ITT: manga characters/items that are not the color you expected

ITT: manga characters/items that are not the color you expected.
Bonus points for inconsistent colors between manga and anime.


It's weird because I ALWAYS thought her hair was brown. But not This shade of brown. It looks wrong. Hell the manga shades it like it's a light brown Why is her hair so dark?

His hips are unreasonably wide.

Took me forever to get used to his dark red hair

Probably because Kishi didn't use any shading

I just...assumed her hair was pink when reading the manga. Like...redish pink


I have no idea what fucking Color Korin is supposed to be.

I thought her hair color would be much more saturated, darker tannish-brown rather than light grayish brown and eyes to match You of Love Live Sunshine fame more than anything else.

I always interpreted Yamada and the short chaired chick has having each other’s hair colors, since in the manga Yamaha’s hair is shaded a medium tone which is usually used for brown or red while the girls hair is almost solid black, which is used for dark colors like blue and purple. I also thought shiraishi’s hair would be more honey colored and not light yellow. Almost everyone in this anime was colored completely differently from how I imagined them.

Poofy pants

Those are some THICK boy hips

The anime fucked up sakuras hair color. They made the orange too dark when it’s a brighter more yellowy shade in the manga color pages. In the manga itself it isn’t shaded at all so it’s weird that it was turned into such a deep color.

I thought his hair would be similar to this characters hair, actually

That's nothing compared to this atrocity.

Still pretty wide, though I can see how the clothes exaggerate.
That said
>long sleeves doubling as fingerless gloves
I'm being assaulted by appeal.

Wait, That's what color his hair was? What the fuck?

I don't understand why he didn't just make this character a girl.

Normal colors instead of blues still throws me for a loop

He was asked that by a Q&A but I forgot the response

I thought she was blonde
and you're unreasonably gay

That waist is anatomically impossible for a guy.

you'd be surprised by the wonders of soy

Most of the cast.

I really know about all the soy stuff, but this meme needs stop and I want punch you.

I always pictured her with blonde hair, like Sanji. Not a fan of the pink hair Oda went with.

His hair is some kind of bright-ish purple. Given his personality I would've assumed it was a standard black.

That anime started?

anything from one piece
>mfw all of big moms arc in color

>white hair and green eyes in the manga
>blonde hair and brown eyes in the anime
I never understood this.

Yeah actually I hate ALL of Sanji's siblings having rainbow hair instead of just being blonde like Sanji.

Manga version is way better imo

Those eyebrows look like hot garbage.

Honestly I prefer purple Bulma.

Berserk 2016 really fucked up

The worst part is that they're the same color as the rims of his glasses. I didn't even notice them until you just pointed them out.
What the hell Horikoshi?

That looks so different, him having unusual hair/eyes would also add a lot of value to the "looks like reiko" as well.

Seriously? Nagisa's hair has been canon blue since early days of AC. Ritsu, on the other hand, has sparked more controversy with her hair colour.
People argued its green, brown, violet, but no one expected it to be pink.

This, the colors in Yamada were jarring as all hell. Neon bright ass colors for everyone.

We Can't Study is another example. Didn't expect the colors that we got. Expected /lit/ to be black hair, /sci/ to be blond, and unsure of Sup Forums, but didn't expect brownish red. Pink for sensei is fine, and purple for senpai is kinda meh.

Not exactly the topic but what's your favorite Jacket color?
I'm still a red guy all the way.

It was just an easy example. You find out it's blue early on but I swear whenever I'm reading the manga I completely forget that's what it's supposed to look like.


All the Trump and He-man jokes made me think he was blonde.

I see your point.
But again, I expected Ritsu's hair to be silver.

If it were just green it would be fine, but I thought the streaks were just shiny highlights because his hair was greased. How the fuck could he have thought that was a good idea?

i had always thought that overhaul had black hair. and that green jacket is atrocious

How gay do you have to be until it reaches unreasonable levels?

I honestly thought she was just blonde.

luckily most of the manga is still in black and white so it's not that much of an issue

It starts in april

Umi no Misaki colored covers looking weird

Neither does Toriyama.

/lit/'s hair used to be black actually, before it gradually changed to black-ish purple, and then to the recent shade of blue.
Purple for senpai is really surprising though, everyone expecting her to be blonde.

There should be a name for Nariyuki's condition. He just keeps getting more and more moe as time passes. I'm worried about possible side effects.

Same here

Me too user. White is hot too tho.

Because we wouldn't have gotten the nightclub scene or all the issues that came from his psychotic mother if he were a grill.

speaking of Galand

Too bad, it's already starting to affecting his friends.

He didn't get color spreads before the anime iirc
Everyone drew him blond

What the christ

I always thought Hina was a redhead