She is going to be resurrected, right?

She is going to be resurrected, right?

Gon should have died instead of her.

Yes and he'll kill himself when he realizes that Meruem is dead because he's a boring drone, then I'll laugh in your face.

It's a guy

it's a female


Genderless in the manga, a girl in the anime.




And no, cockroaches only deserve to be stomped.

no, and no

Memes aside, we can agree that if she wasn't cute, she would be a lot more flat and less people would care about her, right?
She's an it

Nice headcanon.

Really? Gross

Not headcanon when the anime team made Pitou have breasts and a more feminine appearence, also, ants don't have dicks.

>long eyelashes
>high pitched voice
>has a vagina
And it's a guy?




A cockroach to be more precise.

It's almost like they got it from the manga

>has a vagina

In every official and fan art? She has no bulge

Don't worry user, she is going to get resurrected via spirit nen for Gon and she will be twice as cute.


>kite's alive and well, making the brutal vengeance she gets even more lulzy

I don't think she'd WANT to be resurrected, after mulching on the forest floor as a mangled headless corpse for a while and especially not when Meruem's gone.

>Gon once again gets away consequence free for his reckless actions and doesn't learn anything and brutally murdered a cute catgirl for no reason

I hope Genthru hunts him down for revenge for fucking him over at Greed Island

Gon was entirely right in killing Pitou. The only thing he did wrong was presume Killua's loyalty.

Gon died as a character, Pitou is living longer in our hearts.


Pitou was too good for this world.

Gon was right for the wrong reasons, just like he usually is. His morality is that of a child's (which he is); what makes him feel good is good, and what upsets him is evil. It's why he ends up looking like a giant hypocrite at times, since his morality comes off as very subjective and inconsistent. Actions that would outrage him concerning one person will be waived or excused for another because he's cool with him. It doesn't help that he doesn't really reflect or develop too much through the series, like most of the other characters.

As for the ants, their deaths were justified, but many of them were also developing consciences, rising above their bestial instincts, and transforming into more "human" people as they experienced more more of the world. Pitou eventually comes to empathize with others, shedding most of her sadism in the process, and Meruem actually forgives Pouf and becomes more human than many of the "human" characters by the end. One of the tragic things about the ants is that they were given unlimited power and vast intellect, and never really had enough time to emotionally develop or grow their consciences before they dug themselves too deep.

I am a lion...

I will never forget how HxH stuck to its guns so hard it made Gon commit some terrible acts of hypocrisy to get what he wanted. I love that in a story about how war brings out the best and worst of people Gon didn't break the story, it broke Gon. And that Gon did the right thing every step of the way but he still destroyed himself taking his revenge for nothing.


he was referred to as a he in the dub so it's as official as it's gonna get

I named my irl cat after her so her spirit lives on.

>Gon should have died

>Gon should have died instead of her.
but he did inside

Yet Pitou is a seductive/playful girl in the French dub. Who's right?