Pripara & Aikatsu!

An Idle must always chase her dreams! if not, someone is going to force you to do it anyway.


If, hypothetically, this was a general and there was a previous thread, I'd tell the ainon who made that Hime post about Yume using the rainbow that his idea is almost certainly better than whatever bullshit we're going to be fed to justify Yume beating Elza.



Nice lily spotlights.


Pick your ending for Stars

1. Yume wins, Elza loses it, gets hug from mom, becomes a goody two shoes again, decides to keep idoling
2. Yume loses, Elza wins, gets no hug from mom, loses it, gets fure from Yume, decides to keep idoling

They are probably going to roll out some new sort of cards. Maybe the Moon Dress considering Yume has the Earth Dress. It would be nice to see Yume's rainbow powers come back but we will see.

Do you wanna win Yume-chan?
Do you really wanna win?
Then use it, you know what I'm talking about.
The rainbow.
Sun Dress is perfect but we are blessed by the Aikatsu system,
We are beyond perfection, Yume-chan.

Elza literally can't win after this episode, it would be Kalos league-tier of retarded and not even Stars writers are that bad.

Mahiru should have cunt punt Elza back to whatever country she came from.

>Elza literally can't win after this episode
Why not?
If anything, that she keeps winning and yet make it all for nothing would be worse than winning. And then you can have Hime kicking her while she's down. And Yume will fure fure her because she's Aikatsu Jesus which means Yume was the one who truly won in the end because minna fure fure.

Don't forget since MahiruxAria episode, Stars kinda changed the rules, if you go first you win instead of if you go last you win.

Well duh, its a popularity contest after all


Because they've set her up so her character is misguided and needs to lose to actually get what she wants.

NEED this to be my balls

Elza will become desperate to beat Yume, use the rainbow, and die. Rei and Sheep will go to her funeral, mom had a TV show she really wanted to watch.


>Because they've set her up so her character is misguided
And yet everyone keeps sucking her cock. Even Rei, after finally seeming to be done with her shit, went back to sucking her metaphorical cock again during the second half of the episode.

Everyone is misguided and her mother is a horrible person, but the show isn't going to acknowledge either of those.

They have done a great job in making Elza unlikable. I thought she was great at the start but even I want Yume to win now.

I'm nervous guys, I don't want Yume to lose. We came so far and I don't want her to choke.

>and her mother is a horrible person,
I got pissed last episode when Rei just went to talk with like if she was going to the market to buy eggs. Her daughter is in the middle of the arguably most important performance of her life and yet she's just chilling there. Wasn't she supposed to be a super duper important queen that was always busy?

I'd rather the stage explode and kill them both. I want Elza to lose just because I want to see her finally losing it, but I don't wanna see Yume win either considering that, just like S1, she's just gonna win because she's the MC rather than because she truly deserves it. If there's something Stars is truly awful is at showing progress. How many times did we have a "Sugoi it's her first performance and yet she hit the top 10 in the ranking already"?

I wish I could care about real people and the real world. I only feel emotions when I watch anime.

> Yume won't wear different aikatsu chords in memory of her friends that lost to Elza
> she won't perform the song that is most tied to her time with Rola/Mahiru/Ako/Koharu

Its all mommy issues now. Elza took care of business and was pretty normal then came the Sun Dress. Now that Elza has everything she wants, now she needs Mommy to approve of her. Elza's mom is too busy watching OGkatsu on TV or something.

I really do feel sorry for Elza. Her mother is a horrible person, and that woman and her attitude is all Elza has ever known her entire life up to now. Nobody has ever questioned these methods because Elza is considered so 'perfect' nobody was prepared to challenge her even when they felt she was wrong or too harsh. When Elza realises that she's been such a bitch to people who care about her she's going to be devastated.

I'd have mommy issues if I were Elza too. I've seen trash trailer moms that give more of a fuck about their spawn than her.

Will the next episode be worse than 2wingS vs WM?

>The Sun Dress drives Elza's mom into a happy nihilistic phase
>The Sun Dress drives Elza insane
The curse of the Sun Dress.

Are you implying 2wingS vs WM wasn't good?


People really don't give a shit and Stars shit writers have numbed people from whatever bullshit they pull. I'm personally watching just to see how stupid it will get.

Yeah, she didn't even answer Elza's message to tell her she couldn't come (which would've been bullshit since Rei and the others just found her in her hotel room), she straight-up ignored her even though she had fuck-all to do at that time.


If you keep this up I might eventually watch Love Live.

I hope so, I can't wait to laugh at it.

Do it fagget

I just wanna see Elza eat shit so that's gonna make it better than WM/2W

I hope Friends MC is not a Mary Sue like Ichigo or a special snowflake who coasts through everything just because she's the MC.

It's honestly not very good.

Don't, it sucks.

OG is good, though the forced drama brings it down a lot. Sunshine, however, is shit through and through.

They should give us an MC that's shit at everything and we get nothing but suffering and crying while she tries her best, always on the verge of giving up.

It's pretty meh and at the end of the season it has retarded drama.

If I wanted that I would just read this thread.


Elza's mom is an alcoholic.

Elza's mother is a shit.



Honestly, I can't wait to see what bullshit excuse are they going to pull out for Elza's mom not responding to Elza's call.

I would much rather watch OGkatsu than hug Elza too.

Might as well if you got nothing else to do, you have 26 episodes of LL, a movie and 26 episodes of Sunshine and a movie soon.

The Sun Dress being the reason mommy doesn't give a shit about Elza would actually be pretty interesting, though I doubt it'll be like that.

How can I possibly watch PriPara S3, catch up on half of Idle Time, finish Fairilu S1 and 2 and maybe even watch Cocotama before April?

10/10 would livewatch, watch raw, watch subbed, and buy all her merchandise.

No thanks, I watch anime to escape my life, not be reminded of it.

You can't escape suffering.

Watch 30 episodes per day.

I have a daughter? That's right, she borrowed the ship he he~. Ainon be a dear and get me another uh... drink~. Hey you are pretty cute ainon, want me to be your mommy?

Yume vs Elza results in an exact 50/50 tie. Elza finally sees Yume as an equal rival and departs with VA (and its loyal crew that remains supportive of her) to train some more. She takes motivation from her mother having showed up for a couple minutes (no hug though) and continues to strive for her attention. Yume meanwhile returns to school and is celebrated by her friends as one of the world's two top idols alongside Elza. As the new S4 elections are coming closer, Yume tells Mahiru, Ako and Yuzu that she looks forward to working with them next year as well, not saying a word to Rola and Lily who are in the same room and also keep quiet as well

Aulola Laising made dress

I can in 20-25 minute blocks a few times a day.

That's a generic ass wedding dress, dude.

Why would Elza's mom give a shit about a random ainon, who's a complete failure and a waste of air and space, when she does not give a shit about Elza who's more successful and talented at 15 than every ainon combined?

Something very important has been glossed over here: When will Koharu join the S4 and sing with Yume? Her dream has not been fulfilled yet.

Literally retard

>I don't want her to choke.
Choking is alright, but I'd rather she lost her limbs instead.

Elza doesn't have a penis.

Pretty Rhythm was full of bad moms. Seriously all the drama was caused by shitty moms.

To this day I don't understand why people care about this glorified plot-device with an horrible character design.

Lily can't become S4 anymore anyway.

Because she's hot.

>watch PriPara S3, catch up on half of Idle Time
Did you start with Idle Time or something?


She's not. She's ugly as fuck.

Go for it ainon, nothing is better than drunk milf sex!


There's 4 episodes left after Elza loses. Plenty of time to let Koharu win and perform with Yume at least once.

Kys anti-Koharufag

I want Aoi to put me to sleep

Her design is excellent and I have cared about her since before Stars started.

>make a really poignant and moving goodbye episode for your secondary main character
>play an emotional song that is so good literally every funeral and goodbye ever should have it played
>never release any cd with the song on

This. This right here was the driving inspiration behind both Ernest Rutherford's atomic studies and Oppenheimer's weapons research and design. I don't care that neither the people who sang or the guy who wrote the song were born yet at the time, this song not being available for purchase on CD or MP3 is the sole driving force behind the atomic attacks on Japan in 1945.


Yume runs away with Elza.

Can we all agree that Stars had really good character design?

Hold your feet there, I'm almost finished.

*unzips dick*

>Pretty Rhythm's ultimate weapon is wings and a wedding dress
>Aikatsu's ultimate weapon is wings
>Pripara's ultimate weapon is a wedding dress

Yeah, better than OG.

On the female side, yes. The males are all generic dreamboats.


Eventually, user.

Yes. Really good. Every single important character looks great.

Not as good as OG.

Only if we're talking about the non-mains.

Yup. Much better than the amount of headswaps OGkatsu had.

I know right? Subaru is soooo cute!

The guys designs are so generic, half of them look like girls and the other half look like side characters.