Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo

Why does nobody ever talk about this? I just finished it and besides the dated animation on the robots (which were corny admittedly) I thought it was great! Wish we got more closure on Albert and Eugenie though.

>dated animation on the robots
What did he mean by this?

Because the original book is leagues better than this fujo baiting shit. I mean it's a top tier anime, but outside of the anime medium it's shit.

Don't be a fag,that shit looks really goofy compared to the rest of the animation, probably looked great at the time but like the Star Wars prequels the CGI did not age well.

I;m not saying it's better than the source material but considering how good it is for an anime you'd think Sup Forums would talk about it sometimes but it's still unknown.

>that shit looks really goofy compared to the rest of the animation
So like 99% of mecha today?

Yup, the fucking mechs never should have been in it even, felt very forced like they just wanted to put in some action out of concern for maybe people thinking it was boring.

The mecha designs were cool.

They were kinda cool but they felt totally out of place

everyone is gay in this anime

Not any more so than the other weird shit like the spaceships, aliens, planets etc.

Unironically the best adaptation of the book ever made.

Yeah and that was a bit off putting but that stuff is usually pretty common in aristocratic circles for some reason.

Maybe I'm being nit-picky but to each his own

>Why does nobody ever talk about this?
It’s over ten years old, most of the anons who watched it are dead.

It was fine, not a masterpiece.
But even with all the out of place shit, it's still a solid free adaptation of the source material.

It got me to read the original which is currently my favorite book. I think it works better if you see the anime and the book as two incarnations of similar concepts; in the book the count becomes justice while in the anime he is revenge.

Interesting, I'll check out the book for sure.

Adaptation done right

All justice is based upon retribution, the Count of Monte Cristo is intrinsically a revenge story.

The trap genuinely shocked me and I felt disgusted.

Same here except aroused

dead fag here, can confirm

So tonight I'll sing a song to all my friends

Also to those we won't be seeing again

Except the character who was actually gay in the book - Eugenie

This. The book is still one of my favorites to this day.

As a big fan of the book, I was a bit disappointed in this one. Not because it's not faithful, but because it has too much focus on Albert and his friends, also took away some of my favourite plotlines, and ending is too different.
Nice art direction though.

There was one gay, and he got anally obliterated. The trap is just a meme.

Didn't the book have lesbian shit instead?

Sup Forums doesn't talk about good anime

>Why does nobody ever talk about this?
Why are you so fucking retarded?

Incontrovertible best boy
Too bad searching for art is a pain in the ass now because of Komaeda in a hat.

>Gankutsuou thread

Every single time.

>The trap is just a meme.

It's been years since I've read it, but I think I know what characters you're talking about. They were insignificant characters.

>pretty common in aristocratic circles
Even amongst the global clerisy today.

>all of the people who betrayed edmond are utterly ruined if not dead
>mercedes now lives alone after albert went to fight a war and is constantly depressed that she didn't have the same faith in edmond that he did in her
>edmond gets to completely happy end and rides off into the sunset with his 10/10 greek waifu haydee
Truly one of the greatest books I've ever read. The anime on the other hand was alright I guess as a retelling of the story.

>probably looked great at the time

Not really. Gonzo had a pretty bad reputation in the early 2000's for shoving really terrible-looking CGI into everything they made. It's not as bad in Gankutsuou, but it certainly wasn't anything impressive.

Eugenie (Albert's romantic interest in the show, but in the books he never developed real feelings for her) originally ran off with her piano instructor after Baron Danglars ended up on the streets. I think it was only slightly implied that they were lovers, though.

>Same here except aroused

To those I knew and those I still adore,

This. The book were a great story of Count slowly finding happyness and inner peace. The anime is just a wank over how Albert is great and shows Count what is right.