So, I just started kancolle

So, I just started kancolle
Is this a boy or a girl?
I don't know if fap or not

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>I don't know if fap or not

The answer is always yes unless it's father-daughter.

100% girl.

Then the answer is double yes

Totally female

This, shes all woman and built to rock the oceans

>So, I just started kancolle
If you really did that you wouldn't even need to ask, why lie?

Shimakaze is a GIRL. Do not listen to all the retards who say she's a boy/trap/whatever.

All the ships are female you imbecile

Mogami totally has a penis, though.

I really wish that meme didn't start. The hottest girl in the series gets the trap treatment. Why couldn't they use someone else?

shimakaze is a girl but shimakaze cosplayers are boys


She's a girl(male).

I'll end it thus.
Come forth potato.

>bosshi's shimakaze
Jesus Christ.

Shimakaze is a girl (female). Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.

Post her feet

>Male characters in kancolle

Goddamn she's so fucking hot.

But she's a kid.

shes the flagship of the series

who /tatsuta/ here?

She's a boat

Is kancolle any good?

If you're talking about the game, no. If you're talking about the anime, fuck no. I still play the game for the cute girls though.

Good at getting cucked by chinese ripoff.

its a boy
a cute cute boy

best girl(male)

The game is a quarterly spreadsheet simulator, which can be alright if you're into that. The anime is overly dramatic garbage. There's a mountain of good manga and non-h doujinshi out there, and of course the continent of h doujinshi. It can be fun if you're into ships but otherwise it's just going to look like a bunch of generic anime girls.

>thinly veiled Shimakaze dump thread
Nice OP, already got some nice new ones for my folder. Anyway, assuming your question is actually for real, Shimakaze is absolutely a girl, but fap at whatever you're into. Her outfit is ridiculously sexual regardless of gender.

What about admiral dude

Do we actually see him tho?
porn doesn't count

The admiral is whatever gender (you) want them to be.

Is this what you fuckers call good lewds? Holy shit, git gud.

It's not a fucking contest you fucking /h/omo

how can someone be so cute and so sexy at the same time?

>extremely revealing clothes
Too bad but that's ticking all the trap boxes.

that also describes lolis

Azur Lane is better.

It's a girl. only girl lolis enjoy head pats.

>tfw thanks to KanColle I know much more about Japanese WWII naval history than that of my own country

Petite but not being straight up loli.
Traps can dress up as a girl, they can't dress up as a child.

I wanna stick it in her right there. Pull out, finish on butthole, go take a nap.

>country is landlocked
Well call me a weeb all you want, what can I do about it.

Japan had a pretty decent navy after 1800's.

I don't even have that excuse since KanColle has ships from my country.


Which is a shame, since they ended up being a bunch of jobbers

Japanese naval history is easy to learn. They had maybe two dozen carriers, and all but a handful died miserably.
Try studying what happened to all the US Carriers.

>losing because the US outnumbered everyone else ten to one is jobbing

They lost more because of that. Indecisiveness and politics got in the way many times not to mention oil and supplies being strangled.

Do boys wear thongs?

Thanks for clarifying that.
I fapped to the trap version, but at the time I didn't know he was a she. So now that I know she is an actual she I don't have to worry about the fact that I fapped to the male version because its really a female. This makes me still straight.

The anime sucks. The browser game is mediocre. The arcade game is great if you have money to burn.

Kancolle 2.0 will come soon.


I'm still pissed off at how badly they butchered the anime adaptation.

Read "Shimakaze; The Girl of The Whirlwind" if you haven't already.

They didn't butcher anything, it's just a shitty franchise.

I want to eat her ass for days.

That's easily the only shit manga in the franchise.

The anime was so different from the rest of the franchise that the writer had to come out and declare it non-canon the day the movie released. If that's not butchered, I don't know what is.

That outfit stops my ability to think STRAIGHT so I don't care

Why is she so perfect

Retarded design that should have been in infinite stratos instead.

I could actually see that too.

Right where?

He actually committed sudoku in twitter.



She was asking for it.

So she wasn't living her life correctly?

Guess that's how the eye patch truly came to be.

Far from it, if it weren't for her shitty clothing design I'd like her more but it's just so bland and uninspired. Other than that she's cute and she is one of the more popular girls in kancolle.


And it's going to be shit.

fukken saved


Here is unedited version.

I should be mad at you for spoonfeeding.
But I'm not thank you

shima is a boy!

You fags fap to this?

Shimakaze =/= Shimakaze-kun
One is a ship, the other is just faggy boy crossdressing.

masc boys in girl clothes are cute cute




You better be samefagging

She is a girl.

i see benis...



This guy knows

I'm still not convinced, I think I will need more proof

The head and balls are covered, so it's fine. Probably
tfw I have that one saved too


>lurking at work
>this thread
>wan't to touch penis
>can't do

The fuck are you doing here?

Quickie in the toilet, also tell your boss about it for free promotion.

This is Shimakaze's crotch.