Who are the most well-written characters in JoJo, and why?

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I love Kira.


You already posted him

>JoJo characters

There isn't a single well written Jojo character.

Polnareff is CUTE! CUTE!!!!

All of the JoJos unironically

Valentine, because he's not a villain.

Pucci, because he's the hero.

Gappy makes me happy

Joshuu makes ME happy

Jotaro, because he punches stuff hard and has a sick catch phrase.

>tricks one of the heroes
>kills one of the heroes
>tries to diddle one of the heroes
>not a villain

Most of them.

I love Giorno. I want to be his wife.

97% of them are unironically well-written

So you want him to cut off your crotch and grow you a vagina right?


who are the 3%?

>Boom Boom Family

What about what’s her face with the stand Goo Goo Dolls

The ones with very little presence like Wang Chan


No, I do

But he would be your wife. That doesn't make sense.

I'm gay

No me

No, me


Is Pucci a well written villain?

Moreso than Funny Valentine.

Yes. There are some elements about him that aren’t as well written as others (everything goes his way all the time, though this at least tied in thematically it gets tiring towards the end) but for the most part he’s quite well written.

I think he's the best written villain, though he's my second favorite.

Yes yes yes!

Yes because he reset the universe so Araki could move on to Steel Ball Run.

He has the greatest character motivation. Jobin might finally outdo him though.


>tfw just ordered a Moody Blues bust clock

>He has the greatest character motivation.
Valentine exists.

Reminder that Polnareff is a fucking turtle


What does that have to do with anything

>hey I’m just gonna chill out as a ghost inside this turtle

Valentine constantly contradicts his motives for no reason and has a crappy personality

Why are his tits so big?


Jorge ~

What about Hoelyne or Whorlyene

>Weather Report

That's just off the top of my head but I really do enjoy the fact that Araki is one of the few writers that actually changes alot of his characters.

Based taste



Literally everyone

I also like your taste but why iggy?

>Mountain Tim
>Hot Pants
>Magenta Magenta
>Axl Ro


>Implying Iggy, Caesar, Weather Report, Stroheim, Speedwagon, and Yukako didn't have great development
>Implying my main man Koichi isn't one of the best characters there is
Where the fuck is your goddamn taste you bastard?

Doppio gets me Uppio

>Jorge ~

doppio is a cock loving slut

>Starts off as a disgusting, asshole of a dog
>Realize he's the most sympathetic character in Part 3 and just wanted a hot bitch
>Dies a brutal yet very heroic death after helping the main cast out multiple times and is a huge reason why Vanilla Ice and Dio were killed
If you don't love Iggy after what's he done for the story, then your shit taste is pathetic and infinite.

How would using King Crimson and Made in Heaven work?

They'd probably get a job at their local supermarket.

Not Josuke, that's for sure.


What's wrong with Josuke?

Leave it Jobunaga to fuck up something that simple.

Pet Shop shits all over him.

Too bad Pet Shop fucking lost to Iggy

t. Pet Shit

Reminder that Iwasuke is Kira.



nani is this

Polnareff ? Je suis fou de vous ?



Oh shit I completely forgot there was a new Rohan one-shot coming. Araki’s been pretty busy lately, he’s been taking one or two months off a year since the last two years of SBR then all of a sudden in 2017 he doesn’t take a break, puts out a Rohan one-shot AND does 30th anniversary stuff. It seemed like the last hiatus was to let him catch his breath but nope, he was doing ANOTHER fucking one-shot during that time. I wonder what’s driving him to do so much lately? Not that I’m complaining.


Gappy makes me happy


Shigechi was a very effectively written character.

He’s not even 60 yet. He won’t be able to draw forever but he’s not dying until he’s at least 100.

I thought Pucci was one of the most interesting.

Damn, he's swole as fuck.
I wonder how muscular Rohan is under his shirt.

haha what if they both unbuttoned their shirts and started kissing haha would that be weird or no

I'm pretty sure there's a scene when Koichi and Hazamada are in Rohan's house that explains why he does it.
He does it not for the money, but for us to read his tales.
so he wants to wrap everything up before he dies

Haha someone should draw this just for laughs

Joshuu makes ME happy

who's the best ASB character

You say that but he could probably die of a disease at any moment.

hell be fine

hahaha that would be super funny

I love all of you.

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What the fuck happened to these threads while I was away who the fuck are you people