Log Horizon

Do you require healing?

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>dual-wielding shields
For what purpose?

It's cool is why.


meme builds


Who is this beauty?
>meme builds
>Tank healer
Have you played Megaten IMAGINE?
It was the build that people were going after to solo dungeons because they have OP'd demon.

>Who is this beauty?
Coppelia. She was a chinese gold farming bot when Log Horizon was still an MMO. She later gained sentience when it stopped being just an MMO.

Now she roams the chinese server with a Ninja Turtle cosplayer, the "MC" of the game, and other friends

fuck the meta

>She was a chinese gold farming bot
This guy really knows his stuff.
Maybe I should read the novel.

She's a gold farming bot, so giving her as much defence as possible is a good idea

I'm not arguing that Mamare isn't familiar with how MMOs work but you don't have to be an expert to realize most MMOs are riddled with chink farming bots.



Just what is the latest on this one, is it already over?


The series is ongoing.

Webnovel gets updated sometimes and the LN will start getting published again this year.

WN is at 14
LN will be at 11

wasn't the author jailed for tax evasion/fuckery
is he making log horizon from behind bars?

Every damn time.
That was resolved within something like a week.


>He does not duel wield shields

Get Good Scrub

maremare-sensei got out of jail?

The most surprising thing Log Horizon taught me is that womenlets like Akatsuki really do exist, whatever you do, don't make them mad, they pinch you when they're mad.

But at least they're VERY cute.