Hunter x Hunter

Viz scans tomorrow.
Spoilers Wednesday or Thursday.
Scanlations Friday.
4 chapters to go until the next Hiatus.
Probably 6 months until the next Hiatus is over.
Probably a year until Ryodan plot ties with Kurapika plot.
Probably a decade until the series is over.

Pitou is love, Pitou is life.

>6 months until next hiatus is over

>a decade until the series is over
you mean, the arc.

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Pitou is my wife and mine only, by the way

It took 2 years for a single day to pass, my prediction is that the Succession arc will be over in 15 years, fake Namek will take another 5 and DC 20 more, so 40 years for the series finale, if we assume Togashi is still alive by then, my real prediction will be that Togashi will fall sick and rush the whole DC arc in a couple of chapters, and everyone will call him a genius for that.

I'm just randomly plopping in the convo, but: Cammy's willing to kill children because they are in her way to become King: that's just the nature of the life she was born into: a fight for the fittest to reign supreme. That's different from being a serial killer who kills for fun. Cammy doesn't get enjoyment out of killing people: she gets enjoyment out of people listening to her and giving her what she wants. She's far from a psychopath. She's just extremely bitchy and vindictive if you don't listen to her and was born into a position of power over others and no one has ever stopped her from abusing it. Yes, that means she is a pretty emotional, shitty and selfish person, but let's not act like it's on the same level of evil as someone who's a serial killer who gets hard-ons from killing people and who's entire existence hinges upon killing. Compared to the type of people where killing gives their life meaning: Cammy looks like the lesser of two evils. You legitimately just need to not get in her way and give her what she wants and you're fine. Even if you're in her way she still gives you a choice to join her just in case (RIP Owlguy-kun). For a serial killer, doesn't matter how much you plead and beg: in fact they'd probably like it more.

Yeah, the torture and kill your family thing is pretty bad, but that's actually pretty common for totalitarian governments in order to ensure submission and given she's probably been raised getting everything she's ever wanted, I'm sure she's used that threat plenty of times in order to scare someone into obeying her. If that guy would have been like "holy shit my bad, I didn't know please don't kill my family I'll listen to you from here on out," she probably would be happy that he finally came around and realized he should just obey her. Though he did break her arm so there's probably no changing her mind on that. Yes, that's bad but it's not evil for the sake of evil. It's evil for the sake of obedience.

I genuinely wonder what number you will reach at the end of the arc.

>people think Pitou would ever be interested in them

tfw to dumb to understand the arc

Man, while I very much enjoy this arc and how tense and filled with mindgames it is, jesus is it confusing to keep track of everything that's happening.

I just gave up trying to remember the fifth fucking names

Pitou will become more loyal to my dick than she is to Meruem.

>I think the Cammy spammer is really getting to me, I feel like I'm losing it every time I see her image in these threads, he really is overdoing it with his spamming of same words/images. It might be the first time I actually block certain words on here.

My only issue is when people start referring to some of the less focused on bodyguards by name in the thread. Usually the manga itself reminds you when someone becomes important.

Two days, actually.
Day 3 has just begun.

But seriously, how would you woo Pitou?

By becoming an interesting human being, something no other Pitou-poster is capable of

We are gonna get attached to Cammy because of all the shitposting and when she dies we are gonna cry

how do you know how many chapters before hiatus?

at least in the chimera ants arc every characte rhad a very unique furry design and had simple names like leol, cheetu and welfin, not fucking zufuxebafa third body guard of the 7th prince mufu mufu zabemufsen

This may help.
No arguing over "theory", please. I'll come up with a new haiku next update.

But she already died

Just use the wiki, the arc is much more bearable that way.

Pitou is dead.

At first i thought she was annoying but after her last chapter and all the cammyfags' memes she's started to grow on me


So how exactly were all the royal guards born with nen and were so strong? The queen laid their eggs before she even ate Pokkle, wouldn't they've only been just a bit stronger than the squadron leaders rather than being on a whole other level and also been born nenless?

would you?


the other ants were made out of asshole meat while the kind and guards were made of filet

Realistically? She wouldn't give me the time of the day.

No, because as soon as I touch her body, her hatsu would activate and crush me

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Well, by killing the King, Pitou wouldn't have a purpose anymore so she would be able to become a normal girl and start over as herself, with the aid of a friend(me) she would learn new joys, like becoming the mother of my children.

You better have a good manipulation technique user.

>4 chapters to go until the next Hiatus.
what the fuck, I hope something big happens then.


Reminder for brainlets and speedreaders, Cammy's nen ability and intentions were forshadowed:
When Cammy asked the King to clarify the interpretation of "survival" and "dropped out" she was making sure that once she died (and then revived), she was still in the game.
She acted arrogant and stupid in front of Benjamin, so he could lower his guard.
Duazul said that Camilla could kill Benjamin or Halkenburg on her own, hinting that she was strong. She didnt send any personal guard to join Kurapika's nen school, hinting that she already knew about nen.
Getting caught was part of her plan!

This is Sup Forums not Sup Forums.

>attached to Cammy because of all the shitposting
Holy shit, that was your master-plan? Consider it a failure, Cummfag.


Please be patient.

based Togodshi with the subtle foreshadowing

/u/ queens for the throne of Kakin!

The main trick is reading and rereading the viz version.
I can post a mediafire folder if you don't have some of the last viz chapters.
Those threads when they aren't infested by shitposters also pretty helpful, they made me notice a lot of details I missed.

are* also pretty helpful

I have something better.

This succession arc is gonna be at least 50 to 100 chapters. So about 4 to 9 years. Not that bad.



I mean, it's already 25 when counting Hisoka vs Chrollo, and that seems to be part of the arc with the Ryodan and him appearing, so I'll say closer to 100 if anything.

It seems like post death nen is gonna play a big role in this arc as a whole. Togashi already set it up for Kurapika in Yorkshin arc as well. I wonder if after he dies (confirmed in interview) he might still stay "alive" in some form because of his nen.

I'm only counting boat chapters. But yeah only 50 chapters is very unlikely unless Togashi will just kill all major players in couple of chapters including spiders.

That leorio nitro rice plot ain’t gonna draw and write itself.

I think nitro rice is a red herring. I doubt he will do something as predictable as Kurapika extending his lifespan with a macguffin.

>nitro rice
Someone explains me this shit, please.

I don't know, I don't think the Hisoka/Troupe conflict will reach anything in the boat. Maybe one more kill, but I really don't see Hisoka decimating the entire Troupe to fight Chrollo again, so I don't know how that'll go.

Kurapika in permanent Emperor time is the minimum amount of power one needs to survive DC for a day.

Pet her, every time I pet a cat it instantly likes me and always wants more.

So did this guy go mad from all the shit he saw on DC or because of the disease?

It was shown that DC has life extending rice (presumably what Don Freecss uses) so it's expected that it will save Kurapika from ET's restriction.

He just wants an hamburguer, like for fucks sake, nobody in the HxH universe have seen a vampires movie.

The trick is to rub behind the ears and on the small of the back.

Oh, makes sense.


What killed the hype?

>it's expected that it will save Kurapika from ET's restriction.
Only retards expect that, Kura will die and nothing will save him.


Not this bait shit again, aren't you tired of getting the same exact shitposting every fucking time. Stop posting that nonsensical bait and stop trying to ruin the threads for no fucking reason.

Atleast Cummy is relevent to this arc, Pitou mindless spam of a dead and forgot character.

It's a bait he posts in almost every HxH thread.

Zobae, the immortality disease seems like it makes you unable to die but you can't enjoy anything anymore.

I miss him bros...

>stop trying to ruin the threads for no fucking reason.
You say like this thread isn't irredeemably shit already.

I love bakas, i hope he does something cool.

Will he actually be able to wreck things in the dark continent like he thinks or is he vastly overestimating his strength?

It took me couple of rereads to realize Netero and guys are actually in the lower right corner.

Real talk. If shit is just that big everywhere on the DC, how are we supposed to survive more than five minutes without getting stomped by something? All your Nen training isn't going to be worth anything if a whale-sized dino walks on you.

He has retard strength

I want to believe, but that shit looks way too metal. And that's before we get to the actual calamities.

What is so irredeemable about this thread, you dishonest piece of trash? And how would the same exact bitching about the same exact things posted by the same exact people who aren't even able to follow a chapter be better?
Stop resort to such shitty excuses to justify your disgusting shitposting and your mental illness.

He's gotta be useful for something. He can't be just completely useless, dumb, angry but cute and honest guy.


Be honest. Would the king bitch slap Halkenburg next chapter?
I know nen beasts can’t harm another user, but I’m just anxious on what could the king do since it’s forbidden to approach him till next banquet

I want to know what the Zodiacs can do already, fuck

>this arc is so complext there are even charts to understand it

He has a likeable personality to him and being a dumbass in manga who is hot-headed gives him some power points

Netero did say Beyond's power is more suited to DC than his. I guess straight up power won't help you.

a bunch of utility hatsus specifically for the dark continent. All of Beyond's crew have abilities along that purpose.

IIRC she ate a couple of Nen users without knowing what they were which was passed on to the soldiers and guards, and they had to learn about Nen and aura on their own from Pokkle but found it easy to master since they were genetically designed to produce a fuck ton of aura.

It's hard to tell. We don't really know much about Nasubi's character yet. At first, he seems like a hedonistic slob like Sale-Sale, but the fact is he survived his battle royal and has privately had well-reasoned thoughts. I don't think he'll bitch slap Halk, he seems lax and tolerant enough, but it's possible he would because he takes the ceremony and rules of the Crisis very seriously.

All humans have nen, nen users just had "life energy" equivalent to a hundred people.

I'm not sure what you just said but I agree.

So CA arc focused on Gon and Killua while ignoring Kurapika and Leorio. This arc is doing just the opposite. Is it too much to hope that all four MCs can reunite for one final romp in Meteor City after this Dark Continent bullshit is over?

Everyone has aura. Nen is using the aura.

Mizai and Botobai might confront the Spiders if they get rowdy. Short of that, enjoy the wait.

It's a weird situation, as you said the beast shouldn't be able to harm him but I feel like this event will have some purpose as well.
Dunno, maybe it will be just a way to give the King some actual characterization and to keep Halk away from the competition while someone else gets murdered.