Spice and Wolf thread

Spice and Wolf thread.

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not gonna happen, spice and wolf romance is too complex and realistic for anyone on Sup Forums to have any interest.


The fuck are you talking about, we have a Holo thread every week.


Anybody else drink a lot and pretend they're drinking with Holo? I do.

After all, if Holo gets drunk every night, why can't I?




I ate an apple today and thought of Holo.

What volume does Cole leave? I'm tired of his shit already

Can't. Haram.

Apple juice isn't haram though.


Started reading volume 10 last week. The little shitter's still here. Also, he never really goes away since Wolf & Parchment.

Catching up on my backlog, where on the LNs does S2 ends? And damn, S1 OP is really good

fucking dropped

>attempting to have a spice and wolf thread with the exact same OP image two days in a row

>Ejaculate spermatozoa in puffy vulva at height of coitus.

Whats so complex about that?

S2 ends at the end of LN3

And there's 18 right? Well I've got some reading to do. And if there's so much source material what happend with S3 and beyond, bad sales?


LN Volumes 1 & 2 make up the first season.
LN Volumes 3 & 5 make up the second.
Episode 7 in season 1 is a side colors story, as is the OVA between seasons 1 and 2.

People still hate Col? He was a good kid and gave us onee-san Holo.

That's cute.

I'm really disappointed we never got Elsa.

He's an alright kid, but he gets in the way.

I'll have you know I once kissed a girl that wasn't my mother.

thisI don't really hate Col as a character, and I understand why he exists. It's just that I can't help but feel he's a cockblock

...Is this how Holdo transmits receptiveness to ovulation?

That was precisely the reason Holo picked him up. If he weren't around then Lawrence and Holo would have never gotten anything done because of the constant fucking.

You say that like it's a bad thing, user

We need about 8 more seasons

this is the best do it for her poster i've ever seen

This series starts great but man does it overstay its welcome. All the big developments happen in the first 6 volumes and after that it's just nothing. The actual stories get worse, too - after those volumes there are basically no cool economic merchant things happening, save for a few small cases, and no cool "Holo is a wolf" things either.

So there would have been more children?

so what happens after the anime season 2?


They get a foster child, look for a bone, look for a map, go north, and do some weird thing involving coins in a mining village.

Well, I'm interested to see what happens with the Hanseatic League in the kingdom of Winfiel.


Waifu induced alcoholism

Ive never watched this anime, but I have heard this is actually really good. Is it worth it to watch it?

Do it nigga, stop shitposting and witness the glory that is Holo and Lawrence while relearning economics then when you finish wait for season 3 like the rest of us

Started the LNs after the crushing sadness that is season 3 never ever. Really digging how they give more insight to what Lawrence is thinking. Also the art is absolutely adorable. On #3 right now, looking forward to the rest!

One day I’ll start a business involving apples and call it Spice and Apples.

>3 different threads with Holo in the OP
Best timeline

Tada hitori

We literally had a 2-weekend marathon of the anime about a month and a half ago.

Your sister doesnt count.

How can you spice up a wolf?

Add cinnamon to her apples.


I love Korbo.

10/10 OP

You may say that in jest, but went from despising alcohol to enjoying its taste purely because of my waifu. She's not Horo, but still, I wouldn't have ever thought I'd enjoy alcohol decades ago.
Despite wanting to try getting "shitfaced" when I was younger, I grew up to the tender age of 40 without even realizing it. I am kinda impressed by myself when it comes to that.



Come along way from drawing weird pollen porn. Did the manga finish yet? I think it was still ongoing last I heard.

I heard it caught up to the LNs but it also skipped a fair amount of stuff

>caught up to the LN
Well the light novels have been over for years so it too must already be over unless it started back up to cover the sequel series.

Season 3 is coming right?

>he doesn't know

Know what?

Both the manga and novel skip the most important part that people want to see,
the sex sences between holo and lawrence where lawrence impregnated his wolf goddess wife.

Oh no
No no no

Would you marry?

If there was tongue, it does.

He also drew wolfgirl porn, so it's not that big a jump.


I was a huge S&W fan, even preordered the first English LN from Rightstuf with the correct slipcover back at Christmas 2009. But I kinda lost interest as it went on. I mean, I've read all the books and I even have that bigass collector's book that totally wasn't worth $90, but it went stale for me. Their relationship had very little progression right until the final two-parter, some of the stories were repetitive, the side colors were usually boring, and the timeskip before the epilogue left out all the interesting stuff. We even got teased with Eve and Diana in the carriage but that never went anywhere. They were some of my favorite characters.

Why did Holo have dirty knees?

Already have.

>Want to read spice and wolf
>Order the anniversary edition because one saves money that way
>Its not very good
Oh well, to bin with you

Is that something that could still be added in a volume release of the manga, or have those all been published?
Of Horo?

Good thread

No. Not of Horo.

Wasted opportunity.

I'm not sure if Spice and Wolf existed when he drew that particular bit. It was definitely before his involvement though.

Well, then the wasted opportunity is not making more now. Either way, we need more making of Myuri from the artists.

This x100

Even something like with just the wheat in the image used to censor instead would be good. There are some doujin that are good, but it's never as good as it is when it's the original artist.

The amount of weird/creative doujinshi he's done make up for it.

Every day a pray for Myuri lewds, every single day.

Any updates on that Revolve figure?

Myuri would be fine, but not my first choice if I could pick anything by any artist.

Lemme guess you'd prefer Nora, right ?

Horo is my preference if I had to pick one.