actually have a folder full of things from doujinshi events like prints and postcards.

Does this count

This is the modern equivalent.

I don't have a waifu because being in love with a non-real character is pathetic and retarded.

I have a physical blazblue artbook which has a bunch of pictures of my waifu, that's as close as I'll get.

Fuck off Hikaru.

Thats super cute

Sure do DOT net/monster/res/255167.html

Sure, but you gotta have favorite girls.
gotta be physical

Asuka has so much high quality art, your folder is tiny.

I have a book with the storyboards for her best movie, does that count?

who's at :45?

what a crappy old waifu

>picture book

Get with the times, grandpa

Ill allow it

Please give me a Dropbox link or something I'm begging

Asuka isn't my waifu, but I have 10k+ picture folders of multiple girls who get way less art that Asuka, you just need to step it up.

Where should I look bro, I'm at a loss

Pixiv for one.

Physical picture book as that, no, but I have
1 and a half sketchbook of sketches I've drawn of her.
1 folder for trying to line the drawings on digital and learning to paint her.
1 folder for pictures of her I find online.
1 secret folder.
3 folders for her manga.
1 folder with screenshots and reactions.
1 3D model with two outfits and soon I'll try to rig her.
1 folder of writings, including poems, related to her.
1 collection album of some cards I collected from her mobage when the game was still alive.
I-I don't know if I'm forgetting something.

Minmay a shit.


bump for results

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If you're referring to me.honestly I just started the show I have yet to decide.

An user made a stitching of my waifu which I always keep close to me in my room. That's the most physical thing I have besides my drawings.

Didn't mean to quote

got pics?

Yes but they are just for me. If you look through the archives people have posted other stitchings he's done.

These waifus have names?



I've got a box with a loaded .44, single round in the chamber, and a few pictures of Best Girl.

One day, i'll see her for real. Not today, though.

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tfw I've never had a waifu
Can I really call myself an anime watcher?

>Used goods


Have you lost it?

So you guys just print out your waifu from your regular printer, or something?

>He doesn't 3D print his waifu

Physical media is harder to lose.

>only 1400


I know I can kill.

What happened to that guy who printed Takagi chapters taken from mangafox and then bound them into a book?

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