Girls Und Panzer

Which school would you like to attend and practice Sensha-Do in?
I'd choose Saunders or St. Gloriana. Pravda and Kuromorimine are dictatorships, Anzio seems like a nice school but they have crappy tanks, I dislike japanese tanks too, and I don't feel like stealing for a living in Keizoku.

St. Gloriana because of this beauty

Saunders so I could bully Alisa all the time

Pravda, because they're horrifying to face in battle and I feel like being part of that isn't the worst thing. Also I like the tanks, especially the KV2.

A shit.

Ooarai. Because cool ass anglerfish dance!

Is the PS4 game good?

Definitely would go to Anzio, because they seem like the most fun to hang out with all the time, have the best food and sluttiest girls.

My man.

Keizoku, so i can go to loli stealing trips

Pravda is best school, IS best ww2 tonks, and if i screw up i can just give katyusha some food and she'll forget whatever happened

>implying Katyusha won't forget you, only after sending you to the gulag.

That would not work with Nonna

Is it okay to hit Alisa if you kiss her afterwards?

>and sluttiest girls.
I don't like you.

Well, they need the money

Dumb pastabitch

Maginot just so i could be rob from water boy and cheer on eclair.

Marie a cute

St. Gloriana because I'm British.

Movie BD when?


Anzio. Their tiny tanks look fun to drive. Also regardless of poverty they seem to eat well.
Newfag question but what do boys do in the GuP world? Wouldn't tankery be seen as a sissy sport?


>On the other hand, WWI, in which these modern weapons were comitted, turned out to be a tragic war in which casualties massively exceeded those in previous wars. Worried women, centered around mothers and wives used media to push a large campaign denouncing tank combat and machine-gun shooting as "ungentlemanly", unchivalrous and barbaric. Conversely, airplanes, with their duels and episodes in which planes running out of ammunition or suffering defects were allowed to escape, was greatly promoted as being "full of chivalry", and when combined with the elegance of aerobatics, was beautified. In this way, an atmosphere that perceives male tankers as despicable and "uncool" was formed.

I can't see any way where this doesn't end up with casualties. That explain the low male:female ratio, I guess.

Well, Darjeeling is my favorite girl. But I gotta be FREE so I think I'd go with Saunders (Kay is pretty great too) under the condition I can use Destroyer Doctrine rather than Shermans.


B-but it's a fucking plane. The fall alone would kill.

You never learn, right?


>Keizoku High
>Do what you want
>Take what you want
>Get to be in a small, hot tank with Mika's sweaty thighs & her Polish guitar

Yeah das fuckin it mane

Starving sure sound fun

Hunger builds character.

Fuck off Mika, stop stealing all the food to yourself


KMM because I'm equally as autistic.

Definitely Gloriana. Want some fun? hang out with speedy baka, want some comfy? hang out with slow ojou, crew training is top notch, never fight for the win, school reputation is great, and you can see and tinkering some rare tank in their Not!Bovington vault.

Saint Gloriana is out for me because I prefer cawfee over tee.

Has anyone been able to find the game on PSN? I can't find it on Singapore or HK PSN.

Anyone that's not Pavda. Fuck that frozen shit hole.

It just doesn't seem to be up yet, the tweet said Singapore/Thailand/Indonesia and Malaysia PSN

Things Erika is good for
>urinating on
>telling her she's trash
>trying to get her to commit suicide

Erika didn't deserve this... ;_;

Erika is only for one thing

Tushy tanker.

Serious Mika

She deserves worse.

For a girl with malnutrition those are some godly thighs.

She needs anger therapy.


She only let her lolis starve

I want to have a fist fight with Erika.

I want Erika to beat me up. Good thing I wouldn't take responsibility.

They have a wide variety of tanks from all nations, so if I like German tanks I don't have to put up with KMM autism. They're also not dirt poor and have all the best girls.

>having best girls
Not even good for a bait.

>not beating her up so she knows not to act like a bitch around you because you can easily knock her out

Best girl

Fight me faggot

""""""""""""""""People"""""""""""""" who sexualize Girls Und Panzer need to be shot.

Azusa just asks to be sexualized

Tell that to them

Erika and Alisa suck

Don't lump Alisa with that shitty girl

I want to hurt Alisa

St. Gloriana, their uniforms are cute and I wanna drink Darjeeling's tea

That's not nice


Tasty pastry, and i want to ride the cute FT-17 with the cute fattie

Not my fault her face is so punchable. I can hug her afterwards.

I want Erika and Alisa to suck me at the same time. I imagine both would make an angry face which would make me cum a lot.

Ooarai is also in possession of a tank commander Jesusette so you'd be in good hands.

Those girls have beaten Miho, where is your god now?

>google translate
not even once

Pravda, because then I'll be with Katyusha, plus I like Soviet Tanks the best.

That still surprise you?

>& her Polish guitar

It's a Kantele you uncultured swine!

>supporting that much weight


Looks like she gained weight AGAIN


If she fed them, they might grow big and busty. Can't risk that, Nonna knows it too.

I want her to be hurt and sad so I could make her feel better.

Only Miho has the political clout to call upon all her rivals to unify against a bigger opponent.

But that was Darjeeeling doing

A leader must delegate some duties to her underlings, including calling them up for a meeting.

What, really? The fatty wins? So Momo doesn't get to graduate?

>Only Miho needs to call upon all her rivals to defeat a bigger opponent

the first OVA is not a self-contained story, it continues at least into the second one, and probably into all six of them






At this point, Momo is better whoring herself

Time to throw out the soiled food!




>Losing to a bunch of FT
How is that even possible? Were they armed with atgm?