Yuragi 100

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100: Yuuna-san all day
[side] Wanna see what a day is like for these two?

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[Side] Cheers to 100 chapters! So now, we'll present the Yuragi Inn in a more different light!


>It's been 2 years and 100 chapters now
Feels like yesterday when Sup Forumsnons said this would be cancelled within the first 3 months


Finally, we've reached 100 chapters.

Also they said how Love Rush was going to overtake the romcom spot and would make ghostits axed on ch 12.


"Ahhh!? I'm so sorry Kogarashi-san!!"

'Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san' has reached its 100th chapter.
So for first time readers who have just started recently,
We'll go through Yuuna-san's daily life.

"It... it's been so long since I poltergeisted Kogarashi-san...!"
"And I just wandered into his futon..."

"In order to not be any more of a nuisance to him"
"I... I must!"
"I must purge all my worldly desiiirees!!"

"Training to control your poltergeists... huh?"

"Morning Yunohana"

"Good morning!"
"How is Ryuuga castle doing after what happened?"

>"I must purge all my worldly desiiirees!!"
What Yuuna needs is a dakimakura.

"Nothing really problematic"
"After seeing Fuyuzora's strength, the retainers seem to have quieted down"
"And Genshirou-sama went back into training after his defeat"
"Training... again!"
"Maybe he's a surprisingly stoic person...?"

"Women are charmed by really strong men. That's a law of this world!"
"I am weaker than Fuyuzora Kogarashi"
"So I'm unqualified to marry Yuuna and the girls...!"

"But the moment I surpass him, I will make the whole Yuragi Inn my royal harem!!"
"...is what he said"
"He's like a dumb monkey...!"

"Yuuna! Morning"
"Sagiri-san! Good morning!"
"You have training in the morning?"
"Who're you assisting this time?"

"The archery club"
"The feeling of tension when I release the arrow feels pretty good"
"That's so cool!"

"So maybe you should just settle for...."
"Chuuma duties come first and foremost"

"Alright, I'm heading out"
"See you later!"


"Thanks for the meal!"

"S-sorry, I tripped over myself..."

"So we have gym in our first period"
"I better hurry and change!"

"Spiritual transformations look like magical girl [transformations] huh!"
"Magical girl!?"

"The ball changed trajectory from midair!?"
"It's Yuuna-san!"
"Isn't being a ghost really unfair!? We can't see them!"

"Y... Yunohana-san!? What are..."
"They asked me to stand guard in case Hyoudou-san comes to peek"

"That's nice, you guys get to eat Nakai-san's bento everyday"
"Oh I made the fried fish!"
"You've gotten better at cooking as of late, Yuuna!"

Is it wrong to like Sagiri?

"Yuuna!? Hey!"
"If you sleep now you'll go back to the Yuragi Inn!"
"What's wrong Fuyuzora?"

"Kay, I'm heading off to my job now"
"Yeah, see you tomorrow!"
"Uh! Uhh... Kogarashi-san!"

"For the stew tonight..."
"[Nakai-san] allowed me to make it! So..."
"Whoaa! So Nakai-san's finally allowing you to do main dishes!"

"Well I'm excited for that! Yuuna!"


Someone actually said that?

I've been out of touch for a while.
Can someone deliver a download link for all translated stuff?

"So for tonight..."
"Leave Sagiri-san and Hibari-san's food out because they have a missionn"
"Kogarashi-kun should come back around 9:30 tonight"
"Nonko-san's deadline is approaching so make a light meal for two and send it to her room"
"For two?"
"Matora-san is helping her as an assistant today"

"You're a big help to me now that you remember how to cook, Yuuna-san!"
"There are a lot more people living in the Yuragi Inn now, after all"

"You made this stew Yuuna-chan!?"
"It's good Yunohana"
"Th-thank you so much!"

Why would it be?

"I'm glad it turned out well!"
"Please come back quickly... Kogarashi-san!"

"We still have time before Kogarash-kun comes back"
"So we can go in the bath first!"

"Nonko-san! Matora-san! Nice work today!"
"Is it over now?"
"Not yet"
"Just a break. A break!"

"Hey hey Yunohana. Why don't you tie your hair when you go in the bath?"
"Oh... I'm sorry! Does it bother you?"
"No, I was wondering since it feels gross when your hair sticks to your body"

Call me when it's time for my loli chapter.

"So I have a spirit mode and a soul mode"
"If I stay a spirit, I'm like an invisible human..."
"I can feel the heat of the hot spring and get wet, like right now"

"But if I return to soul mode, everything will just pass through my body..."

"Even water passes through"
"And I get dry in an instant!"
"Whoaaa! That's so convenient!"

"And I can even make my body parts switch between spirit and soul modes at will..."
"So I can leave my hair in soul mode so it won't get wet!"
"Aweesome! I've never met a spirit like that before!"
"I've been a ghost for a while, after all!"

>"So maybe you should just settle for...."
What's Yuuna saying here? I feel like an idiot, but I don't get what she's saying Sagiri should settle for, giving up on ninja stuff?

"Kogarashi-san should be coming home around now!"
"I'll go make dinner I guess!"
"Ring ring!"
"Oh... hold on, Yuuna-san!"
"It's from Urara-san!"

"Sagiri-san and Hibari-san seem to be struggling with their mission..."
"So she called Kogarashi-kun as an emergency...!"

"W-will he be okay!?"
"If he gets another weird curse like last time...!"
"W...well I'm sure he's being careful. No need to worry!"

"And... what time is he coming back...?"
"Uhh... he doesn't know when he's coming back"
"Kogarashi-kun wants to apologize to you..."

"He'll microwave the stew tonight"
"So go get some sleep first... that's what he said"

She means settle down for a club and stay in it instead of jumping around several.

>I've never met a spirit like that before!
"Accidentally severed the connection of body and soul. Got body burried due to misunderstanding."
Ooops. Ditzy Yuna.

"Kogarashi-san and the others.. are late"
"The mission... must be really hard, huh...?"

"Maybe I should go help..."
"...no! I'll just be a burden... I guess"

"More importantly, I should greet him with some nice dinner!"
"Kogarashi-san still hasn't eaten yet"
"So I'm sure he's really hungry!"
"Oh... but maybe he's tired"
"So maybe he'd take a bath first...?"

"...hurry and come back" [Note: She drops the 'desu' here]


"Sorry... for being late..."

"W-welcome bac... huh?!"
"Wh... what happened!?"
"Was your enemy that strong!?"
"No... I had to run really fast..."
"As in I had to run as fast and carefully as I could so I wouldn't break the asphalt...!"

"Wh-why did you..."
"...I told you to sleep first"

"But I felt like you were waiting for me"
"So I feel bad for Sagiri and Hibari..."
"But I left as fast as I could after the mission was done"

Colors early since I gotta head out soon:

"It smells really nice!"
"I'm glad I dashed back here!"

"I'm a spirit"

"So... I know I have to pass on and all"
"Yet... I feel compelled to pray"

"That I can just... keep"
"Keep having eventless days like..."


I... don't actually hate it if you're the one doing it, okay?
But this is really embarrassing.
And like, I know very well that I did this to myself.
But if you go this far, then even I will...

"I'm so sorry Kogarashi-saaaan!!"

Yuuna may have been agonizing over days like these [and hoping for them] to stop happening,
"Ngh... I slept!?"
"Whoaa it's this late!?"
Thanks to her, Nonko-sensei managed to give her script on time.
[left] A nice awakening...
[bot right] Next issue, love finally finally begins to move...!?

>Dematerializes panties in her sleep.
Lewd Yuna.

>[bot right] Next issue, love finally finally begins to move...!?

Both were harem with supernatural background, and user liked more Love Rush than Ghostits.
Back then we were like 10 people on the threads, if there were any thread in the first place.

Thanks a lot for your work every week TLanon.
Now let's wait for based TSanon.

Thanks TLanon. Chapter was kinda boring though.

Is it finally happening?

This chapter seems like a snapshot of the current status quo. Maybe we will see a change after this.

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Last page.

Thanks for the dump mang

How long did Love Rush anyway? I remember lasted long enough for it to be added to the English weekly jump magazine.

*How long did Love Rush last anyway?

13-14 ch, I don't remember the exact number.
What decides what gets published in eng WSJ are the votes after the jump start. English readers liked Love Rush, so it got greenlight into the mag.

Mikan marshmallows > Yuuna's mochi

Tengu girl could lend her one

>Next issue, love finally finally begins to move...!?
bullshit, but i want to believe the author.

Does anyone know where I can read the uncensored chapters?
A man can only take so much Barbie doll bodies


Congrats Yuuna-bros! Kimetsu is going to reach 100th chapter soon too

I think user scanned several of the volumes but I don't know if they were translated yet.

I'm here and working on it.

Why translate them when you can just plaster the translations that’re already done onto those

TL user is the real MVP in translating both Yuragi and Kimetsu after their previous scanlation team died. Without him, the threads could have fizzled out unless some other translator was willing to step in.

Thanks you for the chapter.

Sad thing is, the way the manga is going is gonna get axed after the anime

I do wonder how the manga can close its plot threads if that happens. Yuragi fills in the ecchi niche, so I’m not certain what Jump will do when it eventually concludes, whether it’s when the anime ends or in the next 1 or 2 years. The author does seem to push plot whenever he can, but he does gag chapters in-between as he has to pad out the run time.

I remember reading this then dropping for god knows why. Who did the coloring? Is it colorized by some nip user or simply re-published in color?

Colors are published alongside the b/w version on the digital magazine.

Thanks, might pick this up again

I doubt it'll be axed. The real problem is that rom-coms are fairly limited in scope. There's only so long you can stall the romantic development, and only so much you can use comedy to stall and pad things out, before it starts to get noticeably repetitive. I'd guess this series will last somewhere between the original To Love-ru and Nisekoi in length. To go longer than that, it'll have to go a different direction, such as battle harem, or shamelessly go lewder in an attempt to distract from the repetition.

It has hefty nices sales figures, I doubt it will be axed any time soon.

Why Chisaki and Sagiri clothes transparent on these page?

I doubt it, the manga fills the hole left by TLR:D. Granted its not as ecchi but the Kogarashi is a million times better than Rito, and all the girls are top tier which more than makes up for it. Not to mention its weekly

It depends, it's selling well and sales will probably improve with the anime so it's not in risk just yet.

I remember reading this manga without the stupid censoring, was that the printed tankobun vs magazine or is there no uncensored version anymore?

>was that the printed tankobun vs magazine

They arent, that is just a chemise they are wearing under the uniform since its still winter.

Magazine - censored, no tits.
Tankobon - uncensored tits.

ghostly bump

So can people see the ghost girl?
Or just a few people?

Only one person in the main cast can't see her.

Okay, time to dump what I have so far for checking.