Post anime you have to be a literal genius to appreciate

Post anime you have to be a literal genius to appreciate.

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please marry me Violet-chan.

I want to hold violet and tell her everything is ok.

You've posted it


Will this VEG shitposting ever stop? It's pathetic and uncreative.

But it's not ok you goofus. It's everything but ok.

t. ANN



shh. violet is trying to sleep.

>inb4 "violet wants to know what is love" poster

>inb4 "FMA did it better" poster


>inb4 "KyoAni did it better" poster

Guys we don't need more than one violet thread.

Black Clover



>It's pathetic and uncreative.
I agree user people like this:
and especially this this pathetic looser, that has to edit a picture just to try and make it look bad, should get a life.

More like Flip Fappers.

Are you even trying?

Are you having a stroke because someone is making fun of you favorite show this season?

>being this anally devastated that the filter was there for good reason and now that it's gone you can't post your autistic meme anymore.


Low IQ people will call this "boring", such inferior beings.