What was the verdict folks?

What was the verdict folks?


shinkai is a hack

My name is... Tsubasa

Human beings loved it, autistic robots didn't get it.

Which one are you Sup Forums?


People who emotionally project onto self inserts loved it; people who like fleshed out characters and romance didn't. Which one are you OP?

the former

Same shit as Garden of Words.
In other words what said.

Spectacular and well paced. If you have 2 hours on a Sunday evening to watch a movie it's well worth it.

It's an alright film. Great visuals, mediocre plot you shouldn't think about for more than 5 seconds, good (looking) characters.

Overated shit

Koe no Katachi is better.

I want to fuck Mitsuha. Also zen zen zen and beautiful explosions.

You're good people

Wasn't a big fan of Shinkai's other films so I went into this will pretty low expectations. It was good but other then the visuals it was nothing special. The twist was neat but the romance was underdeveloped and the third act was so predictable that all the potential excitement was killed. It's still very enjoyable though.

i don't even know what to say, who makes these artworks? and for what purpose?

it's Extremely Good

7.5/10 for me

It's a joke

"na wa" (名は) = name
"nawa" (縄) = rope

A masterpiece of films.

Is it true that the TV broadcast had additional scenes at the end

Was a fun and entertaining movie with good visuals that I'll watch with my normie family once it gets localized for my country.


Man what is it with Your Name threads and people inevitably saying Silent Voice was better in them

The end credits had a sequence of stills that Shinkai put together, that's all

Kyoanifags are just really insecure, just ignore them like everyone else.

It's a thread asking about what people think of the movie. Of course it's gonna get compared to other movies of the same year.

Not that great. Neither was A Silent Voice.

Average as fuck

It's no masterpiece. However, it has many good ideas and does many things well. The problem is the disconnected story, it's just a collection of good ideas that don't really come together in a good way.
But that tsundere scene on the top of the mountain, I thought she was joking and just pretending, acting like a tsundere ironically. I was expecting them both to laugh at her silly acting, but it was actually serious. It was so stupid.

It was an anime movie even normies could appreciate. It was Spirited Away for a new generation.

The plot was stupid. The relationship was pretty good. Animation was great.

it sucks

I read that as "an anime movie even normans could appreaciate" and got really confused.


>The Boss Baby

It's a large-enough cultural milestone that it will be popular for a long time regardless of the criticism.

In terms of its place in anime culture, I don't think it'll be remembered very fondly though. Mostly just for the soundtrack.


As someone who really liked the manga, I find it hard to like Koe no Katachi. They cut out so much, and it made a lot of the plot progression feel jarring.

>anime culture
What a joke.

>I was expecting them both to laugh at her silly acting
That is literally exactly what happened. She couldn't keep up the tsundere act and they both broke into laughter just as you described.
The hell are you talking about?

The part that took me out of it the most was when Mitsuha's two friends decided to squad up and basically insurrect the towns infrastructure via bombings and pirate radio on the whim of their emotionally unstable friend

Yeah, this is a pretty good way to put it.

The movie gets enough things right: it looks impressive, the characters and plot are captivating enough to keep you invested in what's going to happen, it has a happy ending and the soundtrack is good. These things make it easy to watch and easy to like, even if you're not familiar with anime otherwise.

It was okay if you ignore the massive fucking plothole that was the fact that Taki was somehow the only person in japan to forget about the town getting nuked.

Yea... Just after her amnesia episodes and sudden complete character change on random days, they decide to join her and become terrorists because she decides she knows the future.

That is actually addressed, not a plot hole

my understanding was he only remembered certain parts of the town and memories so he wouldn't have a complete understanding of where he was...fragments, just like a dream. Which is why he was sketching it out

Decent overall, weird problems but earns his 7 (maybe 7-, maybe 7+).
Honestly the normalfags were too obnoxious on this, tough. On the flip side more people watching animu is nice, memes aside. On the other, I really got the feeling shit got a free pass on its absurdly clear problems because "it's anime", and this is something that shouldn't happen in any case.
>maybe the strangest thing to me is that people seemed to think it was absurdly better than anything coming to theaters in anime form, but I guess this will correct itself if the trend goes on in the West

Well, duh.

Oh no, you didn't.

And not because you're saying Shinkai is on Miyazaki's level, it's a terribly idiotic comparision

Finds a way

No, seriously. Nobody bothered to read the year in the newspaper?

How often do you confirm what year you're currently in?

It would be a 9/10 for me, if they didn't say the name of the movie more than once.
In the end, I reduced the score by one, each time they said it after the first.

Mitsuha was extremely fuckable

Quick, tell me the name of some place where a natural disaster happened last year?

Best of the year!

Honestly it was shit like this that bothered me the most about the film. He can remember all kinds of pointless shit but when a plot relevant piece of information comes up suddenly he's clueless.
I can understand tailoring his memory to fit the narrative but it was so shameless it took me right out of the film.

Kimi doesn't have Yuzuru in it, of course it's not going to be as good as Koe.

I don't think it was as much him forgetting the town was nuked, but not knowing it was the town that was nuked in the first place.

Every time I watch the news and they tell the year. Every time someone makes some
>This meme still exists
Each time I have to select the date in some app, for example the diary or restaurant booking in my phone.

>learned sign language as a kid because my mom was studying it at the time and took me along to her classes
>read about Koe no Katachi when the movie came out
>didn't think it was all that good
>see people online write comments like "I wish I knew sign language" and "I wish I had a deaf friend too" etc
>think to myself wow that sounds pretty cool
>explain to them how they can learn basic sign language and get involved with groups like the one Shouko goes to in the movie. And how these groups really appreciate volunteers since a lot of deaf people are lonely or don't have anyone to talk to if sign language is their main method of communication because not a lot of young people their age usually know it
>get met with "that sounds kind of difficult" or "well I didn't ACTUALLY mean I wanted a deaf friend"
I guess Koe no Katachi at least raised awareness about the topic and got people talking. That's something.

Worst remake of hoshi no koe ever.



Someone please post webms of the movie I beg you.

Like, landscape ad shit.

Great, raised the bar for non-ghibli anime feature films if only by a little
I'm not sure it will hold up 20 years later like akira/ghost in the shell etc though

I found it very forgettable.

no one has webms to share?


thank you!



Great movie.

nobody will remember (you)r name in 10 years

Don't watch unless you wanna get spoiled

it's shit but I respect shinkai as an artist

Cried like a baby

>see people online write comments like "I wish I knew sign language" and "I wish I had a deaf friend too" etc
This kind of shit never fails to piss me off. You can always tell that it's only for self-gratification and nothing more.

anime is for self-gratification kiddo

Like what isn't self-gratification for us solipsistic souls. You could frame pretty much anything as self-gratification if you try hard enough.

it's virtue signalling

Fun fact: if you google 'the best selling anime movie', this movie will show up.

This way people will remember Your Name for a very long time. Fun isn't it?

well it is

Shinkai is a fucking faggot, was about to RAGE at the end but he delivered so its ok.


this was the moment i thought "damn, this is truly a masterpiece"


I thought it had a fun gimmick and it's very enjoyable if you don't think about how dumb the MCs were for two seconds.

RADWIMPS is based as fuck
their kimi no na wa soundtrack is probably objectively the worst music they've made, but it's still pretty good.